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Who is she?

{Wyatt Onyx}

My jaw clamps down on the throat of the last rogue ripping it clean out effortlessly.

*Ambush, * Kristoff voice pushed into my head through our mind link.

*Who knew we were taking the back road? *

*Lake and Rush. No one else. *

*Someone else did. * I growl, surveying the area.

Twelve rogues dead on the road with their throat ripped out. When howlings deep in the forest caught our attention and we ran towards it. The bastards are after them. Fuck! I knew I shouldn’t have taken her. What was I thinking? She could’ve died and it would’ve been all my fault. Her scent was everywhere, she cut herself but not enough to bleed out. I growl out not liking the thought of her hurt or injured. What is this human doing to me?

The earth moist under my paws as I leap over fallen logs and zip past the trees and bushes. Everything blurred as I push my limbs faster. A dead rogue with its throat ripped out and laid on the forest floor. My ears twitch at the sound of snarling and growling.

We growl and stomp off to her rescue. At the edge of the lake, the human scent ends. It means one thing. She crossed the lake. Zuri was fighting off another rogue when we arrived. Kristoff attack the rogue from behind ripping its throat out. I scan our surrounding until I found her lying across the lake. I shift and cross the lake to her. She was freezing and her skin scratched up. Her heartbeat was faint but beating. FUCK! I began picking her up, but her cries halt my action. Slowly I raised her shirt and saw the bruises on her ribs starting to form.

" Fucking rogues!” I growl pulling down her shirt.

“Is she alright?” Zuri shifts and crouch down beside me.

“Broken ribs. We need to get her out of here before she freezes to death.” A growl ripped from my throat, causing Zuri to flinched back from my murderous rage.

" They’re here!” Kristoff shouts and tosses Zuri a shirt.

I gently lift her small delicate frame into my arms. Those damn tingles shot through my body like a volt of electricity everywhere her skin touches mine. Strangely it calms my rage. Nothing ever calmed me as much as her touch does. I carried her to the car as gently as I can without causing her any pain.

“What happened?” Lake opens the door to the back seat of the SUV with his eyes fixed on her. My wolf growls in my head not liking the way he looked at her. “Who’s the human?” he closed the door.

I held her in my arms carefully not to hurt her. Kristoff got in the front seat and Zuri sat beside me in the back. What the fuck am I doing? “How did they know?” I ask instead.

“We found the driver torture and turned inside out. He was the only one who knew of your arrival.” Lake replied, speeding down the dark deserted road.

“Who knew, he knew?”

“Christian, Rush and me.”

“You think someone overheard them?” Zuri ask.

“I think someone in my pack wants to die. I want a list of everyone who was in the packhouse today. ”

“What about the girl?” Everyone looked at me.

“What about her?” I raise my voice challenging anyone to say anything about her.

“The cops will be looking for her by now,” Lake stated cautiously, pulling up at Rush’s house.

“She’s injured. We’ll let the doctor take a look at her and after... We’ll drop her off on the way back to the pack.” I didn’t want to let her go but I had no choice. She’s human. What the hell is she doing to me? Ever since I met her, she’s been fucking with my head. Fuck this. I got out of the car and walk to the front door with her in my arms.

Rush open the door,” Finally! Thought I had to send out a search party. What took you so long?”

I looked down at her in my arms. She was out cold and passed out from the pain. “I got a little distracted,”

He looks down at her in my arms, “Distracted?” he arched a brow, “Who is she?”

“Get a doctor,” I order walking pass him and laid her gently on the sofa. “She’s hurt.”

“Please tell me you found her at the side of the road or something?”

“Or something,” I mumbled sitting on the floor beside her and ran my hands through my hair frustratingly.

“Dammit, Wyatt. A human?”

“Do you plan on making her a pet?”

“Don’t be stupid. She doesn’t know anything.” The mere thought of degrading her like that made my blood boil. My wolf was clawing at the surface to break free to protect her. A human. ” I’ll let her go once the doctor checks her out. Where is the damn doctor?” I ask annoyed.

“Apologies alpha I got here as fast as I could.” The doctor bows her heads with her medical bag in her hand.

I push off from the floor, walking towards the doctor. Two-step away from her and a small whimpering sound escape her sweet lips. Her breathing hitched and heartbeat quickened. I stood there stiff and dazed. The doctor rushes over to her and starts examining her, but her whimpering got louder more frantic the further I moved. Her heartbeat accelerating unnaturally fast.

“Is this supposed to happen?” Ask Rush concerned.

“What’s wrong with her?” Zuri came in the room with Kristoff.” We can hear her heartbeat in the other room.”

I snap out of my daze, knee beside her and stroke her hair,” Shhh,” I coos gently almost instinctively feeling those familiar tingles shot up my arm. She sighs in relief, her breathing and heartbeat began to regulate under my touch.

Everyone left with their mouths hanging open in shock. I wasn’t known for my gentleness, that’s one. I didn’t have a gentle or kind bone in my body. And two, why is she reacting to my touch in such a way. It scared the shit out of me. I retracted my hand as if she burned me and stepped away from her. A defeating silence fell on the room until her whimpering snaps us out of our haze. Her chest heaved and heartrate once more accelerated.

“Were you beside her the entire time?” the doctor asks breaking the silence. I nod softly yes.

“I suggest you stay with her. Your presence seems to calm her down.”

I sat beside her and stroke her hair gently and like before; she calmed under my touch. “What is this? She’s not wolf. How is she- How is my- Why is she reacting this way to my touch.”

“It can be due to you being physical with her. Humans are easily susceptible to us after mating, especially an alpha. Your influence is more potent. That is why we don’t mate with humans unless they are collared.” she accused, trying very hard to remain respectable and keep her distaste of the idea out of her tone.

“Mate?” Zuri laughs out loud before I could correct the good doctor blatant accusation.” He has a better shot with those blood-sucking leeches than her.”

The doctor took a second to process what Zuri said. Her eyes widen realizing her mistake, that was one, and two, who the hell she was addressing. Her heart rate spiked, and body stiffen.” A-Alpha I a-apologies. I was out of l-line.” she bared her throat submitting to me.

“So, if she didn’t spread her legs, why is she reacting this way?” Rush stroke his beard curiously.

“Maybe she wants too? Ouch!” Zuri smacks Kristoff arm “What? Just saying. You know you were thinking it?” he rubs his arms playfully.

“Shut up,” Zuri and I snapped at him. He frowns and left.

“They were attacked by rogues and he saved her,” Lake announced, eating a sandwich.” Maybe she feels safer with you?”

“Odd,” Rush mumbled.

It was. Her touch calms me, so I suppose it safe to say mine does the same. But why? She’s human. Nothing more.

“Hmm.” the doctor continued her routine check-up. She lifts her shirt a little too high for my liking earning her a warning growl. My wolf didn’t like having unmated males looking at her soft flesh.

She quickly rolls her shirt down and spoke gently trying not to provoke me,” Her ribs are broken. I need to examine her further to make sure nothing else is broken. Can you take her to my office.”

I lift her gently in my arms and watch her snuggled into my chest. I can hear my wolf purring in my head approvingly. After the examination, the doctor gave her a sedative, putting her into a deep sleep. And suggest letting her wear one of my shirts so that my scent will be wrapped around her. I actually loved the idea even though I didn’t show it. Fuck! FUCK!!

I laid in bed with my arms behind my head. What the fuck am I doing? I should have never taken her, but I couldn’t help myself. Her scent was just so intoxicating. I was drunk on it. I could smell her the second she got off the bus, vanilla and apples. She literally took my breath away. Once I laid eyes on her it was a done deal. I held my wolf back on several occasions from breaking free.

I had a hard enough time controlling my wolf from mounting her sexy ass in the middle of the parking lot. I didn’t need the scent of another male on her to add to my problems and she reeked of it. I wasn’t too fond of the scent either but my wolf loathes it. That’s why I locked her sweet self in the trunk in the first place, but my wolf wouldn’t stop whining about it.

And the doting fool had the balls to demanded very adamantly we mark her as ours. Can’t say I hated the idea a hundred per cent. The thought of tasting her skin and having her body writhing beneath me; drove me insane and made my cock hard. Hmm... I can still fuck her without making her my mate. A mate? He wants a mate? A fucking mate!

We’ve fucked and ploughed thought countless of stunning females. High ranked strong females, dutchess, countess even a few princesses and not once he suggested choosing one of them as a mate. Shit, I even rejected some very prominent offers. But this...human. A nobody. Who’s Frail. Mated. He grows in my head, he didn’t like the reminder of her being fucked and chosen by another male. Won’t lie. Not too keen on the idea myself, but it’s fact. He longs for her. We long for her. Fuck am I saying. She’s-she’s. Goddammit.

She’s so fucking beautiful, perfect and innocent. Everything about her was beguiling and flawless down to her entrancing sugary sweet voice with her sexy accent. Damn, she’s sinfully hot. Those piercing doe metallic grey eyes, thick pink succulent lips down to her cute little button nose. Her ample breast begging for my lips. And that tight curvaceous body that would drive any man crazy. Fuck me. She was blessed, especially in the rare.

Unintentionally I stroke my hard cock thinking how those lips would feel on mine. What her pussy would taste like. Or how good it would feel to bury my cock deep inside of her and watch her breast bounce around. I pump my hand faster, feeling my balls tighten with that tingling sensation. Images of her naked body beneath me and hearing her scream my name was enough to send me over the edge. I groan finishing in my hand. Fuck this! If just thinking about her makes me touch myself and cum in seconds. What the fuck am I going to do if I actually touch her?

A mate? A human? I don’t need one. Especially now. Fuck that shit. Never have and never will need one. In a few days, she’ll be out of my sight and out of mind. I took a long cold shower. She’s fucking with my head and I don’t even know her damn name. I block her out of my head and surrender to sleep.

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