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Chapter 9

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Here comes the next chapter and Maggie is still sitting at the ‘harbour bistro’ with her ’boys’ and they are making plans to introduce her into the Aristocratic Society… sounds like fun, at least for the readers.

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After this issue was solved, I changed the subject of our conversation back to my family background.

“So how do we gather information? I thought a good place to start would be the ‘Collosseum’…”

Adrian looked at me in astonishment.

“Why do you want to go to that shady place? Half-Bloods are forced to take such measure, but you are a full-blooded Aristocrat and on top of that an ascendant from the ‘House of Regents’.

You can use the official way. Now, that your test results have arrived, we can register you as a family member of Clan Romanov. The next step is your ceremonial introduction to the aristocratic society.”

Darius nodded in approval and went on.

“It fit’s perfectly! The next debutant ball is happening in approximately two months – the perfect opportunity for your official introduction. Till then, you can be prepared by getting some lessons in etiquette as well as dancing lessons.

Every important society member of the aristocracy will be attending. The debutants are presented like high prized breeding mares.”

He started to smile lost in thought and continued.

“I haven’t been on such a ball in a very long time. The atmosphere at such a debutant ball is a blast! The ladies of the society are so lonely. The poor women almost chase me, in order to get away from their narrow-minded husbands and boring lifes… not to mention the debutants.

Every single one of them just wants my body, but what am I to do? I am simply but a humbled servant and gentleman, that can’t deny the weak and beautiful gender anything …”

Adrian and I watched Darius in amusement, mixed with annoyance.

That’s how he was, our Darius: Sometimes with his loose tongue at the limit, always prepared for a sinful adventure, but he made up for all the craziness with his big heart.

He was a friend for life and I could not wish for a better brother.

I replied.

“But at least you can dance pretty well and have been trained in the Aristocracy’s special rules and customs since your early childhood. Rules that you seem to be able to bend to your own advantage. Together with your and Adrian’s help, nothing can go wrong.”

Then I embraced my brother.

“Thanks, you insolent guy!”

He responded with wiggling eyebrows. “You are very welcome, sis!”

He placed at kiss at my hairline.

After we left the ‘harbour bistro’, we decided to take a walk along the harbour promenade.

“So, how does this work with my registration as a new family member of the Romanovs?”

Darius smiled at me and responded.

“Have you never heard of a registration office?”

I replied. “You are kidding me!”

Adrian decided to join in on the conversation.

“No, Darius is right. There exists a matching counterpart in the Aristocracy. It is simply called the ‘administration’ and it’s central office is in here in Atonia. That is, because Atonia is the capital of the Aristocracy. But before we can get you registered, we need to get our own letters of confirmation for Clan Romanov, which are secured in a safe in Ignis, together with our blood serum vials.”

I interrupted him.

“But, what about Niklas? Doesn’t he need to be involved in this bureaucratic act?”

Adrian shook his head.

“Not necessarily. I am his official successor and therefore I can give the necessary signature and Darius as a Full-Blood of the ‘House of Warriors’ can act as a witness. We don’t need Niklas.”

I stopped walking, turned around to the sea and put my hands on the banister.

I needed a moment to sort out my thoughts, then I replied to both of them.

“I think we shouldn’t pass over Niklas. I want to talk to him about my family background. Maybe he can tell me, who my mother is.”

Each one of them looked at me the same way: As if I had gone mad.

Darius was the first to speak. “You can’t be serious! Are we talking about the same Niklas?”

Then, he moved next to me onto the banister.

“Why do you think this is a bad idea? He is my dad and therefore he owes me an explanation. He can not expect that everybody is marching to his tune, when he shows up once every few months…”

Adrian leaned with his back onto the banister on my free side.

“Niklas shares only information with us, which he can use to his own advantage or to manipulate us. See where we stand now, after believing him.”

We all nodded in unison.

I moved some steps backwards, so that I wouldn’t be caged in between them anymore.

Especially the physical proximity to Adrian let me forget my reservation towards him – especially in this unnerving situation regarding my mysterious background.

I wished I could seek shelter in his arms. But the inevitable proximity of an embrace would tempt me to do things, which I would later regret.

As already proven yesterday, I am no saint and Adrian was now Soraya’s boyfriend.

To distract myself from my own thoughts, I came up with another topic.

“How long will you stay in Atonia?”

Adrian replied. “We will drive back to Ignis this afternoon. Soraya has to go to work tomorrow.”

“I was their passenger, so I will join them on their way back. Why don’t you visit us next week? We have a lot to talk about.”

Darius watched me with hesitation.

After a while I nodded.

“It is time to go back home.”

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