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My eyes snap to his, already staring at me. He had on a fitted black shirt accentuating his muscular chest and delicious abs. My eyes drift to his hair. What I wouldn’t give to run my fingers through his messy manes, down his biceps, over his rigid muscles on that hard-sexy body. It now occurs to me, how much I missed seeing his sexy stupid face. What am I saying? Ughh... Bollocks.

My eyes travel to his lips curled in a smirk,” Like what you see, angel?” I can feel the heat from my neck all the way to the tip of my ears. I look like a tomato head.

I watch attentively as his thumb untucks my bottom lips from my teeth,” Those lips must really taste good... if you keep chewing on them like that.” The tingles from his fingers were making me tingly all the way to my core. He picks my hoodie up from my lap and extended his hand to me.

I place my small hand in his big one’s feeling the delightful tingles shot up my arm. I wonder, does he feel it too?

I turn to Landon, “Thanks for the drink,” and smile.

He smirks, “Anytime Luna,” and winks. Wyatt’s grip tightens but remains impassive.

This caught the other guy, Easton’s attention. But I couldn’t study his face, because Wyatt began leading us to the elevator. Everyone we pass would stop and stare, like we were bloody unicorns covered in glitter prancing through the lobby. Correction once more. At me.

Wyatt places his hand on my lower back as we entered the elevator. He enters a code and pushes 47penthouse. From forty to forty-seven were all labelled penthouses. No one said anything, we just rode the elevator up in awkward silence. The door opens and he walks out leaving me behind.

Do I go? What if it’s a trap? He is your kidnapper for crying out loud. And you came running right back to him. The man could be dangerous. No scratch that, the man IS dangerous, not to mention some kind of beast from Underworld.

I need therapy. And vodka. Lots of it. Maybe I’ll check myself into a clinic when this is all over. Symptoms- Chronic Folly-monia ( Daft as a rock and apparently hormonal) What am I thinking? Am I thinking? Clearly not, if I’m here with a man that threatens to shoot me and murder my family. Oh, and let’s not forget has four legs and a bloody TAIL! Should’ve thought about this before leaving the house, Luna!

“Are you coming?” he asked irritated.

I walk out the elevator and glared hard at him. He ignores me and walks to the bar in the living room. This place was HUGE with a breath-taken view of the Seattle skylights. And a pool! If he murders me at least the views nice.

“What were you doing with Landon?”

I strolled over to the sofa, running my fingers over the smooth leather,” What’s it to you? Where is Zuri?”

He poured himself a drink. “What’s it to you? Why were you with Landon?” I see how this is going.

“Why should I answer you?”

He finishes the amber liquid in his glass,” One, the only way out, is with that elevator which uses a special code.” he stalks to me like a predator and stood behind me.

My breathing shallows, fidgeting with my fingers as my nerves rise and heart flutter. Even though he wasn’t touching my body, I could feel the heat radiating off him against my back. “Two, we’re alone... and no one can hear that pretty mouth scream.” his warm breath fan the side of my neck. Making the hair on my skin rise, and chills frolicking down my spine. Why do I have a feeling we’re talking about something else entirely?” Three, I always get what I want,” he brushes his nose against my hair and inhales deeply.

“Isn’t this the part you threaten to shoot me or something? ” my voice breathy. Why does this man make me so bloody weak?

He snickers darkly,” You know what I am. Do you really think I need a gun to kill you?” Wanker got a point.

He strokes my arm up and down with the back of his finger; leaving a trail of tingles behind. Lightly, he pushes my hair to the side. My breathing hitches. I was literally trapped between him and the sofa with nowhere to go. “W-What-I should g-go fine Zuri.”

“Should you now?” he teases in a sultry tone.

His soft lips brush the back of my neck and over my shoulders. My body shudders. I should slap him or something right about now.

“Y-yes,” My voice timid and small. How pathetic am I?

“That won’t be necessary,” he kisses and sucks on my neck to my shoulders. I bite my lips not to embarrassed myself, with the desperate moan begging to be released. His lips were soft and moist leaving feather-like kisses. This is bad. Very bad.

He wraps my hair around his fist and tilted my head back with his other hand on my hip securely. Trailing his tongue down the side of my neck, back up to my earlobe, and nibbles on it. I shivered and pressed my legs shut. It was like he was challenging me not to moan. He smirks against my ear and began leaving lingering kisses; from my neck to my jawline, to the corner of my mouth. Biting and sucking his way to my lips.

I could feel wetness pooling between my legs as I stifled yet another moan. This is wrong, so wrong. I need to tell him to piss off and let me go. So, I could find Zuri. I must put a stop to this unfortunately, I got caught off guard with his juicy lips on mine.

It was a gentle soft kiss at first but morphed into a dominant one. He nibbles on my bottom lip asking for entrance. Without hesitation, I open my mouth and instant fireworks. Exactly what I thought it’d be, Mind-blowing and hot. His tongue slide into my mouth caressing mine, kissing and tasting every inch of my mouth as I moan in his. A low victorious growl vibrated in his chest. He tightens his grip on my hair and hip, but not in a painful way. It was exciting and possessive. Cheeky bastard.

His kiss was demanding, hungry and passionate. Never in my whole life had anyone kissed me so fervently. My stomach was doing backflips. He nibbles down my neck leaving wet sloppy kisses, biting and sucking until he found my sweet spot. I couldn’t help the moan flying out of my mouth. Sweet almighty!

He smirks and sucks harder on that spot, but nothing prepared me for what happened next. His teeth barely grazed my skin, more accurately that spot, and I felt that tingling sensation detonated all over my body. Like I’ve been struck my lighten at that very spot and it began spreading over my entire being like hellfire. I shudder with a ravenous flame growing in my core and I felt myself clench. I unconsciously moan louder wrapping my arms around his neck.

My body was begging for him to bite it, with an infuriating itch to have him sink his teeth into that very spot. The worse part is I had no clue why. But somehow, I knew he knew why. I reached for his hair and tug. He growls and my body shivers. I can feel myself getting wetter and nipples harden. He presses into my ass with his hard member poking me. I had to fight myself from grinding back on him.

He ran his tongue from the base of my neck to my jawline. Kissing and nibbling his way to my nape, before claiming my lips once more. He kissed me more passionately and deepen it if that was possible. Bloody prat is a phenomenal kisser. Oh heaven. My core pulsating and I can feel myself dripping down my thigh.

He broke our kiss. Both panting for air and lips red and swollen. “Are you wet for me?” he purred in my ears.

My eyes widen at his question, realizing what I did. I broke from my lust-fog. Get a grip of yourself Luna! “NO!” I squeal.

“You sure?” his hand trail the waistband of my jeans teasingly. I can hear the lust in his voice.

“Y-Yes.” my voice sounds like a squeezie toy. Brilliant.

He brushes his nose against the side of my neck and inhales, “I can smell you.” I crush my thighs together. The arrogant prick smirk against my neck,” I bet those panties are covered in your juice? Why don’t you show me how soaked you are?”

I slapped his hand away and spun around facing him. Bloody brilliant. I gulp realizing just how close he is to me. ” You think rather highly of yourself. Don’t you? Sorry, but you’re not my type mate.” I gulp when I saw the impish twinkle in his eyes. Buggar.

He leans in resting his hands beside my hips on the sofa caging me in. My breathing hitched. There was nowhere to run. His body wasn’t touching mine, but boy did I want it to. ” Not your type huh? So... you wouldn’t mind if I check?” He moves his fingers over my button and undid it, then trail them down my zipper, toying with me. “Not going to stop me?” he grins wickedly like the devil he is.

What am I waiting for? Him to touch me? Pfft, “I-I-Sto-”

“Too late.” he slides his hand in my panties and grasps me with a low growl in his throat. I gasp from his touch. Holy mother sweet Mary. He slides two fingers into my wetness and slowly pumps it in and out, with his thumb circling my clit painfully slow. We both could hear just how soaked I am.

His fingers were long, thick and felt so good. He’s so good at that. I throw my head back with my fingers dug into the sofa and soft breathy moans. He held my hip firmly so I couldn’t buck them, as his pace quickens. I can feel the pressure building in me. He purrs in my ears,” You lied.” he removed his hands and stepped away from me.

What? No no no no! Come back and finish! He smirks at me and sucks his fingers. My eyes nearly popped out it sockets and cheeks felt sweltering. “You taste better than I dreamt you would.” he winks and walks over to the elevator and enter his code. This is the part where my jaw hits the floor. What in the bloody hell? Did he just? No? Son of a bitch. Bad dog! I stomp over to the elevator.

" How-who do you think you are? How dare you touch me!” I tried to sound disgusted but who am I kidding.

My face was redder than a basket of beets when I realize what I’m accusing him of. One, I could’ve stopped him if I wanted. And two, I am more pissed that he stopped rather than what he did. Ahhhhhh!

He cups my chin firmly but gentle, “Talk to me like that again, and I’ll bend that tight ass over the sofa, and bury my face into that dripping pussy.” Please?

“Y-ou-You-” I stutter with my brain fogged over.

He chuckles and brushes his thumb over my bottom lip, “You want that, don’t you angel?” he inhales, and eyes darken with lust. I swallow unable to respond. I can feel my core clenched and ached for him.

He growls, “Stop biting your lips.” and removes my lips from my teeth. Specks of gold were sprinkled about in the blue of eyes trying to break whatever little control he had left. Fascinating.

He removed his hand from me and took a deep breath with his eyes close. When he reopened them, he seems more in control and back to his conceited self, “We’re having visitors. I suggest you use the bathroom.” he nods down the hall which I assume is the bathroom” Unless you want them to smell just how wet I make you.” and winks arrogantly.

“You’re a pig!” I hissed. That was my smart comment.

“No baby. I’m much worst.” he smirks “I’d hurry if I were you.”

I stomp off horny and angry at the infuriating assface. This guy is a real bloody joker. If he was in Gothom batman would be toasted.

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