Falling for a Stranger

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What to wear?

Way to go, Alicia! YOU asked not only YOUR CRUSH but His DAUGHTER to lunch!!!

I started the ignition and take a deep breadth.

What was done, done. Now I have to go and prepare for it. Urrrg! I am not even sure how to act. What will Lucian think of me? Oh my god! Why the fuck I care if he likes me ore not? I admit he is handsome and charming. That doesn’t make him available. Keep you thoughts to your self Alicia! Wait.. will it harm if I like him a little. Maybe not a little but a lot. Still he has family and a daughter to take care of. Why would he want someone like me? He needs someone rich who can benefit him and his kid. At least a stable person, more mature and practical.

I guess I can value the time I spend with him only. Make memories and keep them locked away in my heart.

A honk awakes me from my daydream. I jerk up and hit the gear. I drive back to my apartment. Parking my car in the lot I pull the keys out of the ignition.

Thank god I took a leave from work. Hold on! What I’m going to wear the lunch? God! Why didn’t I think of it before? How stupid of me. Arggggg! I hit my head on the steering wheel and rub my forehead. Ouch! That hurt!

I take a deep breath and say to myself ‘listen what is done is done. Calm down I can ask Kelly to help me pick a dress. Ah! that’s right. Now hurry before you get late for lunch.’

I take one last deep breath. I get out of the car and smother my dress. A new kind of confidence runs through me. In ten minutes I am in front of my house. I step out and went inside.

Looks like I have to pour down my entire wardrobe to find something except the baggy and boyish clothes I wear usually I will never find any thing.

I walked inside my apartment and huffed. I put my handbag down and drooped on the sofa in the living room. Unlocking my phone I call Kelly. After a few beeps she finally decided to attend he call.

“Hi Alicia! Are you okay?”

Checking my tone I say, “Yeah I’m fine. How is your day at work?”

“Err. Are you sure you’re the ALICIA I know? Cause my friend will never ask me tis let alone bother to call me in the middle of work.”

“Hahaha….Kelly I’m sorry to bother you at work but I need a little help.”

“Ah! So that’s the thing. Shoot!”

“I have a lunch today. I don’t know what to wear.”

“Wait! Did you finally have a date? Geez! what did you do?”

“Hey! Its not exactly a date. Just a formal meeting.” I said trying to make a point.

“God! What the hell I’m going to do with you? Alicia if you have feelings for him go for it before someone does. Trust me that the worst feeling of all.”

“Blah blah!!!!” I roll my eyes.

“If you’re not going to listen then help yourself. I have work to do.”

“Fine! I gave up. Just tell me what I wear, please.”

“Okay send me the pics of the dresses you have. I’ll make sure to have you dressed up. As for the makeup…”

“Nah. I don’ want makeup. I can’t handle it.”

“Yeah. I know you always end up eating away the gloss and rubbing your eyes, spreading the mascara. “

“Halakha… I know. That’s why I don’t wear makeup.”

“Hey! I need to go there is a customer here. I better go. Bye.”

“Have a nice day. Bye!”

She ended the call before I could. That who Kelly is super sweet but a workaholic. Anyways, I get off the sofa and walked into my room. Inside my wardrobe, I hardly have any formal attires. Yeah! I wear PJs and baggy T shirts all the time. Flipping through a few dresses I find a stripped shirt and some ripped jeans. I rush to the living room and pick my cell from side table beside sofa. Unlocking my phone, I rush to my wardrobe. I take a pic of the dress and send it to Kelly. Seconds later, she sends a thumbs up. I grabbed the cloths and went down to shower.

Creation s hard. Please do continue showing love and support.


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