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What's your bloody problem? (RATED R)


“Wake up!” I was startled awake and rolled off the bed in the process. This is getting old. Why am I so clumsy?

“Bloody hell. Whose leash is up your ass this early?” I rub my bum.

I stood and wince. I didn’t realize how sore I was or the hangover I was sporting. My head felt like someone is drilling into my skull with a jackhammer. Onyx stood the other side of my bed in an all-black outfit. Good heavens, he’s the definition of sex on a stick. Looking all rugged and sexy.

“When you’re done gawking, get dress and meet me downstairs. You’ve ten minutes. And Avaluna, don’t make me wait.” Avaluna? Back to that huh. Somebody’s still mad. “And Avaluna, don’t make me wait.” I mimic his deep voice mockingly. I wasn’t staring!

I brush my teeth quickly and pull on a light blue legging and a white button-front crop top. I brushed my hair through with my fingers and did a quick single braid down my back. I really need to real brush. I sniff my hair and grimace. Wash too. Apparently its not as early as I thought. More like noon. At least he let me sleep all day. And left me OJ and aspirin on the nightstand.

When I got downstairs, he was standing at the front door. His eyes flicker up and down my body with his fist clenched. He didn’t like my outfit choice? Yeah, the top reveals more of my stomach than I liked, and the legging makes my bum look bigger, but I think I look cute.

“Let’s go,” he commanded.

“What no breakfast?” I sass.

“If I’ve to look at you in that outfit longer than necessary, I’m going to rip it off you and fuck you where you stand. So, march that pretty ass to the fucking car.”

I snorted at his vulgar mouth and glared at him with as much outraged I could muster. I wanted to feel disgusted by his comment but instead, I’m left with a wet spot. The side of his lips twitch. Oh, he can go play dead.

" You will address me as Alpha at all times and only Alpha. You will not speak until spoken to. And don’t even look me in the eye or anyone else for more than two seconds. You bow your head before answering questions asked. Got it?”

“Bow my head? Speak when I’m spoken to? No eye contact?” I repeated incredulously.

“Yes.” I waited for him to explain but he kept driving.

“Are you going to tell me why any time soon or do I need to toss you a treat first.”

“Stop with the insults.” He growls.

" Then tell me what’s going on Alpha,” I emphasize Alpha.

“You’re a human. In our world, you’re beneath us. A pet. Food. Something to fuck or eat. You serve us and follow orders. You don’t talk back.” he growls. I glare at him. ” You submit to us because we’re superior to you and your kind in every sense of the word. You bow your head to show respect. In our law, you belong to me and as such you will act accordingly.”

That’s new. “Belong to you?!!” I huff appalled! I’m not an object!” You need to get off that expired dog chow mate. I don’t belong to no one and-” He slams down on the breaks. Launching me into the dashboard but caught me before I hit it. “What’s your bloody problem!” I hissed angrily.

He got out the car in a flash and yank my door open. I was afraid he’d rip it off the hinges. He undid my belt and grab me by the hair. Dread filled me and soon fear followed. I squeal as he pulls me out the car and shoves me down on my knees, in front of him on the side of the road.

“You wanna know what’s my bloody problem?’” he repeats my question in a sinister tone, unbuttoning his pants and zipped it down.

I was breathing heavier and chest heave in both fear and excitement. I’m seriously twisted. If him manhandling me and forcing me to suck him in the open is turning me on. His eyes filled with lust, licking his lips at me on my knees. Okay, that’s kinda hot.

“That mouth. That sweet fucking impudent mouth of yours.” he shoves his jeans down with his boxers, freeing his erection.

My eyes when wide at his impressive length and thickness. He palms himself and grabs my hair raising my head so our eyes connect. He’s huge! Is he part horse too? How did that ever fit inside me was beyond my wildest dreams. No wonder I’m always so sore. He smirks as if he heard me, but I knew it was unlikely. I now know why the ladies love him. It’s not just for his pretty face and built body. Well, technically, I knew after our first night together. But wow!

“I’m going to fuck that delicious mouth of yours,” he said in a deep virile voice heavy with lust and desire for me.

I was peeved at myself for loving this. For loving how much he wanted me. But most of all, I wanted to kick myself in the rare for wanting to taste his smooth velvety goodness.

“Bugger off wanker and go lick yourself in the corner.”

He grins at me,” Your filthy mouth makes my cock throb.” Oh, come on!

“You must be out of your bloody mine; if you think that thing is going anywhere near-” that was my first mistake.

He took the opportunity to shove his hard cock down my throat, causing me to gag and held it there for a second. I couldn’t breathe and pushed against his thigh to break free, but his grip on my hair was fierce. He pulled out with a string of saliva from my mouth attached to the tip of his pink swollen head. Sweet mother of-he tasted good. I barely got a breath in, before he shoves his cock back into my mouth. Not as deep this time and began fucking my mouth.

My second mistake is moaning. I could feel the pool in my panties and my nipples already hard. He pumps in and out of my mouth, with his fingers tangled in my hair and soft grunts. Eyes close with his head tilt back a little and curse under his breath. As I took control of his action, taken him by surprise. I cup his balls as my mouth lick and suck down his shaft. A growl mix with a moan left his lips and boy did that excite me. I suck his balls in my mouth and twirl my tongue around the smooth delicate skin. Then licked up his shaft. Sucking on his tip with my tongue circling that sensitive edge of his throbbing length. I felt his body tense and I knew he was close.

I picked up my pace, but he stopped me and pulls me off my knees, “I don’t think so sweetheart. As much as I wanna cum in that beautiful mouth, your pussy is a pertinent choice right now.”

Before I could process what he meant. I was laying on the back seat and he was taking my leggings off. He lifts my right leg, kissing and sucking from my toes down to my dripping pussy and licks his lips, “If we were home right now, I’d eat you all fucking day.” and rip my thong off with his teeth.

He pressed his lips to my folds, his tongue massaging my swollen clit. I moan and arched my back off the seat with my fingers tangled in his hair. He licks and wiggles his tongue in me. It feels so good I almost forgot how sore I am. He buried his face in me and reach up and cups me under my bra.

A deep appreciating growl left his throat and my body shudder. He pinched my hard bud and devour my pussy ferociously. The pressure was building as he continues licking, sucking and ramming his tongue in me. He flicks my clit with his tongue a few time toying with me. Then nibbles and suck me into his warm wet mouth. A sudden heat exploded all over my body and my muscles tensing for that sweet release I craved. He pulls away.

I whine out like a child who got their special toy taken away, “Onyxx.”

“You’re not going to cum. If you do, you’ll regret it,” he warned. How was I supposed to control that? When he drives me crazy and my body reacts to him like a bitch in heat.

“How-” before I could ask the prick, he shoves his cock in me full force and began pounding my wetness.

I scream as he hammers me with each thrust harder than the last. He rips my top off and yanks my bra down freeing my breast for his pleasure. He squeezed and growls thrusting in me violently. My body tense and I feel myself cuming, “P-P-lease S-stop.” I stutter. “I-I am going to cum,” I scream.

The bloody bastard knows it. He smirks and accelerates his pace faster and harder, sending both us into a frenzy. I scream out with my back arched and hands pushing against the door. As my pussy clamp down on him hard. Unable to control my body rocking orgasm. He groans loudly and shoves himself as deep as he could go and filled me with his warm seed.

I was breathless. The windows were all fog up and air couldn’t fill my lungs fast enough. My heart was racing like a racehorse.

“Bad girl. You came,” he smirks devilishly with his chest rising and falling like mine.

He knew I would. The bloody buggar knew I couldn’t control it especially after what he did. He pulls on of me and flips me on my stomach. He spanks my bum and I yelp. He rubs my bum and then spanks me again harder. I squeal and moan. If this is his punishment for cuming, I’m glad I didn’t listen.

He chuckles behind me and squeezes my bum, “This isn’t your punishment angel.” he purrs.

Did I say that out loud? I must have. “Has anyone had the esteem privilege in claiming this sexy tight ass of yours?” he spanks me.

I yelp and shake my head no; still trying to catch my breath and come down from my high. Which was nearly impossible if he keeps touching me like this. His cock instantly hardens against me. I shiver as his soft lip pressed against my flesh. He smirks and continues tenderly caressing my sore rosy bum with an approving growl.

“Well, it’ll be now.” his voice deep in lust as he purrs.

My pussy throbbing with anticipation of what’s to come, as our combine orgasms drip down my thigh. I’m so sore but my body didn’t seem to acknowledge it at the moment. I close my eyes whimpering softly in the celestial cloud of ecstasy I was floating in.

“Fuck!” He snarls deadly, scaring me.

Got out, slam the door shut and was in the driver seat in a heartbeat. “Put that on and buckle up.” He throws his tee shirt at me and slams down on the gas jolting the car forward.

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