Falling for a Stranger

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Asking him out.

I just said,” Can I ask your name? I’m Alicia.”

He nodded and said in a deep voice, “Lucian” ...

“It’s a nice name.“, I murmured but he caught me.

“There are a whole lot of nice names, Ma’am”, He pointed out.

Shit! Why am I making a fool out of myself today? I’m doomed. Why is he in denial? Can’t he pick a single hint? He is so rude. I shouldn’t have talked to him. Why do I care what he thinks about me? I have a good and simple life. Why do even need him? But he is cute and handsome, my subconscious said. Ugg!

“Of course. You misunderstood me. There are but I’m not an outgoing person.“, I tried to make myself clear.

“Certainly, ma’am. I’m sorry.”

“No. It’s okay. It is me who should be apologizing. Would you mind getting a cup of coffee or something? I want to apologize for that day.”

“I wouldn’t mind ma’am but I promised my little SALLY that I would take her out to a restaurant”, he tried to emphasize Sally.

Wow! the guy I like has a daughter! I knew he was much older than me but this was kinda unexpected.

“Sally is your little girl?“, I asked.

“Yes, ma’am. She is a fine sugar champ”, He said with a breathtaking smile.

He does seem handsome with that smile. He must love his daughter. Guess, I should putt out any hopes for any quittance. Should I give up now? But he needs money. He might not earn enough from this job. Will I back up from helping guy just because he wasn’t interested in me? No, Alicia! This isn’t fair.

“It’s okay. I mean, you can bring out Sally and I can pay for the bill as an apology. Do consider it. It’ll make me feel at ease. I would love to meet her”, I tried to make a point. I was biting off my lower lip from tension.

It’s a habit!

Cross fingers. Please agree, please!

He sighed and said, “Fine.”

Yah! Yippee!

“Here, I will give you my number. Text me when you’re free and I’ll give you the details”, I said with a smile.

I handed him my card from my purse and nodded. I didn’t wait for his reaction and went round the car door. I looked back and saw him smiling faintly. I waved and sat in the driving seat. I looked back from the rear mirror. He was walking away with his arms around himself.

He was scared, I guess from my forwardness. I don’t know what got in me. Usually, I don’t speak to a single person. I am shy, a lot.

Way to go, Alicia! YOU asked not only YOUR CRUSH but His DAUGHTER to lunch!!!


Most of the feeling are true in this chapter. I had a crush over a guy and I knew him to be older than me. I found out he had three boys and he was MARRIED!! I was so heart broken. Thank God! I didn't make a move or I will have nearly died from embarrassment. So, I moved on...

So enjoy!

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