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I want to leave

That was the first night since I’ve been here, that I locked my door. And slept fully clothed with an extra layer for protection. I cried myself to sleep yet again, feeling too many overwhelming emotions. I couldn’t stay here a day more. The next morning, I decided I was going to beg him to let me leave. I padded into the kitchen to find a redhead sucking his neck on his lap. I never mind animal on the furniture, but these two convinced me otherwise. For some reason, I swear she was blonde. Suddenly outcomes the blonde from his room, dressed in his shirt and thoroughly screwed. I march over to the cupboard and began making my tea ignoring him. The whole time I felt his eyes burning holes in my body.

“Suck my cock,” he orders.

My eyes grew two times its normal size and spun around to inform him very crudely just where he can stick it. But I was left with my mouth open and flaming cheeks. I could see their heads from over the counter bobbing up and down. My eyes drift to him and he had a smug over cocky look on his nauseating face.

“You can join them if you like.” his eyes travel down my body and frown.

He didn’t like my long flannel pyjamas. I spin around and continue making my tea, ignoring the asshole shit for brains mutt. I wonder if I kicked him in the goods if that considers animal cruelty. Probably doing the world a favour. No one wants another one of that running around. His mother should’ve swallowed him.

Just then the door opens,” Got the files you requested,” Lake said casually, like seeing his alpha being pleasured in the kitchen was an everyday thing.

“Ladies, get a bath going. I’ll be there shortly,” he spanks them.

They giggled and pranced off like ponies on a farm. I think I’m going to be sick. Now I know why they neuter animals. What did I see in him anyway? The mutt-ball is right, it was only a pretty face. And I fell for it like a twit.

“Alpha I have the specs you ask for,” Christian said with Zuri and Kristoff beside him.

“Set up a meeting with Rush as well,”

“Your mother is here to see you. She insists,” Zuri told him.

“Tell my mother I’ll see her at lunch.”

I grab my tea and his coffee instinctively and placed the cup in front of him. Even though we didn’t speak to each other those few days, if he makes coffee for himself, he’d make me tea. Visa- Versa. They all stared at me like I grew two heads. That’s when I realize what I did. I mentally kicked my daft self.

“How do I know you not trying to poison me?”

I took a sip of the coffee, “There! If you die, I die mate,” Something flash in his eyes but I missed it. He didn’t say anything just took the coffee. Everyone looks surprised but remain quiet.

I left the room with my tea and mumble under my breath,” Bad habits die hard.“I knew they heard, but I didn’t care.

I sat on the sofa and waited for him to leave his gas chamber. I knew he had a lunch date with his mother any minute now.

I heard the door open and got up from the sofa,” I am leaving.” I declared determinedly.

He halts in his track and faced me,” How do you plan on doing that?”

“School starts tomorrow. If I’m not there, people will ask questions,” I tried to sound strong like before, but all I manage to do is sound like Piglet, under his daunting glare.

He leisurely walks over to me, with his eyes raking over my body. A small approving smile played on his lips with a low throaty growl, backing me up against the sofa with his arms caging me in. The last time I was in a position as such, I couldn’t breathe with my frivolous hormones running amuck in my body. All I felt now was sick to my stomach and scared. I gulp down the knot in my throat and held my chin high defiantly.

He grins at me with a gleam of lust in his eyes,” No,” and breaths in my scent.

“No?” I couldn’t believe my ears.

“No,” he repeats and began walking away.

“Excuse me? Who the bloody hell do you think you are? You can’t keep me here?” He continues walking to the door and open it. I stomp after him.” Hey! I’m talking to you! You can’t ignore me Onyx.” His body tense and he stopped.” I’m leaving.” My voice sounds a lot stronger this time. “And there is nothing you can do to keep me here.”

I squeal as he slams me into the wall with his hand around my throat. A sharp-pain from the impact shot up my back. Bloody hell! Ouch! “Are you always this infuriating? Do you enjoy challenging me? When I say no, it means fucking no!”

“I’ll escape!”

“You’ll be caught and fucked. Probably end up pregnant or dead in a ditch!”

“Better than living with you!” I snort bitterly.

He laughs darkly,” So you rather be raped and killed? Than live with me?” I didn’t breathe another word, because he was scaring the shit out of me right now. “If you are so intended in getting raped then be it.” I didn’t know how to process that. Was he letting me go? No. Of course, the prat wouldn’t. I felt his hand roaming my body, and before I could protest, he spun me around, with my chest pressed into the wall. He spread my legs with his. Just then, it registered what he was going to do.

I squeal, “Please-Please don’t do this.” Those memories of the forest appeared. I scream louder and began fighting.

“Stop fighting me!”

“Let go of me!” I scream, crying and panicking, as he shoves his hand in my panties and cups me. I scream louder. I chose to wear a dress today, out of all days.

“Don’t worry after I’m finished with you. I’ll make sure my men take their turns! And if your left breathing, you’re going to be marked and collard by whichever male decides he wants you.” he shoves his finger in me and I scream louder.

“Alpha! Alpha!” a voice calls out.

“I’m Busy come back!” he shouts back louder and quickens his pace in me, angling his fingers.

I screamed and begged him to stop. He disgusts me and I felt the bile rising in my stomach. His skin against mine burn and his touch made me sick. Everything about him repulses me.

“Wyatt!” someone grabs him off me.

I collapse to the floor in a crying heaving mess. Pulling my knees into my chest and wrapped my arms around myself shaking like a leaf in a thunderstorm.

Onyx punched Lake in his face so hard, I heard a sickening crack,” How dare you fuckin intervene in my business!” Lake stumbles back into the living room, with blood oozing down his face and a fuming Alpha stalking towards him.

“Wonder why she doesn’t wear a collar?” Onyx punched him harder this time ignoring his question. He fell on the floor. “Or that mark on her neck,” and spits out blood.

He said something low that I couldn’t make out over my cries. After a few minutes of whispering, Onyx storms out of the room without sparing me a glance. Lake was breathing heavily on the floor. He got up after a few minutes and cracked his nose back in place. I cringed. He wipes the blood from his nose with his shirt. And a cut lip which was already healing. That’s cool. He walks over to me and crouches down. Instinctively, I pushed myself farther into the wall.

“I won’t hurt you, Luna. Take a shower and just try not to provoke him.” he began walking to the door.

“I-I wanna leave. P-please. I don’t wanna be here. Please Lake.” I cry. He halts for a second before leaving.

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