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Twisted Perfection

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"You don't remember?" he asked in a husky voice and took a step forward while I took a step back. "No, I don't." I lied confidently this time as he kept walking towards me. "You don't remember the way I kissed you or how wet you got even before I touched you down there?" he whispered bluntly, making my eyes go wide. "Mr. Wilson, that's very inappropriate." I kept walking and my back hit against the wall behind me. "Is it now?" he breathed out before pulling me closer by snaking his arm around my waist and before I could process the bolts of pleasure running through my body at his touch, he grabbed my face, crashing his lips to mine. My eyes went wide as I realized what was happening but I was too damn turned on to push him away. Nate Wilson is a hot young man who is every girl's wet dream. In an attempt to get over his best friend who is married, he hooks up with a total stranger. Samantha Perez is a fiesty and confident young woman who lives the perfect life. She breaks her rule for one night, letting herself go loose but is she really as wild as she seems between the sheets? A one nightstand brings these two people together but little did they know that it wasn't going to be just a one nightstand. Read to find out what life has in store for these two imperfect souls.

Romance / Erotica
Chaotic Soul
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Sequel to 'Amidst Chaos' but can be read as a stand-alone also.

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I watched the people around me having a good time as I kept chugging on a drink after drink to drown my sorrows and pain. It was a little early to be drinking at a bar but I didn't give a shit. I could see people giving me weird stares at my attire. I mean, of course, it wasn't normal to see a guy dressed in a tux at a bar, drinking like a maniac, at this time of the day.

Well, fuck off, people! I had my own reasons.

"Keep 'em coming," I yelled to the bartender and kept tapping my feet to the music that was faintly ringing in my ears.

"You better have a ride back home, young man." He placed the drink with a worried look on his face and I scoffed thinking about how I had nobody to drive me home and nobody to love me.

"One long Island iced tea, please." I heard a sexy voice beside me and caught a whiff of some flowery pleasant smell. If it was any other time, I would have checked out the chick and even tried to flirt with her but I was too drunk and hurt to even bother.

I kept sipping on my drink quietly and noticed that the woman had sat down on the chair beside me with her drink. She started to go through her phone and I couldn't help but notice her long fingers with painted red nails, tapping away furiously on the screen. From the corner of my eyes, I noticed that she had shoulder-length chestnut brown hair that hid her face and she was wearing a red dress that reached till her thighs. I shook my head getting distracted and turned my focus back to my drink.

"Some wedding huh?" I heard that same sexy voice after a while and turned to my side to find her talking to me. I blinked twice to see her clearly through my blurred vision. Fuck, she was smoking hot with her big hazel brown eyes and plump lips that were painted red, matching her dress. Her olive skin looked so smooth like silk and I swallowed hard, shaking my head, trying to get rid of the inappropriate thoughts.

"Hello?" She waved her hand in front of my face and I coughed a bit, trying to hide my embarrassment.

Fuck, she must have thought I was some creepy pervert.

But hey, I was a guy after all.

"Uhh...Is it that obvious?" I muttered, focusing on my drink.

"Yeah, look at you. You are depressing the entire bar." She replied with a hint of humor, making me raise my eyebrows at her bold and confident tone.

"Let me guess, you are in love with the bride." She continued and I jerked my head towards her in surprise.

How the hell did she figure out?

"Or the bridegroom. No judgments here," she added, making me chuckle a bit.

"I'm not gay," I replied dryly, loosening my tie a bit.

"Kinda figured that when you kept staring at me for a good thirty seconds," she smirked while I let out a huge breath.

Fuck, she was good.

"Well, you guessed it right. I'm in love with a girl who can never be mine." I sighed in defeat and for some reason, it felt good to tell it out loud to a total stranger.

"Why go to her wedding in the first place?" she asked, looking at me like I was crazy.

"She is my best friend," I stated and her eyes went wide.

"Damn, that must be brutal." She kept playing with the straw in her drink.

"No, shit." I scoffed and looked at her. She crossed her legs, showing more of her smooth skin, making my cock twitch and that's when a crazy idea popped into my head.

"I know this is going to sound crazy but do you wanna fuck?" I asked, without any shame and she was taken aback by my directness.

"Wow, that was super quick." She flipped her hair, showing a glimpse of her cleavage. I needed some kind of distraction to get Rebecca off my mind and the drinks were not helping me at all.

"I don't hear you saying no," I smirked while she bit her lip as if contemplating whether or not to turn down my offer.

"Come on, I just want to get her off my mind and we don't even have to know each other. I will probably forget about this whole thing in the morning. It's just a one-time thing," I urged, trying to convince her. She got down from her seat and came closer towards me. For a spilt second, I thought she was going to slap me or something and my breath hitched at our closeness.

Fuck, she was such a temptress!

"Follow me," she whispered against my ears and kept walking.

Okay, that was unexpected.

I followed her like a lost puppy, watching her sexy ass swaying as she walked in front of me and I felt myself getting hard. This was the kind of distraction I needed. We reached the parking lot and got in her car immediately. I was too drunk to register anything that was happening. I didn't even know if I was doing the right thing but I didn't care.

"You wanna do it in the car?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Gross, we are going back to my apartment," she rolled her eyes and started the car while I laid back on the seat lazily.

"Today is your lucky day, woman. I'm going to fuck you so hard that no man is ever going to satisfy you as I do," I spoke after a while and she just laughed, shaking her head. By the time we reached her apartment, I was sobered up a bit.

Once we made our way to her door in my half-drunken state, she unlocked it and I pushed her against the wall immediately and kicked the door close behind me. I started kissing her lips and she started to respond with the same need.

"Oh my god, I can't believe I'm doing this." She moaned as I squeezed her boobs over her dress and pushed it down, freeing them while I kept nibbling her earlobes. Fuck, they were perfect and she smelled so damn good. I latched on to one of her nipples and rolled my tongue all over her erect buds while my left hand pushed her dress up above her ass. I parted her legs with my hands roughly and ran my fingers along the inside of her sexy smooth thighs, making her moan out loud.

"God, you are so fucking hot." I groaned, slipped my hand inside her panties which was soaked. She was so damn wet.

Looks like someone has been having naughty thoughts all evening.

She quickly removed my coat and ripped open my shirt, making the buttons fly in all directions. I started to unbuckle my belt and removed my pants.

"Like what you see," I smirked as she kept staring at my body and licked her lips.

"You wish. I've seen better," she smiled wickedly and pulled me closer by my ass, squeezing it a bit. I lifted her left leg and placed it around my waist and pushed my dick against her dripping core.

"Let's see if you have had better than me," I roared and lifted her by her ass. She wrapped her legs around my waist instantly and started to breathe hard. I took my cock out and flicked my eyes up to meet her gaze.


"I'm on the pill," she breathed out and that was all I needed to know. I pushed myself inside her without any announcement, making her gasp.

"Stay still," I whispered hoarsely and started to pound inside her. God, she felt so fucking good and I felt myself losing inside her. She closed her eyes and buried her face in the crook of my neck, moaning in pleasure.

"Ughh...Faster," she cried, biting my shoulders and it only turned me on more.

"Fuck," I grunted as I was about to come. I was so close. I've slept with a lot of girls and had a lot of one night stands but there was something different about this one. It was so fucking raw and erotic. I wanted to keep fucking her as she made me forget about the pain.

We kept fucking each other like animals as she dug her nails in my skin. Soon I released myself inside her and she came close behind me. We both tried to catch our breath and she pushed the hair out of her face to look at me.

"That was satisfying, indeed." She smirked, sexily and I released her gently on the floor.

"Told you," I grinned widely.

"I don't know why you didn't get the girl. I mean, you are really attractive and know how to pleasure a woman." She spoke adjusting her dress.

"I can be a real asshole sometimes and I guess our timing was never right," I replied with a tight smile.

"Well, I sure can tell that she is going to miss all the amazing sex that she could have enjoyed," she winked, making me chuckle. I realized that I felt better after a long time and looked at her. We kept staring at each other and fell into an awkward silence.

"Uhh...I better go and thank you so much. I really needed this," I ran my hands through my hair and got dressed quickly.

"Do you need a ride or something?" she offered, adjusting her hair and I couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was. Any guy would be lucky to have her. I couldn't picture her as the type to have quick causal sex and for some reason, I believed that this was her first one nightstand. Suddenly, I felt bad that I convinced and used her for my selfish needs and I wanted nothing but to get out of there as quickly as possible.

God, I was really an asshole.

"I'll get a cab. Good night," I kissed her cheeks.

"Good night and hey, don't worry, time heals everything." She said in a soft voice, making me smile before rushing out of the door swiftly. Once I was out of her building, I got a cab and on the way back home, I could still feel a big void in my chest and wondered if time could really heal everything.

I probably deserved to feel this way for taking her for granted.

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