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Not about the pet

" I thought she was under your control?” enquired the Spanish guy, intrigued almost fascinated by me. I felt like I’m the caged animal at the zoo, who kids throw peanuts at.

“She was,” She murmured, staring at me fascinated. I quickly lower my head. Her eyes are evil. Bad eyes! Bad bad eyes!

Easton laughs and applauds. Amused and thrilled. Just like that, I piqued his obscene interest once more. “Are you losing your touch, Luna?” He teases her.

She ignores him. “Your huma-I mean Luna,” she glances at me amused,” is strong-willed. Very impressive pet.”

I frown. Pet? They sniff each other’s butts, shifts into mystical four-legged furballs and pees on trees. Yet I’m the pet? I mentally rolled my eyes. Onyx ran his fingers through his hair and shot me a look I couldn’t label fast enough. Did he hear me or something? Luna, you’re losing it.

“How did you break her that fast?” Easton smirk at Onyx with a hint of accusation dripping in his tone.” If she can resist the stunning Luna’s gift, what makes her so susceptible to you?” Why must he be such a twat? Somebody clearly hasn’t gone on a walk in a while. Maybe they lost his leash? I giggle a little in my head.

“My dick,” he answers bluntly.

Bollocks. He didn’t. My cheeks were glowing red from his vulgarity. Kristoff snickered. Lake was fighting back his amusement. Easton clenches his jaw annoyed by the response. “But we aren’t here to discuss how well I fuck her.” He was annoyed, mostly at me. But his tone remains impassive. I felt objectified and hurt.

" No, we are not. No one wants to hear how well engorged you are,” Rush frown. He struts down the stairs with an air of confidence and grace around him. His eyes connect to the bad pretty eyes girl, Luna Annabeth,” If I knew you were here. I’d show sooner.” and flirts.

“Your late,” Onyx stated.

“Traffic?” You can tell he wasn’t scared or intimidated by Onyx.

“I am not in the mood to wash your blood off my fist. So, I’ll ignore that.” He cracks his neck and stood taller; with his shoulder wide and chest puff out.

He looks even more intimidating than before, with a raw predatorial aura that oozes dominance and roared power. An icy stare, a smug daring look and a fierce stance. The alpha of all alphas. A man that commands attention and respect without even trying. Everyone knew who was in charge. Yet I can’t shake the feeling like he’s holding back.

Lake and Kristoff stood to his right with Christian and Zuri at his left. Their spine straight and stood tall like their alpha. Anyone with half a brain could see that they held the man in high regards. The atmosphere changed drastically, all idle chats and gibes got replace by ‘let’s get down to business’ vibe. Poor me felt like a gazelle in a lion’s cage or this case a wolf’s den.

“They’re turning humans and branding them with the mark of Lucian.” Some looked surprised more than others.” to invade packs. They aren’t fully turned. Which makes it harder to detect their presence. The first case was in Europe, now they’re here.”

“What makes you think he’d tell us anything?” Easton nod to Ethan in disgust, like he’s dirt beneath his feet.” Even with the beautiful Luna Annabeth’s ability, it won’t work. It’s not human anymore. This whole summon is a waste of time.” his eyes trail down my body and made my skin crawl.

“He’s right, “Earring guy agreed” this is a waste of time.”

“If he had no solution we wouldn’t be here.” Rush said in a cocky bored tone. Onyx remains impassive and uninterested in the bickering. But I could feel his bubbling rage. I expected him to snap already, but he didn’t.

“They’re right,” Annabeth tone soften at Rush. “The human is dying. We all can smell it. He won’t even last the night or the change.” What? My heart plummets in my chest and tears roll down my cheeks. This can’t be. I saw Onyx hands balled into a fist. Quickly I dried my tears and listen.

“It’s impossible. You out of anyone should know how powerful the mark is.” the Spanish guy said to Rush.

This annoyed him. Easton eyes never left me. It made me uncomfortable under his penetrating gaze. I wanted to hide away from him. I wish I was in his arms. I felt safer in his big arms for some unconventional reason. Those warm tingles and his sweet scent calm’s me. Stockholm syndrome here I come. From the corner of my eyes, Onyx fist clenched tighter, turning that chalk white colour.

“I also know... I have a bad bitch tied up to my bed, waiting for me. And yet... Here I am.” He gestures with his arms animatedly.

“You think he’d suffer blue balls for nothing?” Kristoff asks smugly.

“You men and your genitals.” Annabeth rolled her eyes. She sways her hips over to Ethan and grasps his bloody jaw. Turns his head from side to side and then inhales.” His humanity is holding on by a threat. If I tried to reach it, he’ll die.” she wipes his blood off her hand with a rag handed to her by Sever.

“This is why they are killed on the spot.” The earing guy stared at Ethan like he’s a sick dog that needs to be put down. Ironic, coming from the ninja mutant turd.” He won’t tell us anything. How long have you been torturing him?”

Easton kept his eyes on me, he picks up a scalpel,” What I’m more curious about... is why she’s here.” he points the scalpel at me.

“I thought we’ve been through this already,” Lake respond. Irritated by the Alpha.

“This is a summon. Last time I checked pets isn’t allowed. Unless,” he points his scalpel in the air,” she isn’t a pet. No collar. She doesn’t even look like one.”

“I don’t like my pet’s dressed like whores. Her body is for my eyes and my eyes alone.” Onyx finally spoke.

“The last one you had barely wore anything at all. If I recall... you kept her on a very short leash. Even lend her out a few times.” What? he- wouldn’t. The bloody mutt wouldn’t dare! You’re not his pet. My subconscious snaps at me.

“Why do you care so much about his pet? Did you break yours already?” Rush taunted, sauntering over to me with his hands behind his back. It amazed me how loosely they throw the word pet around. Like a ‘pet’ is not a living breathing person. That’s sickening. “She seems harmless and completely docile to me. Head down the entire time. Not a peep. A perfectly submissive pet.” he inhales and smirks. ” smells like one too.”

“She broke Annabeth’s influence with a kiss.” Easton flips the scalpel in the air and caught it. This surprised Rush for a fleeting second but quickly mask it. “She didn’t seem too docile to me. Matter of fact...” his eyes travel down my body, sending a shiver of disgust down my spine. Accompany by hot rage and possessiveness. Onyx is beyond furious at the alpha audacity, yet remain blank on the outside. This fool is looking to be dog chow. “I don’t even think she’s marked.” Mark? Is this the mark Onyx was talking about? I can feel my heart racing against my chest and palm sweaty. My neck cramping from staring at the ground. This mark thing doesn’t sound like a good thing.

“It’s his pet. He does what he wants. Not everyone prefers to brand their pets like cattle.” Rush said bored.

“We have a more urgent matter to deal with than a pet.” Annabeth scold.

“Like how you plan on getting him to talk?” The Spanish guy asks Onyx. Ah, go chase a squirrel or something.

“If you can get him to talk,” the earring guy adds. You can join him too butthead!

Onyx shakes his head,” I’ve heard enough of this shit.” he walks over to Ethan and stood in front of him. “Ava come here,” he orders.

My head snaps to him. I gulp and moved slowly. He was getting irritated at my slowness. He nods at Lake, who he grabs my arm, dragging me to him.

Onyx places his hands on my hips, with my back against his rigid chest, the tingling and his scent were calming my fear. I didn’t understand why I was here until Ethan stir and open his eyes. I suck in a breath and held it. His eyes were almost scarlet with a few specks of blue.

“Don’t do anything stupid,” he warns me.

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