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His azure blue eyes stared at me with hunger than made my insides tremble and a delicious ache between my legs.

“P-Please please let me go,” I beg, scurrying back on the bed until I collide with the headboard. I gasp knowing I was trapped and there was nowhere to run.

“You wanna leave?” He pushes off the wall, stalking towards me like a predator.

“Y-yes,” I stuttered, clutching the sheet to my body. Why am I only in my panties? Where are my bloody clothes?

“Let’s make a deal?” he rips the sheet away from my half-naked body, and I gasp wrapping my arms around my breast.

“W-what kind of deal?”

He grabs my ankle and pulls me to the centre of the bed with his muscular arms caging me in. His eyes roaming my body hungrily as he licks his lips. I gasp but didn’t push him away. I wanted too but my body had other plans.

He chuckles and buried his head into the crook of my neck,” You smell so fucking good,” he growls and my body shudders from his warm breath on my skin.

“W-what do you want?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” he nibbles on my neck to my earlobe earning him a soft moan. The tingling erupting everywhere he touches. His big manly hands grope me down there and I gasp. He smirks against my neck. His fingers brush over my moist folds right before he slips a finger in my wet cunt. “You,”


I gasp, jumping up and instantly regretted it. I groan and clutched my aching ribs.

“Be careful. Or you’ll hurt yourself,” A lady said in a white coat. A doctor? Am I in a hospital? It doesn’t look like a hospital, not one I’ve ever been in. More like a room in those five stars hotels. Except for the IV drip and heart monitor.

“I’m doctor Calloway,” she checks my IV drip.

“Where am I?”

“I think I’ll let Al-Mr Onyx answer that. How are you feeling?”

“let’s see. I’ve been kidnapped. Stuffed in a trunk. Drugged. Got in a car accident. Attacked by some wild animal and have no clue where I am. Just peachy doc.”

“At least you have a sense of humour,”

The door open and in strolls, my kidnapper,” Took your own sweet time waking up there, sweetheart.”

“Piss off,” I mumbled in a groggy voice.

I winced a little from the pain sitting up and relaxed against the headboard. Everywhere hurts, I felt like shit and between my legs wet. Ughhhh... I don’t have time for this. “Where am I? Why won’t you let me go! I have got a family searching for me.” I try to sound threatening but fail miserably.

He ignores me and asks, “What’s the verdict doctor?”

“She’s healing nicely. Her ribs will hurt for a few days, but with the pain killers I prescribed she will be good as new in no time.”

Good as new. So, I can leave!? “Can I leave?” I ask the doctor.

“That’s up to Mr Onyx,”

I glared at my kidnapper, “Please just let me go. I won’t say a word. I promise.”

“Get dressed,” he nods to the clothes folded neatly on the sofa across the room and left with the doctor behind him.

As soon as the door shut, I got out my bed. At first, my legs felt wobbly. I pull on the grey spandex legging and knot the shirt behind my back. Slide my feet into the vans next to the chair and left the tank top there. The big shirt is comfortable and less revealing.

I slowly walk to the door and turn the knob before sticking my head out. It was quiet and dark. This is my chance to escape. I tip-pee-toed down the hallway and the winding staircase. The place is huge with many doors. I heard a familiar voice coming from my left. Zuri I believe her name was.

“You can’t be serious. This is war.” she sounds angry.

I tread slowly down the stairs as quiet as a church mouse when I spot the front door.

“This isn’t up for debate Zuri. Do as your told.” a male voice order.

My finger grazed the golden doorknob when I heard that familiar clicking sound behind me.“I won’t do that if I were you,”

I cringed with my heart in my throat, as I slowly turn around with my hands up, facing the Zuri girl with a gun in her hand pointing at my head. Standing beside her some guy who looked bored.

“Not again,” Whine the driver and pulled out some cash from his wallet. Zuri’s snatched it from him and winks cheekily. He has soft brown eyes with a speck of forest green in them. Now that I got a good look at him, my kidnapper and he can pass as twins.

“Don’t mess with a pro.” she drops the gun and began counting her cash. The Sandy brown hair guy beside her shakes his head at them. They all were distracted. Again, why am I standing here like a twit? I turn the knob and made a break for it.

“Hey come back!” I heard Zuri shouted. I didn’t make it very far before I ran right into my kidnaper’s arms. Literally. Ouchy, my ribs.

“I miss you too baby” He teased with his hands on my hips, steadying me. The familiar tingle shot up my body from his touch.

“Get your bloody hands off me,” I shove his hands off me and step back glaring daggers at him.

He folds his arms across his chest making his biceps flex all sexy and intimidating like, “Keep mouthing off like that and my hands on that sexy body will be the last thing you’d have to worry about me removing.” My eye grew wide and I took another step back swallowing the giant knot in my throat. He smirks. Wait he thinks I’m sexy? Ughhh.

My eyes shift to the man standing beside him looking almost amused. Tall, muscular and very handsome. His medium brown hair tied up in a man bun and full beard. Stunning icy-blue eyes that glitter, surrounded by thick lashes and smooth milky skin. His nose crooked from breaking or natural I can’t tell, with a square strong jaw. Pink full lips with huge biceps and most definitely an eight back.

A growl from my kidnapper made me aware of my ogling. A warmth spread across my face as I chewed mindlessly on my lips. Something is wrong with me. The cute guy beside him smirks smugly. I narrow my eyes at them and glared at my kidnapper with my chin held high defiantly, “I won’t be kept here any longer,” I mentally applauded myself for my strong firm voice and instantly regretted it,” P-Please?”

He arches a brow at me with a slight twitch at the corner of his mouth. Walks over to a black Mazda and opens the passenger side door, “Get in,” I eyed him suspiciously and made no attempt to moved. This is what I wanted but my legs were cemented to the driveway. What if he’s taking me to some ditch just so he can shoot me in the head? I don’t wanna die. I’m too young to die.

“Get in the fucking car. I’m not going to shoot you. I would’ve already if I wanted to.”

The knobhead had a fair point. He wouldn’t have saved me either if he wanted me dead. Or he saved me just so he could rape me and dump my body in a ditch somewhere. Brilliant. I’m psyching my self out. Brilliant Luna. Bloody brilliant. My heart thundered in my chest and palms sweaty.

He grabs my arm and drags me over to the car. This dragging thing is getting old and fast!” Must you be such a knob all the time?”

“Watch it,” he gritted “I don’t have time for this shit or watch you space out,” he scolds me like a child, shoves me in the car and pulls my seat belt on.“Don’t try to escape. You won’t get far.” he slams the door shut and when back to the cute guy from earlier.

Asshole. Of course, I had to try the door and like I suspected, child lock. The driver dude furrows his brows at me in the car and pulled out his wallet. Zuri smirk as he slapped money in her hand. How did he know? Are there cameras in here? My kidnapper and the blond guy shakes their head at them. He pass something to the blonde before walking over to the car.

He started the car, lean over to the backseat and pulled out a black bag. I glared at him and the wanker smirk at me.“Don’t even think about it,” I hiss.

“Already did babe,” he pulls out a zip tie from the black bag.

“No no no no. Please,” I ignore the tingles shooting up my arms from him binding my wrist together. “Why are you doing this?” puts the bag over my head. You really couldn’t see shit out of this bag.

“Please don’t kill me. I won’t say anything. Please. I’ve my whole life ahead of me. I know I take it for granted but no more. I’ll take it seriously.” I pause waiting for him to say no he won’t kill me, but I was met with utter silence. This did nothing to stop the fear from creeping up and choking me with its cold bare hands. The only way I know he’s in the car is because it’s moving.

“Are you there? Where else would he be.” I giggled at my stupidity” You know you suck at this kidnapping thing.”

“Do I?” Finally.

“Yeah. Not even a ransom note dude. What kind of kidnapper are you?”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” he replied trying to keep the amusement out of his voice.

“Where are we going?” I tug on the zip tie that only tightens, burning my poor wrist. “Come onn tell me? Who am I going to tell?” I said cheekily.

“Somewhere safe,”

“Safe for me or kidnapper safe?”

He chuckles and my heart skipped a beat. If he wasn’t a criminal, I might actually find him attractive. Who am I kidding he’s hot as hell? Yummy sex on a stick wrapped in chocolate and top with a cherry. Double cherry.

“Still with me?” I hear snapping of fingers.

“Oh yeah sorry,”

“You do that a lot,”

“Yeah,” A warmth covered my cheeks. For once i’m glad to have this monstrosity over my head. Talk about putting a bag over someone’s head.

“So... what’s kidnapper safe?”

“You know? Somewhere no one will find me. Secure and isolated from the outside world. Where you’ll hide my body after you-” Brilliant give the kidnapper ideas! My subconscious snaps at me stopping my idiotic prattle “Not that I’m s-saying you-you should. Not at all. Kidnapping is wrong and you should definitely not kidnap people or-”

He cuts my panic prattling off “Calm down. I’m not taking you somewhere kidnapper safe.” he snickered.

“I’ll never hurt you,” his voice barely a whisper. I almost missed it. Don’t think it was meant for me to hear.

The car finally stops and my heart plummets. This is it, Luna. Your end. The way you die. You and your big mouth. He yanks the bag off my head and pulls out a switchblade. I panic. He pushes a button ejecting the sharp shiny blade. My heart pounded against my chest violently,” P-Please No! I won’t tell I swear. I’ve got a goldfish at home. Please let me live. Think of the babies. They need-” I squeal and shut my eyes as he grabs my wrist and cut the zip tie.

“Goldfish?“He got out of the car, walk around and open my door. “Get out.”

“Y-Your letting me go?”

“Trying to change my mine angel?” he winks.

“NO!” I jump out. He closes the door and rests his arms on the roof of the car beside me. Caging me in between his strong arms. My heart sped up the way his muscle flex alongside me.

He leans in with our lips an inch away from each other. Why does he smell so good? Like pine and sandalwood. I instinctively licked my lips. A low growl rumbled in his chest and made my body shudder. His hungry gaze swept over my body and he licks his lips. Dear God. This can’t be real. My mine overwhelms with mix emotions.

He was still staring at me,” You look good in my shirt.” his warm minty breath fan the side of my neck.

I stifled a moan and bite down on my lips. Then he did something that made my knees buckle. He licks my earring and softly nibbled on my earlobe. A moan escapes my lips. I held on to the car not to embarrass myself further by falling on my bum. Sweet baby Jesus. My brain felt like mush and breathing heavily with my heart pounding in my chest. I can feel the wetness pooling between my legs with an aching in my core to be touched. My stomach was doing the salsa. Get a whole of yourself Luna. He’s a kidnapper for all you know he can be psycho rapist serial killer. And you’ve got the hots for him. My subconscious rolls her eyes at me.

He sniffs the air and grins at me. Gently he untucks my lips from between my teeth and brushes his thumb over my moist soft lips. His touch was so titilating.“That drives me crazy.” He whispers in my ears in a seductive tone that made my insides tremble. Bollock. A slight move and his luscious lips will be on mine.“Keep it,” he smirks.

He pushes away from me, walked around, opens the door and got in. I moved away from the car with my mouth hung open. What just happened? He tossed a white paper bag at me with my pain killers I assume, and just drove off leaving me in a parking lot of some shopping centre.

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