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"Don't you bark at me". I glare at him, crossing my arms. Not moving an inch from my spot. And when I look away, a deep and angry snarl has me squirming off the couch. "Ah!" I squeal and fall on my front. Landing on the shaggy rug, then turn over fast to see Mr. Paws standing over me. Looking scary again, as he did the day I first saw him. The wild wolf that came crashing into my house to scare the shit out of me. "You big jerk!" I huff, deciding I wasn't afraid of him anymore. "You're lucky I love you!" When I say these words, is when his anger vanishes and his bright violet eyes widen. As if some part of his dog-brain understood what I said.

Romance / Thriller
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One more box

Dove’s pov

“Wow...” My younger sister and her boyfriend both awe at the size of the new house. Dropping their bags at the door. My sister's palms going to her cheeks the longer she stares. “This place is... i-it’s amazing! Dove. I can’t believe crazy-old-Rodger Dutton left you this! It’s a palace!”

She's five-foot-two, the same height as me, and has a head full of shiny black curls. A cute button nose and lightly freckled cheeks. A complexion of golden caramel that's a shade darker than mine. With pink-glossed cupid's bow-shaped lips that are small and stretch into a smile. Showing her pearly whites and a few wrinkles near her eyes. As her smile reaches them. Bright eyes that are the color of a maple leaf and shine with excitement as she glances to me; before darting away. Running around the place to look at everything. Her boyfriend, Gary, slowly following her step.

The five-foot-eleven, ex-football player of hers is quiet and wears a light smile. Watching his giddy girlfriend run around.

“It's... wow..." I whisper to myself, feeling a little light-headed as I take it all in. My feet planted near the door.

It took me ages to mentally process the insane amount of digits in my bank account. Now this! Rodger, my neighbor of three years, had all this the whole time! Why would he bother living in Detroit?

I stood in the door for a long while. Raven and Gary later started hauling the bags upstairs somewhere. Exploring this strange mansion-of-a-cabin.

I was expecting some nightmarish, dark, and creepy cabin surrounded by trees. Not this. Definitely not a seven-bedroom, six and a half-bath mountainside resort!

From the entrance view, there’s a large living area with a fine dark-brown furniture set. It has plush decorative black, brown, and patterned pillows. A large, square, fuzzy silver and brown rug beneath it. Twinkling lights above it, and positioned near an unlit fireplace that looks like it’s never been used.

Beyond it, I can see an archway to what looks like a dining room. The same twinkling lights dangle above a glass table. Though, I can’t see how big it is.

“Dove!” My sister, Raven, shouts down the fanciful stairwell.

The stairwell itself is made of the same polished-looking wood. Like the rest of the cabin. Only it stood out because of the veil of sparkling lights. That follows the rail, curving high upward to the next floor of the cabin. Raven had stuck her head between them just to call me up.

“Come up here! There’s so much to see!” She says with a giddy squeal. Her smile so big I thought her face would crack.

“I’ll be up soon!” I shout back. “I wanna see down here first!”

“Hurry up!” She says, disappearing back to wherever.

I set my bag down and made a step toward a wide-open kitchen. That I only noticed once I looked to my right. My jaw dropping instantly at the sight.


“W-Wha...” My eyes flutter, as I force myself to look down. Looking at the source of the untimely noise. “Three missed calls...?” I read on my phone’s screen. Then, with a heavy sigh, I step outside to return them.

“What do you want? Jayden”. His name leaves my lips just barely. As I lean on the rail of the deck. Looking down at the trees, and the lake just beyond it. The cool mountain breeze tousling my loose hair. Some of the straight and dark strands blocking my eyes. Before I tuck them behind my ear.

“I just wanna talk...” Came his smooth voice over the phone.

Any other time, I would’ve loved to hear his voice. But that was before we drifted apart.

-Well... I drifted. All because I didn’t have the guts to confront him about sleeping with my coworker. And later dating my best friend.

I kept it to myself for a few months. Putting all my energy into work. Finding out about that stuff really made me not trust anyone. My brain subconsciously building walls between me and others. Even my own family. And that wasn’t healthy. In the end, I ended up having more in common with crazy-old-Rodger next door than with my own sister.

“Dove...” Jayden’s voice beckons me back to the present. “I wanna break up”.

“Sure”. Is all I say. Sure? Girl hang up! Went my subconscious, as I slap a hand over my face.

“Sure?” Jayden repeats. “W-What do you mean? Are you seeing someone Dove?”.

“No. I-I mean... I understand. H-Have good life, Jayen. I really mean it”. I quickly correct myself, then hit the end call button.

In no way is @lazysara_inked related to other accounts with the same name. Inside or outside of inkitt. Sara is my name and I’m not gonna change it. Unless it’s to @sara_hasnomorebraincells2comeupwithanotherusername

...anyway hope u like this book ^.^ Stay safe wonderful person!

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