Falling for a Stranger

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Alicia is the shy, quiet, bookworm and tomboy girl. She works as a sub-editor in a local magazine. She meets an accident and a stranger. She helps him out and forms a crush over him. Many secrets are to be revealed and many twists are yet to come in her life. Will she be able to overcome them? Does the stranger, Lucian likes her to? Or is he just pretending?

Romance / Drama
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“Kelly, I’m going out. I’ll be late. Don’t wait for me.”

“Okay. Drive safe. Goodbye.”


Kelly is my roommate and friend. She is the most gorgeous girl I ever saw. We are close but not quite that close. I hope you get the meaning.....ha.

Anyways she looks kind of a fashionista. She has long golden hair and big, hazel eyes. She has pure cream and soft skin. She is two years older than me but we get along. She runs a saloon and tries to pay her debts back.

Unfortunately, I’m quite the opposite. I mean. I do have brown hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. Honestly, I don’t have her charms but I do have cuteness and kindness.....I am more like a tomboy than a girl. I’m a carefree and lively nineteen-year-old girl. I’m a sub-editor of a newspaper column.

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