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He growls furiously and then spoke in Italian to her. Zuri replied in Italian and he hung up after. She rolls her eyes at me with a side smirk.” You know, you’re lucky.”

“Lucky? Ha.” I scoff at her ridiculousness.

“No one calls him by his name. Except for Lake and Rush

I furrow my brows, who’s Lake and Rush? Like she could read my mine she answers,” Lake is the blond that was with me when I held you at gunpoint. Sorry about that.”

Ahh...The muscular hottie with the soft sandy blond hair in a short quiff jelled back all sexy like. He had smooth tan skin and luminous cognac brown eyes that sparkled. Tall like Wyatt but not as muscular. A straight nose and sharp angular features. He had this bad boy dark and mysterious vibe.

“Rush was the one you were gawking at.” My cheeks heat up instantly biting my bottom lips embarrassed and ashamed at myself. She giggled at my face, “Hot I know.”

“So, what do people call him? Turn right, up here.”

" Humans call him Mr.Onyx. We call him alpha.”

“Alpha like the leader?”

“Yeah. He is the strongest and most powerful in the pack. Alphas are naturally born superior leaders with stronger and more dominant genes than other wolves. They are vital to a pack. Without an alpha, there is no pack. He keeps the peace, protects and provides for the pack. There is a natural balance to things, and he sees to it that everyone follows the rules and regulation put in place. If broken he also deals the punishment. “She cringes a little at the word punishment. That’s not good.

“Is there like an alpha female and beta and stuff?”

“Twilight?” she arches a brow questioning my source of information.

“Wattpad,” I grin.“Left,”

She snickers at me,” Alpha female is known as our Luna. She is the Alpha’s mate and his equal. If a pack loses its Luna, it loses its Alpha as well. Most of the time. Then there is the Beta, Lake.” The sexy mysterious blonde. I smile.

" He is the second in command and second strongest in the pack. Betas like Alphas are born in the role. But not as strong as the alpha. They control and manage the pack in the absence of the alpha and share a strong bond. The higher the rank the stronger the bond is to the alpha and luna.”

“Uhh, turn up here,”

" Then there is my twin brother and me, the Gammas. We are the third in command and third strongest in the pack. And are born into the role as well. We’re basically the Generals who draw up the plans for battles to be presented to the Alpha. We also train the warriors and make sure everyone is fit and equipped for battle. Lastly, Kristoff,” Her tone softens at the mention of his name. “he’s the fourth in command but he’s also the alpha’s brother. The guy in the front seat with me when we- you know.”

Kidnapped me? Yeah, I know... “Won’t that make him just as strong as the alpha?”

“He has alpha blood but not as strong as the firstborn.” The big bad wolf. ” Plus, Kristoff won’t take a role from someone who’s born into it. After the tragic loss of our Delta, Alpha made him the delta. He’s responsible for pack security, making sure the pack is safe and borders protected. No one goes in or out the pack without him knowing.”

“The alpha doesn’t let his own brother call him by his name?”



“There relationship is... complicated. Wolves are social creatures and we can only flourish in a pack environment. The hierarchy is the law. Anyone breaks the hierarchy are branded as rogues. A week without a pack, they lose their humanity and remain in their wolf form forever.”

“That’s terrible,”

“It’s not. Most rogues are criminals, rapist and murderers who deserved to be put down.”

“Who brands them?”

“The alpha is the only one who can deem a wolf rogue.”

“So, in other words. The alpha is the big bad wolf and a control freak.”

A growl ripped from her throat and I gulp. ” Sorry. I didn’t mean that. It’s the bond.”

“Oookay. Make a left here and it should be coming up on the right. What do we do? Just waltz through the front door? What if the hunters are here?” My heartbeat accelerated.

“Don’t worry. The hotel is run by a werewolf and with the best security system money can buy. Plus, each Alpha has their own security detail. This place is safer than The Whitehouse. And the hunters won’t risk coming here. It’s suicide.” She pulls up in front of the five-star hotel.

“Woowww,” I gawked, staring up at the exquisite design artwork and light fixtures.” Does human know about the hotel?”

“Garage section 7,” she tosses my keys at the valet and grabs my wrist dragging me inside.” No, they don’t. The humans who know are pets, belonging to the supernatural.”

If I thought the outside was stunning, the inside is majestic. Intricate light fixture, glass mural, elegant antique paintings hanging off the walls. The detail in the architect all handcrafted. Staring up in awe at the beautiful hotel like a kid in a candy store, with Zuri pulling me through the red and gold lobby to the front desk.

" May I help you?” A gorgeous blonde with marble grey eyes stared at us like we were below her. Well more at me. Her hair in a neat tight bun, make up flawless in her red tight-fitted uniform. She was prim and polish to perfection.

“Zuri Rhys, Gamma of the Wintercrest hunters. My Alpha, Alpha Onyx is in the penthouse on the forty-seven.” She said authoritatively and all intimidating like.

The blonde pursed cherry red lips grew into a smile and bow her head immediately with a hint of fear in her eyes, “Welcome Gamma Rhys. We are expecting you. I’ll have Josh show you to your Alpha.” At the mention of his name, a boy around my age appeared out of nowhere, dressed impeccably in a black and red uniform.

“Gamma Rhys,” he bows his head. Is she royalty or something?” This way,”

“I’m sorry Gamma Rhys but the human stays here,” the blond said.

“The human is with me.”

“I understand but she isn’t listed. I apologize but we can’t allow her up without permission by the alpha.”

“She’s a small human female what harm can she possibly cause to Alpha Onyx?” Yeah! get her Zuri! Wait. Why does that sound like an insult?

“I’m sorry Gamma Rhys. But she is not permitted.”

“Then call him and get her permitted!” snapped Zuri. The blond gulp and grabbed the phone.

We all stood there waiting. Zuri losing her patience. Everyone here was impeccably attired and loaded. Not a hair out of place. Interesting. A man walks out the elevator with a leash attached to a black leather collar with silver spikes on the neck of a female. She barely had anything on, a tight body con dress and I’m certain no underwear. In stilettoes none-the-less. Classy. She was beautiful and prim and polish. The entire time he was conversing with another man, she kept her head down. Not once did she raise her head. I glance around and they were similar cases. Males and females with collars and heads down.

“Stop staring.” Zuri nudge me in the side.

“Ouch.” I narrow my eyes at her. “What-Why are they collared?”

“Their pets.” That word again.




“Yes. Like a dog and human,” she said casually like we’re talking about the weather. This is preposterous. They’re the ones who transform into big furry hairballs and we’re the pets.

“We’re the pets.” I raise my brows in a ‘are you kidding me’ way.

She sighs softly,” In the supernatural world humans are food or pets. Pets are loyal docile humans who are used for pleasure or anyhow their master sees fit. They’re properties and nothing more.”

“Properties? Humans aren’t properties. We have feelings and freedom-”

“No, you do not. Not in this world. Your kind is below the food chain, weak, useless and created to serve us. Nothing less, nothing more.” I frown at her statement.

That’s not right and it irked me that she and her kind thinks so little of us. No wonder humans hunt them. I’m starting to wonder, who’s the real bad guy here.

She pfft at me,” I know what your thinking. Don’t.” she warns.

“No, you don’t,” I need to seriously work on my poker face and tone. “Tell me then, what am I thinking?” I challenge like a child.

she arches a brow and purses her lips with a hint of annoyance,” Not all supernaturals murder or hurt humans for sport. We do not seek out to harm your kind intentionally. That’s why we keep to our own and away from humans. Human’s tends to fear and destroy the things they do not understand. While we chose to live in peace and in secret amongst your kind.”

I let her words sink in a few seconds, she got a point but its still wrong,” That doesn’t make it right. To degrade a person in such away.”

“Luna it’s the world we live it. Get over it.” she rolls her eyes bored with my argument.


“I’m sorry Gamma Rhys but there was no answer.” The blonde announced timidly, cutting me off.

“Where is the manager?“Zuri snapped. She signals a mid-age gentleman, who gracefully glides over to us, in an all-black suit. Handsome too for an old man.

“Gamma Rhys,” he bows. Maybe she’s related to the queen?” How may I-”

She cuts off the man I assume is the manager,” The human is with me, but the Alpha forgot to add her name to the list.”

“Oh,” said the man. He didn’t seem as intimidated by Zuri like the blonde.“Gamma Rhys. I apologies but rules are rules. Maybe you can-”

“Forget it.” Zuri snapped and grab my wrist.

“Where are we going?”

“Stay here. And don’t move. Anyone asks you’re with Alpha Onyx.” she left me in the sitting area in the lobby and head to the elevator with Josh in tow.

The sofa was comfy and firm. Good support too. Is this real leather?

“Comfortable huh?” A husky deep voice startled me. “My apologies. I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said sincerely with a million-dollar sexy smile that literally took my breath away.

Dressed in a grey fitted tailored suit that made his pale complexion and misty grey eyes stand out. His ash-blond hair wet like he just had a shower and look all sexyish. Chest puffs out against the white shirt and pants snuggles on his tone lean legs.

“May I,” he points to the seat beside me. He wants to sit near me. Me? He chuckled when I realize I was gawking like a daft girl. A warm spread across my cheeks, instinctively biting my lower lip. And left him standing there.

“Sorry, Y-yyes. P-please. Sit.” I sound like a dying cat who was choking on a hairball.

“Why is a pretty little thing like you doing sitting all alone here?”

“Waiting on my friend. What’s your excuse?” I tried sounding intimidating. Keyword, Try.

“Same. I’m Landon.” he extends his hand.

“Luna.” He arches his brows questioningly. Bollocks! Right.“Uh, I mean. Ava. Avaluna. But people call me Luna. I’m not mated to an Alpha or anything. I’m single. Well on a break. But that’s still single. I think.” I ramble still shaking his hand. He had a smirk on his face waiting for me to realize like the nincompoop I am, I’m still shaking his hand. “Bloody hell,” I withdrew my hand,” Sorry.” My face probably looks like a bag of tomatoes.

He chuckles,” Your cute when you blush. And I love the accent.”

“Thanks.” I blush more.



“Would you like to have a drink with me while we wait?” he stood with his hand extended.

“I don’t think I’m... Dressed appropriately.” I had on my tight fitted blue ripped jeans that fit like a second skin. Accentuating my bum perfectly. Thank you jeans! With my tank top and black hoodie zipped up. My platinum blonde hair in a messy high ponytail and in my favourite black combat boots. I look like a hot mess, minus the hot. He unbuttons his jacket and took it off. Loosen his tie and rolled up his shirt sleeves to his elbow showing up his muscular arms.

“Better?” he extended his hand again with a smirk looking casual and relaxed.

I giggled and place mine in his,” After all that work, how can I say no?”


He escorted us to the bar while everyone kept staring at us, correction, me. We got to the bar and he pulled out a barstool like a gentleman. I unzipped my hoodie and took it off. His eyes widen for a brief second. Darken with lust as he discreetly checked me out.

“Thank you,” I place my hoodie on my lap.

“What can I get for you?” The bartender asks Landon. It didn’t take a genius to see how much he detested humans. Bloody furball. Why don’t you go find a hydrant to pee on?

“What would you like?” Landon turns to me after shooting him a warning glare.

I smile, “Whiskey neat.”

Landon grin, “Two.” he told the bartender. “a woman after my own heart,” he wiggles his brows.

I giggled. “What are you?” I blurted out. “Sorry I didn’t mean-”

“It’s fine. That’s the first.” He smirks at my embarrassed no-filter ass “I’m Alpha Landon of the Moonclaw.” he said proudly.

The bartender brought our drinks and set it down. “Do you know Wyatt,” he chokes on his drink a little. Bollocks. ” I mean Alpha Onyx? Sorry, are you alright? I’m new to this whole thing.”

“First name basis with one of the fiercest Alpha’s of all times.”

“Err. No. uh. I-”

“I’m kidding. Alpha Onyx doesn’t like anyone calling him by his first name.”

“I heard,” I took a drink and rolled my eyes.

He chuckles,” you’re not scared of him, are you?”

“Wy-Alpha Onyx?” Am I? He kidnapped me but did let me go. He saves me after nearly getting me killed. I guess I’m not.” Not really. I suppose.”

“You should.” The guy with the pet appeared out of nowhere.

He sat down on the stool beside Landon and patted his lap. She quickly sat down like a good train poodle, with her collar in her hands. He orders a drink before turning back to us. His cool grey eyes raked over my body blatantly checking me out. I felt violated. He wasn’t an eyesore or anything. In fact, the dipshit was cute. Smooth olive skin with small freckles sprinkles about like confetti. Thick french roast brown hair cut low. A sturdy build, straight nose, pink downward-turn lips with a soul patch beard.

“Why is Onyx letting his pet run wild unsupervised?” the ass face smirks at me.

“I’m not his pet,”

“An unclaimed human in the Crowncrest.” his eyes wander my body once more thick with his revolting lust. As if he was undressing me with his eyes. Yuck! “A pretty unclaimed human.”

“Back off Easton. Don’t you already have a pet.” Landon took a sip of his drink bored of him.

Easton ignore Landon and help my gaze,” Do you want to be claimed little one?” I glared at him like ‘are you stupid or what’ way. “If you were mine you won’t walk for a week.”

“Then lucky her, she isn’t.” His deep baritone voice makes chills prance gleefully down my spine and butterflies dancing in my stomach. Wyatt. And my heart stopped.

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