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Who's shooting at us?

I squeal, scramble the shirt and put it on before buckling up. As my trembling fingers fumble with the clasp but eventually got it in “Onyx what-” I was cut off by something hitting the back windshield.

And another. And another. I scream and Onyx sways the car from side to side, “Keep your head down baby.” he shifts gear and floored it, cursing under his breath.

I felt panic and frightened but strangely, I felt worried and scared too, in a whole different sense. Almost as if, he was worried and scared about me, not himself. This must be the fear in me talking.

I snuck a glance back. Whatever hit the glass, didn’t fully pierce through. I look further back and saw three black SUV chasing us. And shooting at us.

“AVA! Head down.” he made a screeching right turn, shift gear and sped up.

“Who’s shooting at us!?” I scream in panic when another shot hit the glass.

“Hunters!” he growls. The glass must be bulletproof.

“What. How did they find us?”

“Someone tipped them off,” he switches lane getting off the high way.

“In the pack?”


“What does this mean?”

“It means when I get back heads will roll,” he growls furiously.

He was pissed. His jaw clenched as he cursed under his breath. Face darkens in rage and only seems to get darker. Every time he glances at me practically shaking in fear. I took deep breaths calming myself and him driving like a mad man didn’t help.

“Slow down! Your going get us killed!” I squeal as he drove up unto the sidewalk, honking his horn. People screaming and jumping out his way.

“I’m going to get us killed?” he chuckles darkly and did a rare wheel spin. “How about I pull over and ask them to stop fucking shoot at us?! Is not like they’re trying to kill us or anything!”

“That’s not what I meant!”

“Rule number one baby, when men in SUVs with semi-automatics chasing you, you don’t fucking slow down. If anything you speed the fuck up.”

“So running over pedestrians and trash cans are necessary?!”

“Everything I do is fucking necessary to protect your infuriating ass! Now keep your head down and shut the hell up!” he growls

“I’ll rather be shot in the head than burn to death in a car crash!” I shot back.

“You’re not going to get shot or burn to death!” he spins the car and grumbles something under his breath about eating or rating or mate. I couldn’t make out his words over my screams. As he drove in reverse through a narrow side street with the Suv in front of us shooting. Some real fast and furious shit. Now wasn’t the best time to criticize his driving skills. Its either he kills us or they kill us. He spins the car and shifts gears, running a stoplight in a four-way intersection, causing a pile-up.

I glance back at the crowd forming and sires and exhale a breath I didn’t know I was holding. “We lost them.”

He got back on the high way, “It looks like.” Just then his phone vibrated, and he answers with it on speaker.

“Where were you? I was trying to reach you for the past thirty minutes,” Lake voice ring through lace with worried.

“I was-occupied.” he glances at me through the rearview mirror, with a small naughty smirk playing on his lips. My cheeks felt extremely warm as I unconsciously bite my lips. His hand reach back and squeeze my thigh with a warning look. It took me a minute to realize what I was doing and stop.

“Occupied? what were you-” Lake pause like he just put two and two together,” Is she fine?”

“She’s ok.” He squeezes my thigh gently. But the way he said it. It was more of a reassurance for him.

“Patrol was attacked on the southern boundary by a group of rogues. Giving the hunters enough time to sneak in through the backroad. It was a diversion and almost worked, but Kristoff added a third line of patrol after the incident last night.” Onyx and Lake when back and ford.

While I kept looking behind us. His hand remained on my thigh the entire time, rubbing calming circles with his thumb. I think this was his way of calming me and reassuring himself I was fine. And it worked. From a distance, I saw an SUV coming up and coming up fast. How did they find us?


He glances up in the rearview mirror, “Fuck!”

“What’s wrong?” Lake asks.

“They found us.”

“I thought you said you lost them.”

“I did. There is no way they could’ve found me this fast. Unless. Mother fucker! Send the boys to Fel peak.”

“Yes alpha,” and he hangs up. He reaches into the glove department and pulled out another shirt.

“Angel I need you to steer,” he said snapping off the rearview mirror and unbuckling.

“Steer what?” He’s not thinking about what I think he is.

“The car. I need to check underneath.”

“Are you kidding me,” I unbuckled.

“I never kid babe,”

I began climbing over when his shirt rose a little too high flashing him my ass.

“Fucking hell.” he groans almost sounding like a whine.

I stifled my giggle feeling proud of myself that I had this much of an effect on him. Even in a life or death situation. I sat down and smile innocently at him. He shakes his head,” Grab the wheel.”

I grab it and he opens the door and leans out the car with the mirror. Is he crazy! This isn’t the movies!

“Onyx. Be careful.”

After a few minutes, he pulls himself back inside and shuts the door. I exhale a breath I didn’t know I was holding. “I’m always careful angel.” He winks.

He took the wheel, hit redial and Lake answered immediately.” The car is bugged. Get Kristoff to hack in, redirect the signal and send a team.”

“Yes alpha.”

“Are the boys in place?”

“As we speak their moving in.”

“Good ETA fifteen minutes and Lake. Leave one of them alive.” he hangs up.

“You’re going to kill them?”

“Again. They are. Tying to. Kill us.” he said getting annoyed.

“Can’t you lock them up or something?”

“Ava this is war. We can’t just lock them up. Wolves are dying and these fuckers are starting to get cocky, thinking they can challenge me. I need to send a message and make it painfully clear. Anyone fucks with me and my pack will meet a cruel unpleasant end!” he exclaims angrily but not at me.

He was more annoyed that I was in the car when this all when down. He’s furious with himself for being distracted, knowing I could’ve been seriously hurt or worse. I don’t know how I knew that, but I could feel it. Like I, was feeling it.

“Put your seat belt on,” he orders and rest his hand on my lap rubbing circles with his thumb. This time it was more for him than me. I did what I was told without argument. Shocker.

His eyes flash that black colour a few times, and he’d clutch the steering wheel till his knuckles turn white. It’s safe to say he wasn’t too happy with whatever was happening. I could feel a spike of an angry surge through me every so often. We pulled up in front of a four-story building heavily guarded. The guards open the gate as soon as they spot the car. There were large men in bulletproof vests and heavily armed everywhere. It looks like some military base. But I knew better. Everyone here was wolves.

“Put this on,” he hands me my legging. Picks up my ripped panties trying to hide his amusement.

“I’m going to run out if you keep ripping them off me,” I lift my bum off the seat and pull the legging up.

“Then I’ll just have to buy you more.” he winks playfully. I glance at my shredded top and arched a brow at him. He shrugs.

We got out of the car and I knotted his shirt behind my back earning me quite a few wolf’s whistles and lewd comments about my bum. Onyx shots them a warning growl and a death glare, and they all disappeared. He places his hand on my lower back, loosens my knot and nudges me forward.

“Heyy,” I protest.

“I don’t need everyone’s eyes on your ass, especially when you’re not wearing any panties.”

“Whose fault is that?”

“Yours.” he opens a door and led us down a hallway lined with guards.

They all bowed their heads as we pass, and checked me out. His jaw had that twitch showing his annoyance. While I had a homicidal rage to put down everyone in the room. I would never do that! So, it only means one thing. There his. But how?

“Do tell, how is it my fault?” I ask trying to distract him.

“You know exactly how it’s your fault. But if I knew you were so proficient. I’d have done that sooner.” My face glows scarlet.

“Stop biting that damn lip” he growls and my core quiver. I bite down harder unintentionally. He sniffs the air, “Ava I swear to god I’ll take you against this wall with everyone watching.” My face blazed redder than a bag of ripe tomatoes with eyes wide.

“How sore are you?” I didn’t realize I was walking a lot slower and wincing every few steps.

“Now that you mention it. A LOT.”

“As soon as we get back, I’ll run us, a nice bath.”


“Yes. Us.” He smirks mischievously

“That’ll just leave me sorer.” I rolled my eyes.

He chuckles, “I promise I won’t take you in the bath.” He stops walking and pulls me gently in his chest. Lift my chin so I was staring into his beautiful azure blue eyes, “How about this? As soon as we get back, I’ll wash you, feed you, and if you’re still awake we can do anything you want?” He said in a soft loving tone. Which surprised me. I think he even surprised himself too, by the look on his face. His jaw ticks and he quickly dismiss whatever it was he was feeling.

“Ok, who are you? And what did you do with the big bad alpha?”

“I’m still the big bad alpha. That’s why you’re so sore.” He teased cheekily.

I gasp playfully and smack his arm. He chuckles and led us down a white corridor. I like him like this. Wait-Like? Not like, like. More like a pet dog. Or a brother. Wait, no, gross, bollocks.

We came to a huge black double door but before we entered Onyx turns me to face him,” Ava remember what I told you? For once do as I ask. When we’re home and alone you can call me anything you want but not here.” Home? No, Luna, he didn’t mean it like that. Snap out of it.

“Fine.” I sign in defeat “But if any of your pooches feel froggy all bets are off.” He exhales deeply, opens the door and mumbled under his breath, “What am I going to do with you?”

I can think of a few things.

He had a small smile playing on his lips, “Not sore enough,” he mumbles under his breath. I eyed him suspiciously but remain quiet.

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