Billionaire’s Summer Fling

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A beautiful young lady decides to treat herself to a vacation for the first time in 27 years ... little did Lia know what unexpected turns life had in stock for her. Roman - sexy, strong and intense ... single and seriously not searching until he accidentally stumbled into a warm bundle of surprise ... How long and hard they can fight against their tumultuous passions? ... 🔥

Romance / Humor
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The Greet ...

Natalia’s POV

Natalia White - I have seemed to always have it all ... beauty, brains, a wonderful childhood and a loving family I can count on. Yes, they could be intense most times, tease me a lot - especially my siblings but I always figured it was from a place of love.

So at the age of 27, with five over protective brothers and a sister, constantly breathing down my neck, I decided to rebel by taking my first solo vacation. And if you’ve got to rebel for the first time you do it in a small way right? .... WRONG! 😐

Nope I did mine big and in style ... I was going all the way from Italy to the United States of America! My family will not easily stop me this time. I am going to cease this moment and make it mine. Something should actually be my decision and mine alone. And off I went ...

It was a smooth and virtually uneventful journey until he stumbled into me from nowhere and sent me sprawling in an undignified heap to the floor ... ah hold on ... let me not get ahead of myself and tell you how it actually happened. The plane finally touched down at McCarran International Airport and it was such a relief. It was that feeling between thank God for journey mercies and let’s get this groove on the move! So yeah .. I was on fast forward and that was how I literally crashed into him. The ‘Roman Torres’ and just like the meaning of the name Torres, this particular (moving) tower almost crushed me in his haste!

Bags clashing ... bodies colliding .. items spilling ... all I could come up with was ‘Hey! Where’s the fire? ...’ I looked up, saw the most amazing heated gray eyes and lost all manner of speech ... my tongue had decided to go on a mini break while my brain completely shut down ... that mini phrase was the best greet it could come up with and I should be grateful it wasn’t just a squeak. Pictures don’t do him justice at all.

Roman usually a man of few words, had no such challenges at this time at the sight of the unusual yet amusing vision in front of him ... ‘Right here Señorita ... trés bonita!’ Very beautiful ... ‘Why don’t we do a proper introduction intentionally instead of accidentally? Let me help you up ... sorry about the bump’ 😊

I got up from my undignified heap on the floor .. accepted his proffered hand and that was when I felt the electricity zap up my hands and through my body ... this was gonna be interesting ... the Billionaire and the Tourist ... lit af ... anticipating ... there goes my brain concocting juicy fantasies already when words are yet to be formed. 😂

‘Yyyes ... errrrr sure,’ I spluttered on, thank goodness my brain is finally booting on auto speed. ‘Thank you for helping me up ... it was totally my fault because I was trying to use my phone GPS to navigate ... this is my first time in the United States of America’.

‘Oh cool ... I will personally see to making this trip a memorable one for you as a token of my apology for the accident Bella ... Roman Torres is my name and you are?’

‘Natalia ... Natalia White, Lia to my friends ... I have read about you’

‘I’ll rather call you Talia’ he said flashing an irresistible grin ... 💥 that was surely a knockout ... how do the females of the world survive that smile, I briefly pondered.

I took his proffered hand in a handshake again, he raised the hand to his lips in a gentle kiss while holding my gaze. I expected the first electricity jolt to be nothing but a fluke, that wasn’t the case. If anything it intensified ... intriguing.

My holiday was definitely off to a captivating start, I thought while I inwardly swooned. This was going to be quite the vacation.

Hello dearies, this is my first try at writing a romantic work ... please let me know your thoughts and join me on this ride 😉

I am also interested in helping to edit people’s writings - grammatical errors and such, so reach out to me on the comments section if you’d like such done for you.

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