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Ethan stared at me with a cold blank glare, like I wasn’t there. He didn’t say anything. Or moved. Or even looks like he’s breathing. It was like he was alive but dead at the same time. An empty shell.

“What’s wrong with him? “I ask in a meek voice with tears blurring my vision.

“The mark he bares controls him. He only answers to it.” Voldemort? I start to feel angry. Why did he bring me here? To watch him suffer.

“Why am I here?” My voice raised a little with a drop of annoyance.

“He loves you,” I saw a vague tick in his jaw when he said that. “Part of him is still human. The mark has no control over humans only supernatural beings. Talk to him. His human side will respond to you.”

“He looks comatose. You’re the alpha can’t you use your magical voodoo powers or something?”

Easton laughs,” This was your brilliant plan?” he laughs more, “Her?”

“Human love isn’t as potent as ours. They don’t have the bond.” Annabeth declared.

" She’s not even his mate.” The earing guy adds.

Haters! For that none of you will get your ears scratched.

“Give her a chance.“Zuri defended me. Maybe she isn’t that mad? I peek at her and she didn’t even spare me a glance. Still mad.

“When an order is given its impossible to break. We all know this.” Lake announced, before shifting his gaze to me, ” But you broke it the first time, somehow. I don’t understand how humans love, but he loves you. Mate bond or not he feels something for you.” That’s the most I heard him ever say.

“C’mon Lulu you got this. Maybe twirl around for him.” Kristoff grins. Zuri smacks his arm and glared at him. “What?” Christian just shakes his head at his foolishness.

“Do you love him?” Onyx asks with his jaw tight.

“Yes,” his body tenses a little at my answer.

“Call his name.”

“What good will that do? I might as well throw a bone at him.”

“Ava,” he said in a low irritated warning tone.

“On one condition.”

“Of course, ” he scoffs and shakes his head.

“You help him.”

“He won’t survive Ava,” he said louder losing his patience at me.

“And if he does? Would you take him in your pack? Would you help him?”

“Fine.” He sighs exasperatedly, “Now talk to him.”

I tried to move, but his grip on my hips tighten. I shot him a glare and he clenched his jaw before releasing me irked.

I walk timidly up to him with everyone staring at me. My stomach twisted in tight knots and I felt nauseous. I wanted to puke, hideaway and cry. My heart was breaking for Ethan. I love him. I didn’t lie. It took me being kidnapped to break up with him, and I couldn’t even do that correctly.

I brush his damp hair away from his face and crinkled my nose at the stench of blood. “Ethan. H-Hey... It’s me, Luna.” I cup his face gently and gazed into his hollow cold eyes,” Ethan it’s me.”

“This is a joke.” The earring guy scoff. Ah, eat a pinecone mutt.

“Like I said a waste of time. I bet you wish you stayed home now don’t you Rush?” Easton mocks. Can someone put a muzzle on that dog? Jeeze. He talks too much.

“I say kill him and get this over with,” Spanish guy suggests. I glare at him and he arches a brow at me. Bloody pastelillo.

“Bloody hell,” I slap Ethan earning me a growl.

I had a plan, not very well thought out, however. I mash my lips against his ignoring the metallic taste in my mouth and urge to vomit. It took a few seconds, but I felt his starting to move against mine slowly. I was about to pull away when he shoves his tongue down my throat.

I broke the kiss instantly and was pulled back into the heated furious chest of Onyx. Yet he didn’t show it, but boy was I going to get it. He began snarling, thrashing around and yanking on the chains to free his hands. I was scared, amazed and frankly surprised it work. And not the only one. I forgot about the blood on my lips or the nasty taste in my mouth.

His eyes snap to me, and travel down my body stopping on Onyx’s hands resting on my hips,” You reek of him.” his voice crack and cold. ” Why does he always have to be touching you?” he coughs, “I can smell him all over you. In you.” I was embarrassed and annoyed at his vulgar mouth. He coughs again and grimaces in pain.

“Can you at least slacken his chains. It’s not like he can go anywhere,” I shouted at Sever. Who glared at me and then look to his alpha? Onyx nod and he did.

I heard Annabeth gasp, “Remarkable. Human love. I didn’t know it was that powerful.”

“It’s not the love he smells,” Rush said with his arms folded, as he watches Ethan closely. I didn’t pay any attention to them, because I was focus on Ethan.

He drops to his knees with his hands at his side.” Is he the reason you broke up with me? And don’t lie. I’d know.”

Was he the reason? I knew Ethan deserved the truth and it’s about time I woman up, “He wasn’t the reason. He just helped me realize how selfish I was.”

“The Luna I know wouldn’t jump into bed with a guy she just met. Was it the money? I saw his house.”

“Excuse you! Have you lost your bloody mind? How dare you!!” I was outraged at his fault’s allegation.

“Was it the sex?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. You really wanna do this now?!” I snapped.

“I have nowhere else to be baby. ” he yanks on the chain for emphasis.

" I love you, but the truth is I fell out of love with you for a while now and was too much of a bloody coward to say it! You were kind, sweet, handsome, perfect! I didn’t want to break your heart! I didn’t know how to tell you! I didn’t wanna hurt you. You deserve a lot better than me!” I said in one breathe.

" I just wanted you, dammit Luna. You should’ve told me. We could have fixed this. Now it’s too late.”

“What do you mean?”

“It means I know I’m dying.” He glances at Onyx and back to me. “And I know when I lost.”

“No, you’re going to be fine-”

“No, I am not.”

“Don’t say that!”

“It’s the truth, Luna. I can feel it. I know it. You know it. They all know it. This mark I feel it worming its way back into my soul.”

I wanted to move closer to him. To hold him and tell him everything is going to be ok, but Onyx tightens his grip on my hips, “We can beat this. There has to be away.”

“She doesn’t sound too docile to me.” Easton licks his lips as his eyes swept down my body greedily. I can feel Onyx heated rage burning against my back, and he squeezes my hips a little painfully. Yet he remains stoic, fighting back the urge to rip this prat to shred.

Ethan stared at Easton and clenched his jaw, “Tell me he didn’t have you too?”

“Are you kidding me!?” I huff annoyed, flinging my arms in the air. “Do you think I’m some whore that goes around shagging alphas?!!” I hiss irately.

He sighs, “No I don’t. I’m sorry babe. I know your not a whore. I should know,” he whispers the ending more to himself. I barely heard it. “It’s just this thing makes me-”

“A knob?”

“A knob?” I heard Kristoff ask puzzled.

“She means dick,” Lake answered him.

“I deserve that.” Ethan smiles at me, and I couldn’t stay mad at him. I beam a smile at him and felt Onyx tense against my back.

“Exactly, how should you know?” This twat again. Easton cocks his head to the side “Unless,” and grins at Onyx, still pushing for a reaction. “He’s her first.” He held Onyx gaze. This dipshit has a death wish and I’m so ready to karate chop his porkchop ass.

“Should’ve been her last too.” Growl Ethan glaring at Onyx. You daft man! If Onyx wasn’t already pissed, he’s now livid. Buggar.

Onyx brushes his nose down the side of my neck to my sweet spot. What is he up to? He held Ethan’s gaze and smirks. What-I was cut off by my own soft whimpering moan. He presses his lips on that spot. Licks and sucks harder on it, marking me. My body shudders, already reacting to him. I can feel my core heating up. He trails feather light kisses up my neck to my ears and nibble on my lope, earning him another soft moan.

A loud growl snaps me from my haze. Ethan was feral with rage and jealousy. I didn’t realize my eyes were shut, head tilts back resting on Onyx hard chest, with my nails dug into his arms around my waist. My body pressed into him so intimately, those tingles mix with his scent was making me feel things, I shouldn’t be feeling right now. Everyone just stared at us. I can feel the heat from my neck, burning my cheeks all the way to the tip of my ears. I was redder than three baskets of cherries on an apple farm.

I glare at Onyx who had a mischievous glint in his eyes. He wanted to show them who I belong too. And like a twit, I played right into his hand.

I open my mouth, but he cuts me off, “I’ll only say this once and listen very carefully,” his gaze left mine and landed on Easton, who looks even smugger now. “She belongs to me. And if you can’t get that in your head... Sooner rather than later. You’ll find yourself without a fucking head.” He smiles sinisterly, wiping Easton’s smug look right off his cabbage face. Everyone and I mean everyone still. Him smiling like this must be extremely bad. If they all look like they saw Freddy Kruger in the conjuring with the girl from exorcist.

Rush was the first one to break the ice, “Do you know your name?” Ethan’s eyes flicker down his body and back to his eyes. “You apparently do. Why don’t you tell me yours, alpha?”

Rush tense and jaw clenched. “No need. You won’t live long enough to remember it.” He smirks at him.

“Then grant a man a dying wish?”

“I’ll make sure your death is swift. That will be my gift to you.” The way he said it wasn’t in a bad way or good way. He was the only one who didn’t look at Ethan with disgust.

“I’ll take it.” he glares at Onyx then me or more precisely, my neck. “You had to be extremely desperate if you brought her here. I’ll be a dead man soon-”

“You will sooner than later if you don’t stop saying that!” I shot back.

He chuckles, “You can’t save me, Luna.”

“I’ll bloody well try.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” He mumbles and frowns. Why would he be afraid of that? He pushes himself off the floor and stared Onyx in the eyes “We both know what she’s like, especially when she gets an idea in her beautiful head,”

“Heyy. I’m not opposed to kicking the shit out of a man chain to a ceiling,” I frown.

He chuckles at me and eyes soften at me, “God you’re beautiful.” Onyx grip tightens and Ethan caught on to it. He purses his lips and shifts his gaze back to him. “I want you to promise me two things and I’ll tell you what I know.”

“What do you want?”

“Give me your word you’ll keep it.” Onyx stared at him suspiciously.” Don’t worry I’m not trying to take her from you. We both know that is her decision to make. Even though-”

“Don’t think about it,” I warn he smirks. I smile. I miss this.

“You have my word.”

“You’ll keep her safe.” he smiles at me lovingly, my heartaches. He turns back to Onyx ” And you kill me before this mark return.”

“What? No! I won’t let him!” Onyx grip tightens as I kick my legs. “Have you gone completely bonkers? There is no way I’m letting him kill you!” I screamed at him.

“Deal,” Onyx agreed. Just then Zuri and Kristoff grab my arms.” Take her to the house” he instructed.

“NOO!!” Let go of me! Please Nooo !! Please don’t kill him!” I cried begging as they drag me out of the room.

“No! Don’t leave her alone at the house.” Ethan warns.

“Why?” Onyx raises a curious brow at him.

“That night. I wasn’t the only one watching her.”

“That’s most, if not all the unmated males in the pack.” his jaw tick with annoyance. I can feel that possessiveness building in me again, and this time it was a lot more destructive. Sooner or late he’s going to lose it. He’s becoming more territorial and I can feel it all. How? Why? But now wasn’t the time to ponder on that. I needed to save Ethan.

“She,” he emphasizes. “wasn’t interested in her, it was more what she had her legs wrapped around.”

“Some jealous she-wolf?” Lake arch his brow at Onyx, who shrugs in response.

“That’s a long list.” Kristoff adds and smirks at Onyx. I frown with that itch in my knee.

“And none of them can hurt her.” Onyx add annoyed at the conversation.

“No, you don’t understand. The man that hand me the shirt was talking to a woman. I couldn’t hear what they were saying from the trunk but I’m positive she gave him the shirt.”

“Our rat is a female,” Lake snicker darkly.

“And I have an idea of how to catch the bitch.” Onyx growls “Take her.”

“No! Please! Please! Onyx! Ethan! Your both barking mad!!!!” I scream as they drag me out the room crying and fighting.

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