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They found us

I burst out laughing, “Your” laugh” A” laugh” Werewolf?” hugging my stomach and laugh with tears in my eyes.

A deadly growl ripped from her throat with her eyes glowing that inhuman cobalt blue colour. I gulp and stopped laughing immediately,” Your-a-a-”

“Werewolf. I was shot with a special silver bullet made from aconite aka wolfsbane. My brother and I were attacked on our away here. We were meeting our alpha who’s attending a summit here in Seattle. We escaped but I barely made it out. You were the only person I knew lived here and trust. So, I tracked you down. I don’t know who’s following you. I was sure I lost them. But if someone is here it means you’re in danger and I need to leave.” she set her cup down on the nightstand.

I’m pretty sure my mouth is hanging open.“Soooo... You’re a werewolf.”

She snickers at me, “Yes.” she got up and peeks outside the curtain discreetly. “What colour is the car? Did you get a license plate?”

“Black and no. I was too busy freaking out.”

“Where is your phone.” I hand her my phone.

“It’s me Zuri.”

“I’m fine. We were attacked. Is Christian there?” someone yelling at the other end. “I got shot with aconite. What’d you expect?” she snaps irritated. “No,” The yelling suddenly stopped and her facial expression changes to a serious one, “Yes. Yes. I’m with Avaluna. Yep. That one.” She smiles anxiously at me.“I will. But I think they track me somehow. She said a black car was following her. Yes. Yes. Yes. Ok.” she hangs up and pass me the phone.

“Sooo. You’re a werewolf?” Yeah, I can’t get over it. It’s not every day you meet a supernatural creature in your bedroom. Wait does that mean my kidnapper is one too?

“Yes. We all are.”

My eyes widen, “How did you- Did I say that out loud?”

“No, you didn’t. Your facial expression said it all.”

“Is there a lot of you?”

“You can say that. But we keep our existence secret from humans.”

“Who’s after you?”


“Like bounty hunters?”

“Kind of, but they don’t get paid and they aim to eliminate all supernaturals with lethal force.”

“Woah... Is the thing that attacked me a werewolf too?” It was way too big to be a normal wolf and scary. ” Why were his eyes red?”

“Yes, it was a rogue. Rogues are unstable wolves with no humanity, that’s why their eyes are red. Mine is blue because I’m in a pack and my humanity is intact.”

“And these hunters are werewolves too?”

She scoffs in disgust, “They wish. Hunters are like humans on heavy-duty steroids that are skilled warriors train to eliminate creatures in the supernatural world. The Hunters declare war a few weeks ago when they murder an alpha and his family in Europe. Slaughtering three-quarter of the pack.”

“Wow.” I flop down on the bench near my bay window and she sat on the bed in silence.

“I need to go-”

“You can’t.” I jumped up.

“I must,” she stood but fell back down.

“Woah easy there. Are you ok? Well, how can you be with a whole in your stomach? I didn’t mean it like that. It’s getting better. Your-”

She snickers at my fluster prattling, “I’ll be fine. Survived worse.”

“You should get some rest.” I nod to the bed. “Is it working?”

She laid on the left side,” Yes. I can feel it drawing the toxins out.”

I lay on the other end with my hand on my stomach,” I thought wolfsbane is like werewolf kryptonite?”

“It is. If it reaches our hearts. As long as the toxin is in my bloodstream it makes it harder for my wolf to heal us,” she yawns, and her eyes flutter shut. I took the light off and closed my eyes. Werewolves are real and one is in my bed.

Shake”Luna.” Shake “Luna.” Shake “Luna. Wake up,”


“They’re here,” she whispers and drags me off the bed to the window. We crouch down beside the window and peep out from the corner of the curtain. Cross from my house the familiar black car parked.

“How do you-”

“Shhhhh. Are you trying to get us caught!” she whisper-yell.

“Can they hear us?”

“If you’re that loud yes!”

" How do you know it’s them?”


“From here?” I gawked.

“Don’t be ridiculous. I snuck out through the back door.”

“Won’t they smell you too?”

“No. There are humans, remember. I gotta go. Where are you parked?”

“Right. Go?”

" I’ve to lead them away from you and your family.”

“Your hurt. How do you plan on fighting them?”

“I don’t plan on fighting anyone. I just need to lead them away.” she got up and wince holding her stomach.

“I need to check your wound.” I grab her hand, dragging her into the bathroom.

“No light.” she caught my hand before it touched the light switch.

“Smart.” I grab my phone and close the bathroom door. Turning the flashlight on and pass it to her,” Hold this,” I unwrapped her wound.

“Luna we don’t have-”

“Shush.” I scolded. The veins are fading and paste all dried up.” How do you feel?

“Not dying.”

I grab the mortar, applied the remainder of the paste and rewrapped her stomach. “C’mon let’s go,”

“Ohhh noo. You’re not coming. Wyatt will kill me if anything happens to you.” she whispers yell following me to my closet.

“Who’s Wyatt?” I strip out my shorts and pulled on my blue ripped jeans and grab a black hoodie over my tank top. Wyatt? That’s a sexy name. Wyatt... Oh my... Hold up... Why would this Wyatt person care if anything happens to me? How does he kn-” Is he-”


“Oh,” I pause. “Ok” I grab a baseball bat from my closet and toss it at her.

She caught it,” Luna I can’t let you-”

“You’re not letting me anything. I’m a big girl Zuri.” I tied the lace on my combat boots ” And I’m not letting you go out there alone.”

“Fine. But you do as I say. Got it?” she grabs my arm to make sure I’m listening.

“Aye-aye captain” I sault animatedly.

“He’s gonna have my ass,” she mumbles under her breath while putting on her boots.

“Ready.” I stick my phone in my back pocket and sneak downstairs.

We snuck out the backdoor, ran to the back gate and through the neighbour yard, all the way to the Hardware store. We hid behind the trash bin,” Do you smell any wolfies?”

“Wolfies?” she arched a brow at me in a ‘like really’ way. I shrugged.

“Come on,” she grabs my hand and we ran to the car. I unlock it and jumped in. Not a second later. A tall man dressed in all black yank on the car handle. I squeal and dropped the keys. How cliché am I?

“Luna!” Zurie shouts as another guy dressed in black yanks on her door too.

“Bad hunters!!” I shriek and scramble for my keys shoving it in the ignition. The tall guy punches my window cracking it. I squeal and pulled out the parking lot murdering an innocent light pole. They pulled out their guns and pointed at us.

“Luna GOOOO!!!” Zuri screamed.

“Right!” I shift gear and floored it out of the parking lot with shots fired at us, shattering my back window. Don’t think my insurance covers that. I made a screeching turn, racing down the street like some bloody street racer.

“Are you ok?”

“NOOOO!!!!“I kept checking my mirror every two seconds with my heart pounding viciously in my chest, palms sweaty and hands shaking like a leaf in a hurricane.

“I don’t think their following us. Turn here and pull over.” I did as instruct.

“Just breathe Luna.” Zuri rubs my back soothingly. I didn’t know I was hyperventilating. “You did well. How about if I drive?” I nod and switch sides. Zuri pulled out and floor the car, running a few stoplights.

“H-hunters. Right?”

“Yeah,” she kept glancing at the rearview mirrors.

“W-where are we going?”

“Crown Crest Plaza, downtown. You know it?”

“Yeah. Turn here.”

“Where is your phone?”

I pulled it from my back pocket.

“Redial and put it on speaker.”

“Where are you?” His husky baritone voice made me shiver involuntary. Bollocks.

“On my way. We’ll be there soon.”


“We,” I repeat.

“Fuck, Zuri,” he growls.

“It’s not her fault! I wasn’t letting her go out there alone. She’s still healing.”

“And what did you plan on doing? Talk them to death?”

“Bugger off Wyatt!”

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