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Being lost is one thing and stranding in a tiny oval spaceship in the vast openness of the universe the other but having these done to you deliberately is way out of line. Waking up under said circumstances with a heavy case of amnesia and near death from malnutrition and dehydration was certainly not her weekend plan. Then getting frightened to death by an extremely hot reddish skinned alien that convinces her that his muscles won’t murder her. Well most of them as the rod tenting his pants is definitely a weapon made to kill a woman. Throwing in the numerous other space shuttles found alongside hers, a crew of human men trying to get them back and knee weakening alien sexiness – I guess I know which side I’m picking on this ride.

Romance / Scifi
Straw Berry
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Chapter 1


The tight cold metal straps digging into my shoulders is the first thing I feel as I begin to regain my consciousness. Next is the cold smooth metal underneath my ass, as well as underneath my arms, to which I am glued to.

No I mean literally glued. I can’t move them an inch.

I’m also leaning forward slightly, why the tight feeling of the metal straps around my upper half of the body.

Then my hearing returns, I think. It’s like a lot of pressure is released all at once with a satisfying plop. A soft humming is the only thing that fills my ears other than that utter and total silence.

I try to move my arms but a sharp white pain dissolves all my gathered strength. Leaving me feeling drained.

My head is also in a strange position. I feel very floaty and woozy and can’t think clearly. All in all, I feel all over the place and don’t know where exactly I am and if I’m sitting, laying down or standing upright. But a slowly appearing throbbing in my neck tells me, it’s definitely not a good position.

Just before my vision returns I can feel my lashes fluttering over my cheeks and brow bone. Then the darkness brightens slightly. A soft blue glow reflects on the shiny metal beside and between skeleton like legs as well as from the thick straps attached to both sides of the seat, tightly wound over the skeletons thighs, hips and calves.

I need a few seconds before I realise that this skeleton is me. And when I do, my whole body jerks upright. The back of my head collides painfully with the back of the chair, a dull clang vibrates through the room, I feel a sharp prick at the back of my neck and I come face to face with an oval window a mere hand away from my face. What looks back is a vast darkness filled with dozens of small and big dots ranging from white, blue, pink all the way to yellow and a beautiful vibrant violet.

I’m momentarily stunned before searing hot pain floods through my whole body. Followed by a wet splash on the metal strap across my hips.

I carefully raise my head only to see a huge container with a clear liquid and connected to multiple tubes. Following the tubes one by one, I can see each and every one of them damaged to no repair with liquid tripping down the sides into puddles on the ground.

The other end of these tubes are connected to the straps holding my body up, or trapped. On the other side of those straps are multiple needles, which were once all stuck deep in my flesh as multiple holes all over my body are still showing.

Panicked I look around without further scraping my neck open with the sharp needles there. On both sides of the room are weird machines - dead machines. I don’t think one of them will ever make a sound again. And honestly this is not a room. I don’t think I could stand straight in this room or have the space to stretch out my arms to my sides and I am very tiny. I think I am in a very very tiny space shuttle. And just as the next drop of unidentified liquid lands on my bare shoulder I realise that I am completely naked.

My mind stops working momentarily trying to make sense of this weird situation and of as to why I am in this particular position, but my mind stays empty.

I think I fainted due to shock as the next time I raise my head I am greeted by bright floodlights. These are connected to a monstrous spaceship or warship, which is sucking my shuttle towards an open space. Letting my eyes wander I can faintly identify multiple – scratch that – numerous oval shuttle’s in the bright light all on the same way as mine is.

Once near the entrance of the open space the lights don’t blind me anymore and I can see multiple things.

One is the very high tech Sci-fi white space that slightly reminds me of a mix of a hospital and a lab.

Second is multiple humanoid figures that wear tight completely black space suits and they grow bigger the nearer I float.

Third are dozens of these shuttle’s already on board of this ship with multiple big tall passengers of the ship working on them. Maybe trying to open them or whatever.

Floating within arm length of one of them I freeze as it stretches its arm towards my shuttle. It grabs onto the sides of my shuttle and almost covers the window completely with its enormous hand.

How does someone have so big hands?

Then a slight tremor shakes me as my shuttle passes through an invisible barrier and is then encased in robotic arms holding it upright.

As soon as the space man / alien leaves five other take his place, beginning to work on my space shuttle. It takes a few minutes - I think - before one of them peaks through the window and locks its gaze with mine. A very crazy vibrant almost glowing bright blue stares back at me. It holds my eyes a few seconds till realization fills its eyes as they widen. Then it whips around and its mouth moves frantically. A second later multiple eyes are turned to me.

Bright orange, shiny violet and inhuman bright blue orbs are scanning me through the window. Their unprotected eyes make me freeze. I actually think they are aliens. I break out in a cold sweat. My heart speeds up and a wave of dizziness crashes down on me. I don’t know how I remained conscious but as I lock my gaze on a pair of bright green eyes my sight clears up.

The figure looks the same as the others with the black space suit and protected head, but the air around him feels different. I instinctively know it’s a male and from the looks of it he knows that I am female too. Even though I look like a skeleton and barely have any fat to call my own and probably have the figure of a stick. Not very appealing.

He walks up right in front of the window, still holding my gaze. One of his hands grip at the side of my door, while the other braces against the metal right beside it and then he begins to pull. A few seconds there is nothing but then the metal begins to groan and give away. His impressive muscles play under his suit as he pulls harder and harder.

Then from one second to the other my almost dead space shuttle awakens. A uncomfortable high pitched siren begins to screech making me jolt in surprise. A second later the pain begins again. All the needles shoot out a few more centimetre piercing my skin that already looks like Swiss cheese.

A strangled scream leaves my mouth. My chest bows forward away from the sharp points that grew out of the back of my seat but with my neck, arms, legs and hip held in pace there is not much I can do. The pain is so great my sight turns black.

Then just as I’m about to lose conscious I hear a shattering. Seconds later I’m released. My hurting body lays still, at least it feels like it, as the needles pull back out of my body and the straps holding me in place open up with a swoosh of air. Losing them, my body, not having the strength to keep me upright falls forward directly into a nice warm embrace.

Then I feel myself falling. Mind slipping from consciousness and into a deep slumber.

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