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Over him

I cried all the way to the house, no one said anything, and I sure as hell didn’t wanna hear anything from them. I curled up on the sofa and cried until I was dried. If we had never detoured that day none of this would be happening. I would’ve never met Onyx and Ethan would still be alive. This is all his fault! The door open and I knew who it was without looking. My spidey-sense. But it only works on him. Unfortunately.

“My scent. It wasn’t about the pet thing, was it?” my voice hoarse and low but I knew he heard me.

He stood behind the sofa, “No.” he said matter of factly.

“H-how did you know it w-would work on him?”

“His transition would’ve heightened his emotions. He loves you. To smell another male on what he considers is his, would provoke him easily.”

I scoff,” You wanted to make him jealous?”

“It worked, didn’t it.” He retorted annoyed and walked away, which he’s so bloody good at. Where is a leash when you need one?

I got up and followed him into the kitchen, “How?” I demanded, drying my tears with the back of my wrist.

He pours himself a glass of water, “How what Ava?”

“How-How d-did-You-”

He finishes his water and concluded my sentence,” Killed him?”

I shake my head yes with a tear running down my cheek. His eyes soften, with a twitch in his jaw, and slide his hand down his face tired. “Quick.”

“How?” I repeated louder.

“Ava, don’t ask questions you don’t really want the answers too.” He walks past me to his room.

“I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t wanna know! So, tell me how! I’m not a child! ” I demand louder and angrier. I was hurting and it was pouring out of me in buckets.

“You’re sure as fuck acting like one,” he was getting more irritated and continued walking.

I stomp off behind him, “Tell me! I wanna know! Why won’t you tell me?!” I raised my voice louder equally irritated.

“Because You don’t need to know!” he growls and slams the door in my face.

I opened the door with so much force it slammed against the wall with a loud thud, “I deserve to know!” I scream at him in pure rage.

He growls and throws the lamp from the nightstand into the wall shattering it into pieces. Nostril flared, eyes had those scary gold specks surfacing and his lips pursed with anger. I jump and squeal at his outburst, terrified at him. I never saw him this mad before.” Don’t test me now Avaluna. I swear to god I’ll break more than your heart. Get the fuck out!” he storms into the bathroom and slam the door shut.

. I wanted to know, but my legs were glued to the floor in fear, with tears pouring down my face. He would hurt me? He’s a werewolf what did you expect? my subconscious reminded me in her snarky tone. I drag myself back to my room and cried myself to sleep.

I woke up with a headache, my throat dry and eyes thick with crusts. Kicking the covers off I drag myself to the bathroom and turn the faucet on. I was still sore but at least I don’t wince as much. I glance at the mirror and did a double-take. I look like shit. My hair a birds nest. Eyes red and irritated, cheeks stain with my tears and dry blood smudged on my jaw. I forgot about it and slept in my clothes from yesterday. I wash my face and brushed my teeth before taking a long hot shower.

I walk out the shower to find Onyx sitting on my bed, sexy as ever and overdressed. Is he going somewhere? Why do I care? I walk past him to the closet, ignoring him.

“I’ll be gone for a few days. Two days tops.” I didn’t say anything, so he continued with a heavy sigh,” Look, Ava...I don’t know how to-”

“I’m Ava now?” I grumble under my breath.

He stands.” Ava I...” I suddenly felt regret, sad, angry, perplexed, anxious and longing. I knew it wasn’t all mine. I also knew he was hurting, but I didn’t know why or cared at the moment. “Zuri will stay with you. You’re not allowed to leave but you are allowed into the garden. Don’t do anything stupid.” he left, closing the door behind him.

I saw my tears falling on my hands, I hadn’t realized I was crying. Story of my life. I just wanna go home and forget all of this. Forget about this messed up cruel world. Mostly forget him.

The two days flew by, I stayed in my room. Zuri brought me food but I wasn’t in the mood to eat. I kept on seeing Ethan face every time I close my eyes. I didn’t even try to escape at this point. I was too consumed by guilt and self-loathing to give two rats ass.

“It been two days and you haven’t eaten anything. I told the alpha I’d take care of you but you’re not making this easy,” she sets a plate of food on the nightstand annoyed.

“I like it better when you ignored me.”

“This has nothing to do with you. Eat the damn food!”

“No! I’m not hungry!”

“I’ve had it with your childishness. Either eat the damn food or I’ll shove it down your throat,” she snarls.

I got up and grab a chicken leg, took a bite, and tossed it back in the plate, “There! Happy?!”

“Yes!” she storms out slamming my door shut.

The next day, I waited for Zuri to storm in with her bitchy self and threaten to force-feed me. But she didn’t. She always shows up at the same time every day like clockwork. I waited and waited. It was late in the afternoon and she was a no show. I was glad and curious but didn’t care enough to find out.

I was tired drowning myself in my own thoughts, so I figure a nice bottle from the cellar would work better. I got out of bed and slide on my fuzzy bedroom slipper. On my way to the cellar, I heard a banging sound coming from Onyx’s hallway. Is he back? He can’t be? The closer I got the louder the banging; the door wasn’t even fully closed.

Everything in me was urging me to turn back. Don’t go in there. Remember those movies you watched. This is where something bad happens. My subconscious warns. My heart was beating fast and my throat dry. I stood a few inches away from the door, and I hear a moaning, grunting sound. He wouldn’t? No, he wouldn’t. Probably watching porn. Every fibre in my being was screaming not to open it but I did it anyway.

Her moans got louder as he picked up his pace, hammering into her from behind. They were naked and covered in sweat humping like bunnies. She screams out her orgasm and he followed collapsing on her.

My jaw plummeted to the floor and heart exploded into a million pieces. My chest felt like someone dropped an anchor on it, knocking all the air out of me. I was suffocating and paralysed. Blood frozen in my veins with my stomach coiled into knots that made me double over in agony. Tears flooded out of me like a busted dam. I was numb, heartbroken, furious, sad, betrayed. I wanted to die. The pain was real and bestowed no mercy. As it plunged its cold, bitter, poisonous hooks in my chest and viciously ripped my heart out.

“Are you going to stand there and cry or join us?” he rolls off her.

I was disgusted and appalled by him. How dare he ask me that? I wanted to scream and shout at him but was in shock. He leans against the headboard. His whore had passed out. ” Well, are you just going to stare all day?” he asks sounding annoyed.

My chest was heaving from crying and vision blurred. I couldn’t believe he did this. It’s not like we are together, but I thought we were-. Hell, I don’t know what I thought we were but certainly didn’t expect this.

“H-how-Why?” my voice a feeble whisper and cracked.

“How I fuck her? Or why I fuck her?” he arched a brow at me like he doesn’t understand my question.

His eyes wander up and down my body brazenly checking me out. Like I was nothing but a piece of meat. He paused at my neck for a second too long and back down my body. I was repulsed by him and he made my skin crawl, something I never felt before. “Well?” he stands and strolls over to me naked as the day he was born. His eyes filled with lust as he began to harden.

I back up hitting the wall and more tears poured out of me. I was terrified of him and didn’t want to be anywhere near him. He rests his arm beside my head trapping me between his body and the wall. He wasn’t touching me but I was terrified. My broken heart was pounding like a battling ram against my chest. I clenched my eyes shut so tight I began seeing black spots.

“P-p-please,” I hiccuped in between sob.

He dips his head into my hair and inhales deeply.“Why are you so scared of me? Haven’t we fucked before?” he cups my chin and raise my head.” Open your eyes,” I clenched them tighter.” Don’t make me ask again.” he threatens in a dangerous tone that made me shiver in fear.

I was too scared not to obey. I slowly open my eyes and gazing into his azure one. They were cold and unfeeling. I saw him look at others like that plenty of times. But every time I gazed into his eyes, I felt warm, safe and tingly. But all I feel now is terrified and sick. Even his touch feels cold and distant. Not the calming tingles I usually feel. He cheated on you, what do you expect? My subconscious rolls her eyes at me. I shake my head yes. He can’t cheat on me! We aren’t together! Then why the bloody hell, am I a blubbering crumbling mess over a man I’ve no relationship with?!!

“Use your words kitten,” Kitten?


“Then why so scared? Didn’t like my touch?” he brushes his lips against my earlobe. I shiver and felt my stomach-turning. I whimper. “P-please let m-me leave.”

“Leave? You’re my pet. Why would I let you leave?” he was playing with me.

“I-I’m not your pet,” I stammer out.

He grabs my bum and squeezes them, before pulling me into his hard-sweaty chest,” Fuck.” He groans in lust.

I squeal and pushed against his chest as he mashes our bodies together. His member hardens, poking my stomach. He dips his head to my ears and purr,” I am going to enjoy fucking you. I’ll show you how much you’re not my pet.” He began kissing my neck leaving wet slobby kisses. I scream and push against his chest,” On-Onyxx!!! Stoppp!!!”

And would you believe he did? Yep, he did. For a brief moment he seems taken back, but quickly mask it and grab my face roughly,” What did you call me?” he gritted out bitterly. When I didn’t respond because I was too busy choking on my fear; he punches the wall leaving a fist-like dent.

I shriek and whimper so low I didn’t even hear it, but I knew he did, “O-Onyx.”

“Who said you can call me that?” he snarls angrier and tightens his grip painfully.

“Y-You,” I sob but I was crying so much, it sounds like a blubbering mess.

“What?” I was starting to get angry. Is he bipolar? First, he asks me too, now he has amnesia! The fleas finally made it to his brains. I had enough of him!

“You. You. YOU!! YOUUU!!” I exploded at him.

I narrow my eyes and glare as much hatred and disgust I can muster, and it was a lot. He arched a brow at me, oddly surprised, before he shot me his icy glare. At that moment whatever wolfie hold he had on me finally broke. All the feelings I had for him was long gone with a typhoon. All I felt was hatred and anger. I was over him! About time too.

“What huh? You didn’t like me moaning Wyatt so your made me scream Onyx!” Something flashed in his eyes too quick for me to catch. “I scoff, “now you’re pissed?!!” I shoved his chest. Of course, the shitface didn’t budge. But I was too pissed to care.” Because I called you the bloody name you INSIST on me USING?!” I fumed. My chest was rising and falling rapidly. As he stared at me like I was some intricate puzzle-box. I finally stop crying like some whiny baby. His hand soak in my tears as I glared at him just as icy.

His eyes drift the fading hickey he left on my neck. Lingering a few second too long before he releases my face. He clenches his jaw and walks back to his bed, “Get out and don’t come back unless you want to be fucked.” Didn’t need to tell me twice. I ran out the room like IT the clown was chasing after me.

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