The Alpha's hybrid luna

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Everyone thinks that they're the main character in their lives , but for me , it's completely untrue... I'm definitely a pathetic side character with everything but good luck in life ...... Ever since I was born, I was never accepted by anyone, never... Even by my own parents.... I was the mistake, the filth , the imperfect... Hybrid... And for that reason itself I hated my parents, my pack , and everyone in this life... If my parents actually hated my imperfection they shouldn't have mated in the first place, there was always a possibility of conceiving and thus having me... Aren't I the fruit of their love ? Their own choices? Then why are they treating me like trash? They should treat me with love and care and take responsibility for that instead of joining the others and looking at me with disgust!! Oh right.. I haven't introduced myself yet.... My name is Jinx , I'm turning 18 this month , and I'm a hybrid , half werewolf and half witch . having a witch and werewolf together is a rare thing let alone having a child , and that's why I'm hated by both sides , neither of them accept me coz my other half disgust them or so they said . But the only thing I'm hoping for is a mate , the one who will love me forever and would accept me for what I am.

Romance / Fantasy
Evangeline Chan
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Chapter 1

Jinx P.O.V :

I woke up at the most annoying hellish beeping sound of the Damned alarm , I growled and slammed it on the floor , successfully breaking it and welcoming sleep again.

But since I'm not lucky like you guys , I can never sleep for five more minutes , coz the moment I slammed the clock , the bed rosen and threw me on the wall breaking my nose and I'm wide awake now.

I'm not suiciding , I don't want my arm to get broken next....

And yes, that's mom , the advantages of being a witch...

Today is my 18th birthday, March 7th , it's a nice day , the sun is shining and everything is beautifully green.

I went to my closet and picked long black sleeved shirt and skinny black jeans. I'm not really in the mood to dress up since I'm sure that this day won't be any better than the others.

I headed to the bathroom to do my daily routine, I brushed my teeth and took a quick shower (if I laze off again I'll get slammed at the mirror now)

I dried myself with a white fluffy towel, and put on my outfit for the day , I put on some mascara and eyeliner to make my deep blue eyes look prettier and added red ruby lipstick to my full lips, foundation isn't my thing so I just did those , I did my black hair to two French braids .

I looked again at myself and just admired my beauty.. I had wide eyes and pointed small nose , full shaped lips I've a creamy white skin with no pimples got out running downstairs and weary of my surroundings so I won't get slammed with something else on the way .

Every normal only child would find his parents waiting for him with full course breakfast with all delicacies and wishing him happy birthday , but since I'm not normal I was faced with the sight of my parents making out...

And of course no breakfast for the day , I growled at them and looked away " would you act like decent parents for once ? Just do that in your room!!!" "And where the fuck is my breakfast?? Forgot doing it coz you were too BUSY ??" , they stopped and threw me a wallet and went back to what they were doing.

Ugh this people, if they are so in love with each other why wouldn't they love me ? I'm their only child for fuck's sake!!

Anyways, I gotta go before I got slammed for staring at them ,

By the time I got outside , my nose has already healed but couldn't get any happier since I was met with a raw egg directly thrown on my face , and a bunch of school whores in front of me, yeah definitely werewolves, werewolves whom I can't get back to because I could get kicked out of the pack if I do so , since the Alpha's daughter is the leader of that stupid group.

her name is Natasha, she's 18 too and she shifted a month ago she has fair blonde hair reaching mid back, and sky blue eyes, her body is well shaped, I hate to say this but she's like a real life Barbie. Following her the two annoying whores Jennika and Veronica the stupid twins they're the beta's daughters and they're Natasha's dogs , they follow her wherever she goes and do whatever she asks for.

Veronica is the prettier one with brown eyes and long red wavy hair, small pointed nose tanned skin and heart shaped face . while the other has blue eyes and bigger nose .

I don't really care about their appearance but what you really have to know is that they're the most annoying creatures on Earth .

They burst out laughing at me and I swear they were tearing up ، such dump group ...

I glared at them and went my way , I took out my magic book when I reached the forest and used the spell of cleaning , blue light and few bubbles surrounded me and in seconds I'm as good as new , I hid the book back and went my way to the school,

yeah I shouldn't have expected any special treatment just because it's my 18th birthday and the day I'm supposed to shift and get my wolf , and the most important thing, finding my mate ...

I went on my way to school and dropped by a little shop by the road bought small sandwiches and continued.

Thank God I wasn't late for the first period, it's a full-werewolf school and naturally the teachers are werewolves , and since I'm half witch I'm already hated by them and the for the smallest mistake I get severely punished.

And the worst of all teachers here in Mr. Johnson , this bitch is the teacher of first period , and he always finds mistake in me so he could punish me , even though I'm an honor student and well behaved in his class and try my best to please him .

Anyways, the Moment I entered the classroom all looks were directed to me and started trash talking about me , not on my back but in my face... Rude people, well it's not a new thing they always do the same .

I went to the back seat next to the window, and got my things ready for the lesson . First thing Mr. Johnson did was glaring at me as always , it went on for good 10 minutes before he asked us to turn on page 67 of the math book , and started throwing hard questions my way to embarrass me , but failed like usual .

The boring lessons went on and finally my life savior!! The bell rang! And I can finally be free from this shithole.

I hurriedly got my things and stormed down the stairs, I used . my secret passage so I won't see any other whores or the stupid bullies , and went out of the building , when I was out I was taken aback by the scene I saw.

the sky was so pretty today, its blue color was clearer than usual, with small clouds spreading, the faint sound of birds as a background, and the bright sun making me blink Instinctively , and in the middle of all of that I spot the beautiful blonde strands of hairs of my most favorite person...


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