Alpha's Mate

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I am a wolf shifter who finds love in the unobvious way!

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

The cold Wyoming night made anyone human and otherwise chill to their bones. My friends and I decided that tonight would be a good night to go to the local bar in town. Not that I go to it as much as I had hated spending time there as a human and even more as a shifter. More than I hated that my friends used this opportunity to get into any woman's pants. I had set boundaries for them not even to step into the category of unwiling females. As we walked in the bartender winked at Aiden giving him the go to try his flirting with her. Jake who was Aiden's twin brother wasn't a horny mother fucker like his brother but still it gave me hopes that he being my second in command wouldn't use his dick to help me lead this three man band.

I found a seat in the farthest spot I could find and sat down. Jake walked over and handed me my beer. I sighed and looked down at it, even drinking brought me no pleasure.

“Jake, as much as you love your brother,” I said with a slight tone in my voice, “he like to brag a lot which might get us noticed.”

“I know,” Jake muttered, “I will talk about it to him latter.”

I nodded, “I am worried he won’t understand the repercussions of his actions if he does something he regrets.”

Jake to a swallow of his beer and nodded. He understands as much as I do that we can’t explain this to human as much as we would want to. The wouldn’t understand and like most humans will kill what they don't understand. Aiden walked over with the biggest smirk on his face, assuming he will be getting laid tonight was the only reason that Aiden would have it on his face. I put my drink down as he took his seat. I loved Aiden like a brother and sometimes we would fight like a brother both in human and wolf form.

"Aiden, you need to cool your jets," I muttered, "with this cocky attitude you have we will surely get noticed either by humans or other wolves."

"Oh fuck off Ryan," Aiden growled, "unlike you I love getting my rocks off, I'm not some self loathing type of person who just sits there and whines about the shit that goes on in the world."

"I'm not whining, I worry about you because what if you show off to the wrong girl and humans find out and kill us because you were the one that was stupid."

Aiden scoffed and shrugged "well I will get rid of them that's what I will do."

Jake stepping in, "you can't always kill your problems brother."

Aiden glared at his brother, his frustration was targeted both at Jake and I. He pushed himself away from the table and walked over to sit at the bar. I signed and stared at my beer as Jake patted me on my back.

"He is having a hard time with this like the rest of us," Jake said cool and calmly.

He was correct, Aiden was having a hard time with it, being that this was forced upon us at the age of eighteen. We backpacking in though England and being attacked by something that we knew nothing about. Aiden always was the bragging sort since before we changed and it was hard to change a habit that you have had that long.

"I know," I said looking down at my beer.

"We decided that moving here was best," Jake said looking at me, "we have to expect this from him."

"I know," I said again, not trying to sound like a broken record, "we have been living here for two years now, I don't want to up and move like the last time."

Jake sighed knowing all to well what I was talking about. His brother was the main reason why we live here. There was less humans and not another pack to be chased around by their "top dogs".

I put down my beer and stood up, "I need some fresh air," looking at Aiden, "keep an eye on him."

Jake nodded, "alright."

I walked out of the bar and felt the cold midnight air on him neck. I knew that winter was on its way, even though the weather man was telling us there wouldn't be snow for the next two weeks. The hair raised up on the back of my neck and I looked around trying to find the reason for it. In about fifty feet from me sat a car and I could hear whimpering. Not some dog kind of whimper, this wasn't human either, I set out to walk to the car. The car was parked in the bars parking lot, but my friends and I rode in one car. There wasn't any other person in the bar other than the bar tender. As I got to the car I could see a woman tied up in the back seat, she was drugged because all she was doing was groaning.

I grabbed the door handle and it was unlocked, which was weird in any case. I looked around to see if anyone was around and as I reached for the door again a man attacked me from behind.

I felt him slam something hard into my back and I let out a growl, I turned to face him and he gasped. My eyes glowing in the rage of both being attacked and the fact I found a female in his car drugged up beyond belief.

"Another one," he shouted, probably to himself since no one else came running.

I grasped him around his neck and snapping it like a twig. This guy must of been a hunter, and either I walked into a trap or he already trapped this woman and was surprised to find another shifter.

I pulled out my phone and texted Jake to get his and Aiden's ass outside. I knew this wasn't going to pan well with the others but we had to save this woman. I put my phone back in my pocket and pulled the woman from the car. I knew that she wasn't going to be awake for a long while because of the drugs that were used on her. Jake came walking out as his brother drug up the rear. When they both saw me Jake looked at me first and then at the body on the ground.

"What happened?"

I motioned to the woman in my arms and looked at Jake. Jake walked over to our car and opened the back door. I set her down in the back seat and stood to throw the keys in Jake's direction. Jake looked at the body and pointed.

"What about that," he muttered, "what are we going to do about that."

I signed, not knowing what we should do, but I knew one thing about hunters.

"This guy was a hunter, and to be a hunter you are always alone, no family and no friends," I said confidently, "just take the body out far 100 miles or so and drop him off, deep in the woods."

Jake motioned for Aiden to help him load the man's body into his car. Aiden pulled out the mans keys and put them in his pocket. Jake pulled out money for Aiden to have in case he was to stop anywhere and Aiden looked at me almost to say well look who has fucked up and it wasn't me. He jumped into the car and took off.

Jake jumped into the drivers side and I sat in the back with the woman hoping she wouldn't wake up to scared of the unaware location she was in. It took us twenty minutes to pull into our house. Be that it is only Jake, Aiden, and I we lived together, in this 4 bedroom house. Jake pulled right up to the house, shutting the engine off and stepping out of the car. He unlocked the door for me and walked to his car to go pick up his brother. As soon as i saw the tail light leave the drive way I walked into the house with the sleeping woman in my arms.

She wiggled a bit in my arms alerting me to the probability of her waking was soon.

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