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This is a story of an extrovert girl named AHAANA who migrated from India to London. She was a college student who was quite determinant and strong. One thing was for sure that no one can hurt her unless she looses her confidence. But everything never is so good and wonderful in one's life similarly unknowingly in order to save a girl from rape she slapped the world's biggest mafia leader's enemy Nick ..he was very angry by this insult and he decided that she will pay for it. Now let's all of us discover what happened in Ahaana's life

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Life is never easy for anyone be it a girl or boy similar was the case of AHAANA. She was an indian, an orphan who because of her good grades and confidence achieved scholarship in London University for M.A. English, she was a very strong girl her life revolved around happiness and the meaning of her happiness was her friends and people who she cared about. She lived in a flat with her roommate Aaria Michael or we can say her best friend . Aaria loved three things one her father, second her best friend AHAANA and third hookups but with a handsome man.

It was Monday morning sun was beaming on the head of AHAANA who was lying on her bed suddenly her alarm woke up and groaning she said "damn you idiot! Oh god seriously ughhh....I hate morning sun...hmm let me get up or else I will be late for the last week in this college".

She got up immediately did her morning business got ready and moved down for breakfast and bumped into a hard thing and fallen down but this hard thing was Noah Fredrick who since from the beginning of college had a hard on for AHAANA but she is AHAANA and she already told him that she is not for hookups with any man.

Noah was quite handsome wheatish skin hazel coloured eyes hieght 6' well body built and brown hair but AHAANA was also not less though she was an indian and had wheatish skin her eyes were black colour little big, her lips were beautiful, her hieght was 5'6.

He held his hand down for AHAANA and said smirking "now I will have an excellent morning after seeing you" she turned around getting up and refusing his hand she said "oh god look the Casanova!well good morning and....stay away from me the better your health will be" and moved to the kitchen took out cornflakes, sugar from cabinet, bowl from the shelf and milk from the fridge and sat on the kitchen island with her stool and started having breakfast.

Meanwhile Noah entered the kitchen and took juice out from the fridge and started drinking it suddenly Aaria came to kitchen, she is quite beautiful and has fair complexion silver eyes pink lips her hieght is about same of AHAANA and she is also doing M.A English. Her father trusts AHAANA alot and consider her as a daughter. Yawning Aaria kissed Noah and said " Good morning handsome, Good morning besty.." ahaana smiled and replied " Good morning to you too...ok listen up I am getting late I have to go to college will you come with me or late?" She replied " I will come late... when will you be back besty" ahaana replied" I have an evening shift at cafe so hopefully by evening at 7 byeee" and opening the door and she left.

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