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Bad,bad eyes

We enter an oval white room with the sound of a man screaming in agony.

“O-Onyx what’s going on?” I stammer lowly and slowed my pace, almost digging my heels into the floorboard.

“The rogue. He won’t talk,” he nudges me forward with a little more force.

“What rogue?” I gasp. “Ethan?” his jaw clenched. “Please don’t hurt him. It’s not his fault.” I plead.

“Then get him to talk.”

In the middle of the room, Ethan was naked, bloodied and chained up like an animal. His body drenched in blood. Deep gashes and claw marks scatter his slouch frame, propped up by a chunky silver chain burning into his skin. His face was beaten to a pulp. I gag, feeling the bile rising in my stomach.

It was a gruesome dark scene. My eye burned with tears and heart pound against my chest. How could someone do this to another living soul? This is-inhumane. Not like they are entirely human in the first place. I was getting angrier by the second.

A slender man stood beside him. In an apron covered in what I assume is Ethan’s blood and all sort of saws, knives and torture tools alongside him. Kristoff and Zuri bickering like an old married couple. Lake and Christian laughing and conversing with two other men. Like a man isn’t being tortured in front of them. They all look like they were at a tea party with the queen. Poised and elegant as ever. The lot of them all dress for the bloody occasion. I was shocked, appalled and scared.

“Head down,” he said low enough for only me to hear. My ass head down. “Ava,” he warned as we slowly began descending the stairs.

I lower my head fighting back my tears. Onyx led us to the front of the room. I was scared to look up because I didn’t want to see how bad Ethan looked close up.

Lake and Christian came to us. They remain apathetic towards me. Yep, still mad. The two other men saunter over in their black suits looking dashing. I can feel their lustful eyes on me, but thankfully they shift their gaze to Onyx.

“Alpha Onyx.” The one with a black hoop dangling silver arrow earring, on his left ear smirk. Like a pompous prick. “It seems like your little rogue... is not very, responsive to your method. Perhaps you should send him my way,” he said haughtily.

“Even with the mark of Lucian on his flesh?” He didn’t expect that. His eyes quickly scan Ethan’s body for confirmation. “I had it cut out twice... so far. But it only reappears somewhere else. Sever?” My breathing hitched, cut out? Onyx grip tightens a little but remains cryptic and impassive.

“Yes alpha?” the slender man answer.

“Where is the mark now?”

“It hadn’t reappeared yet Alpha. Maybe after he wakes. I gave him something that should do the trick.” he said in a rather chipper tone. Someone really loves their job.

“How do you plan on making him talk with the mark of Lucian? His loyalty is to its owner. Whatever humanity it has, will be extinct the second it turns. And wolves can’t exactly converse. That is if it survives.” Survive? And his name is Ethan! Not ‘it’, you flea-bitten mutt!

“You can’t keep injecting him to prolong the change. The thing won’t last much longer.” the other guy said in a light Spanish accent. Thing? Are they serious? They’re the thing! You sir, shifts into a giant golden retriever, who sniffs balls!

Onyx glances at me for a second, looking almost amused, before he answers casually, “I have a plan.” Can he hear me? Nah. Not possible.

Just then another guy appeared, with three heavy set dudes like himself. Wait I know him. He’s the guy with the pet. Easton, I believe. ” Sorry, I’m late. I hope I didn’t miss anything.” he strolls in arrogantly.

His eyes travel done my body lustfully and he smirks.” Ah, the unclaimed human.” Ah, why don’t you roll over into traffic and play dead or just dead. From the corner of my eyes, I saw the edge of onyx lips twitch, but he remains impassive and answered nonchalantly. “Does she smell unclaimed?”

Smell? Then it clicked. That’s the reason the sly dog wanted to cum inside me. So that everyone can smell him on me! Son of a donkey balls. My face flush, thinking about all the people who smelled what we did.

He dips his head and whispers in my ears,” Stop biting your lips.” His warm breath against my skin made me shiver. I peeked up at him, my eyes dart from his eyes to his lips and back to my toes. He seems rather pleased with my reaction.

“Looks like he has her all broken in.” said the Spanish guy.

“Shame. I expected her to put up more of a fight.” Easton said in a bored tone, losing all interest in me. I was relieved, I hated the attention. “But our law requires her to be collared.”

“When have you known him to follow our laws,” a girl walks in with two other guys behind her. Swaying her hips seductively.

She looks like something you only see on a magazine cover. The kind of woman that instantly lights up a room. Her mere presence was magnetic and poised. Ash-blonde hair flowing down her back in soft gentle waves. Velvety rose beige skin that shimmers under the lights. Her eyebrows curved in a perfect arch over her sparkling blue-green eyes that rival the ocean itself. Cute dimples and an adorable celestial nose. Her glossy heart shape lips plump and tempting; with a body made by the gods. How are these people real? She looks photoshop.

Her beauty was disarming and Intimidating. I wasn’t the only one who thought so. She had a certain innocence that made her appear harmless, but she struts like a confident fearless woman, with enough power to rival any male here. Everyone in the room seems to be just as captivated by her, some even aroused. I was afraid to look at Onyx because I knew I’d die if he stares at her like that. Is true what they say, ignorance is bliss.

I hate all these feelings. I don’t even know if he likes me. I’m acting like some jealous lovesick puppy. Who spread her legs like a bloody clothespin, for a man she knows nothing about. I frown, disappointed at myself and heartbroken at the thought of ending whatever this is. Part of me wants it to be more, but another part was terrified. He wasn’t human. I didn’t even know how he felt about me. If he felt anything at all. The sex is great, but is that all I want? Great mind-blowing legs shaking sex?

" Luna Annabeth,” Easton raise her hand to his lips,” What a pleasant surprise. You look radiant as ever.” He sounds sincere with a soft tone. I didn’t know the prick had it in him.

“Flattery will get you nowhere Alpha Turkins.”

“My dear Luna, I don’t need flattery to get what I want. You should know this.” he winks and let’s go of her hand.

Her eyes flicker over to Onyx. Roamed down his body and back up. Bad dog or bitch! She swayed her hips over to us. Easton frowns.

“I was surprised when I got your call. I was hoping for a more- intimate meeting.” she flirted like some shameless hussy.” Maybe after. For old time sake?” She slept with him? My eyes shot up to him, but he remained stoic, giving nothing away.

“What are you staring at human?” she asks me in a soft entrancing tone.

My eyes drift to hers, and heart skips a beat. I suddenly found myself lost in them, they were the most beautiful thing I ever saw, except for Onyx of course. Her eyes were as deep and wide as the ocean, with smooth soft blue-green waves. Each wave pulls you in deeper and deeper with a sweet melodious humming. I can feel it inside me gently pulling me into its hypnotic current. I wanted to please her. To make her happy. To protect her. But something else, deep inside of my soul was telling me this is wrong. My mind was telling me this feels right. My body was telling me something is off.

“Stop using your influence on-”

I step towards her and Onyx pause, “I have a name,” I answer in a soft but firm voice.

A voice I know nothing of. I wasn’t scared, sad, nervous nothing. I felt confident and bold. Her eyes grew wide in shock, then she smiles at me accepting my challenge. A challenge I was ignorant of. Her eyes glowed brighter. Everyone watched quietly and curiously, observing the scene before them. Clearly, something like this never occurred before.

Those sweet compelling waves were crashing and churning inside me, but no matter how much they tried; they couldn’t break my barrier. Something was in the way. Something a lot stronger than her. I can feel her influence, to dominate me, but the barrier stood tall and mighty.

“What did you say to me?” her voice sweet and firm, but the shock and curiosity in them didn’t go a miss.

I took another step towards her and she smirks as if she won. I stroke the corner of her face and her eyes soften. Suddenly I felt jealous, angry and sad. But the waves were washing them away just as fast as they came. My fingers snake their way into her silky locks and grab a hold of her. She gasps but didn’t stop me. She was curious about me. Amazed even. I didn’t know what I was doing or why? It felt unnatural and natural at the same time. If that makes any sense.

I tilt her head back, leaving her throat vulnerable to me.” Luna?” one of the guys step forward. His tone had a slight panic.

“She’s human. She can’t hurt me,” she lifts her right hand, halting him in his track.

Her pulse at the side of her neck quicken. I lean in and press my lips gently against it, leaving a soft chaste kiss. Her breathing hitched, with her eyes close, and a small smile playing on her lips. That jealous feeling came back. Crashing into me fiercer than before and shadowed by a homicidal rage.

“I said I have a name. It’s not human. Its Luna.” Suddenly like someone snapped their fingers in front of my face the waves disappear.

“Bloody hell,” I release her and jump nine feet back with all eyes on me.

A blush covers my entire face, chewing my lips furiously. What in all that’s holy just happen? Why did I do that? Maybe it’s a dream. Yeah, A dream. I close my eyes tightly and reopen them. Everyone was still staring at me. Some amused. Some aroused. Some curious more than others. Onyx raises a brow, shifts his eyes to my lips, and back to my eyes.

I instantly stop chewing them and said,” I-I am s-sorry?” But it came out as more of a question.

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