Falling for a Stranger

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Thank god!

Happy solace, here I come!

Since I took the day off, I should shower. I picked a red-striped T-shirt with “MACHO” on the front and ripped jeans. I grabbed the towel and in the shower, I went.....Adjusting the temperature, I filled the bathtub with hot water. I like to meditate in the shower and its quite relaxing. I stepped in the bathtub and rubbed my body with the shower gel. The scent of rich strawberries and lemon filled the room. Inhaling the scent, I closed my eyes. Flashbacks of last night came before my eye.


Anyways, I want some ice cream. I went to the market and buy me some ice cream. It is getting cold. Maybe, I’ll have to take a short cut. Instead of going all the way to the main road, I decided to take the path through the park. I see a much shorter path. It was through the back alley of the buildings. What is the worst I will have to face? Damm it. I want to go home quickly. I don’t want to freeze to death I am walking down an alley. The cool wind is brazing my skin. Yeah, I won’t freeze to death, won’t I?

Suddenly, I feel an adrenaline rush and footsteps. I look behind and panicked. There was a man right behind me. He looked just like some rapist. The same old dirty coat, filthy clothes, shoes, and on top of all he ain’t walking straight. Something about him attracted me. I pity him right. Oh, what do I do? TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND KEEP WALKING....don’t let him assume anything. Maybe, he’ll walk away. He kept closing in and a wave of fear washes me away from the shore of my senses. I got goosebumps. I wanted to turn and look at him. I wanted to touch him. Wait what is he doing to me? I started running madly but still, I can’t shake him off. I keep looking back. I see just a bruised cheek and hands. He has dark hair. He is quite tall. Snap out of it. Quite scanning him. I tripped over my trousers and fell. Great! I just hurt my ankle. Oh no! He was just a few inches away. Will he kiss? Will he grab my ass and force me to smell his drunken self. I screamed with all my might. O God! please send your savor. Otherwise, I shall be ruined.

Ops, I was wrong. Seconds later many men like him appeared right before me and started fighter each other. I heard voices” you ain’t getting the chick.” “ohm. that one’s mine. F**k off” “She’s feisty...” But the man following me said, despite their pushes and punches, “I was going to ask for money and jacket.” Wow! He has so deep and sexy voice. Snap out of it!!!! Another guy pulled him down and started beating him “Naive. You’ll never learn, will you!” Pang! What is this sudden feeling? Why do I want to go and help him, save him, comfort him?

I pulled out my jacket and wallet down. I ran with all my might with my swollen ankle.... leaving everything behind.

After, managing to open the door somehow, I entered and broke done in tears, not from the pain in my ankle but from the pain I had caused another. “That man was not following me... he was hungry and cold. He needed help and you refused. Oh my God! please forgive me and let him find my stuff. Save him....” I cried...

*End of flashback*

His sexy figure keeps wandering before my eyes. I want to have him all to myself. He will probably not like me. I’m not Kelly. I’m no one but a column writer. I’m nothing but a short-haired, and dunno girl. Most of all I had no curves... Pang!!! That feeling again in my heart. Why does it happen? I wish the stranger get the money. I wish you to be happy. I don’t know where you are? I just know I will find you.... Wherever you are.

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