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Chapter 2

She arrived at the college and went to her locker in the lobby, walking in the lobby there were various students who considered her as a strange girl and they used to call her strange no one ever tried to mess with her except Lilly and her minions just because ahaana used to help the new students who were trying to be ragged and she was always the one to stop the ragging.

Boys were least interested in her because she was a difficult one to get it but yet there was one gang of boys who were famous in school for being worst named warriors they hated her because the leader of that gang was Lilly's boyfriend Roger.

Ahaana reached her locker and opened it to keep her books suddenly someone closed the door of locker hitting her hand and before it would be hurted too badly she came face to face with warrior gang along with Lilly and her minions,

Lilly was standing and smiling while Roger was holding her by her waist. Looking at ahaana they all started laughing. Roger was a tall, fairly handsome, well built body, having tattoos in his right hand full,his eyes were blue coloured and his hieght was 6'6 while Lilly was beautiful, used to wear high heels with maximum makeup, slim figure,looked sexy, light blue eyes ,cute lips, redcolored waist length hair and hieght was 5'7.

Checking her hand ahaana looked at them and asked " what the hell is your problem? What do you need?" Looking at the scene everyone started looking at them then Lilly smiled and said frowning angrily "aww....it hurted really?ok listen you charity woman or savior stop helping others or mark my words I will not even leave you this much capable of helping yourself" and was leaving.

Suddenly ahaana said stopping her on her tracks "you know what Lilly I have came through various girls" moving closer to her holding her books and continued to say" but you are below them.... I mean look at you those girls use there minds and stay away from me and yet you come and scare me with your tantrums seriously.... Now listen to me very carefully you as well as your cute handcuff boyfriend and his and your minions I am still having the whole movie of what great work you all did"

Lilly asked her folding her hands " what are you talking about?" Ahaana started laughing and using her Mobile send her a video and said"come on look miss tantrum and you too mr scary" smiling at them. They both were shocked after seeing the video and said together "delete it now! Or else..."

She laughed and came close to them and asked "or else what" ahaana turned around looked at the corner eyeing Aaria and gesturing her to take a pic from phone and send it to her, aaria very cunningly without anyone's knowledge opened her phone came and gestured her she was ready.

Suddenly in anger Roger holder her by her neck and Lilly was smiling and he said "or else I will kill you" after saying this he dropped her hoping she would get scared but opposite happened.

She started laughing and clapping and said "oh my god! Guys look dumbos of the millennium..." And stood up folding her hands and smirking at them and Roger said "how dare you call us dumbos!"

She said "because you are" and took out her mobile phone and sent a pic to Lilly. She was shocked and showed to Roger, meanwhile ahaana was smiling and said looking in his eyes with one raised eyebrows and clenching her jaw "you lay a finger on me or any of your minions or even I am hurted you guys will end up in jail for attempt to murdering me, I have sent this pic via message to my lawyer and told him if anything happens to me you guys will be put behind the bars!...so now let me make it clear stay away from me for your health.! And as for my hand you hurted umm...." Tapping chin she walked to Lilly and slapped her suddenly three times and said "one is for hurting me, second for the girls in the video and last one for whom you all hurted and remember STAY THE HELL WAY FROM ME!" After saying this she walked in library issued some books attended classes and before going to cafe after departure she told Aaria that she will talk to her about all this act in evening.

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