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Chapter 10

I stayed back at the harbour promenade, as both of them left.

I wanted to go back to Amie’s and my apartment to talk to her about the latest developments, but before that I needed some time alone to sort out my thoughts.

Therefore, I took a detour through the city park on my way home.

Adrian’s composed reaction after being informed, that I wasn’t his sister, bothered me.

Yes, Darius stupid teasing made him loose his reserve, but at the end he couldn’t wait to get back to his beloved Soraya. If he had decided otherwise, Darius wouldn’t have interrupted us.

After all his shady reputation regarding his love life preceded him. So who was he to judge others?

But it didn’t come to that. Obviously I misjudged the whole situation with Soraya and her relationship with Adrian was stronger than I thought, or wanted to think.

The revelation that I only ever thought of her as my fill-in, until I would take back my rightful place, made me ashamed of myself.

I believed it was time to give her a real chance and to let go of Adrian. The thought alone opened up a big empty hole in my stomach.

But this feeling was completely without any reason. Maybe I did loose Adrian as my lover, but we were still bound by friendship and he would never let me down.

On top of that, I could count on Darius as my brother and friend and Amie has always been there for me as a great support.

I shouldn’t let myself down, only focusing on the negative aspects, when there are a lot of good, too. At that I had to smile.

Yes, there had been good and exciting things. My mind wandered to the sensual night with Malachy.

For me, this encounter meant a new start and the first step into the right direction – to finally let go of Adrian.

And maybe, or hopefully our paths will cross again someday.

When I arrived in our apartment at late afternoon, I saw Amie sitting on the couch in the living room, watching her favourite television series.

“Hey Sweetie! I’m home!”

I took off my scarf and hung up my coat – typical for April, it was still cold outside. Then, I seated myself next to her on the sofa.

Instantly the television series was irrelevant.

“I am so curious! How did they take it?”

Amie moved towards my direction, so we could look at each other while talking.

I tried to look dead serious and replied.

“There was a bit of everything, starting with rejection and ending with a fight.”

Horrified, Amie put her hands in front of her mouth and grew big eyes.

Then I blew it by laughing. Obviously I was a better actor than I thought.

“Everything went well. Darius is the best big brother I could wish for and Adrian’s reaction was composed – almost too composed.

But there was a short moment, in which he saw red and almost jumped down on Darius’ neck. That was, when dear Darius made a funny comparison about my love life involving potential brothers… Honestly, he asked for it.”

Amie’s jaw dropped at that revelation.

“Which potential brother? Don’t tell me that you also had something going on with Darius! I mean, not that I can blame you for it. Look at him, he is gorgeous jaw-dropping….But Maggie, you can’t be serious!”

I waved off her theory with both my hands.

“For heaven’s sake, no! But I remembered a part about Malachy, which I have forgotten to tell you.”

Now she started to nervously rock back and forth on the sofa, which led to her beautiful black locks jumping up and down.

I explained to her, that the lily-cross on the cap of my vial was the symbol of the ‘House of Regents’ and that I saw that exact symbol on the door of the private room, into which I went with Malachy.

Amie placed her hand on her forehead, while shaking her head.

“Maggie, what in hell made you think it was a good idea to talk about your one-night-stand with a stranger in front of Adrian, who is supposed to be your big love? Did you leave your brain in the shower, before you left the apartment? You are unbelievable!”

I wanted to reply but she stopped me with a wave of her hand and raised herself from the sofa.

“I am going to catch us a glass of wine, before we go on with our talk - also at the risk of being on the bottle in three weeks, when you won’t stop with your crazy revelations.”

No sooner said than done.

She gave me a glass filled with white wine, before sitting on the sofa again.


We clacked out glasses.

“So hon, now I am ready for the part of Malachy being your potential brother. Honestly, how much bad luck can you have in one lifetime?”

She raised her free hand to the ceiling in a very theatrical way. I simply had to laugh, although the situation was not funny at all.

“I guess it is good for us, that we Aristocrats have two lifes and my second one is just about to start.”

She watched me curiously, while I went on.

“I mentioned Malachy to the boys, because I thought the ‘Collosseum’ would be a good start to gather information about the ruling family and Malachy, who seems to be part of them. But both of them discarded my plan instantly.

Because of me being a full-blooded Aristocrat and on top of that, due to the azure part of my blood, they want me to register as an official member of their family clan as soon as possible. Afterwards they want to officially introduce me to the Aristocratic Society – even against Daddy Niklas’ wish, if necessary.

Darius mentioned a debutant ball that is supposed to take place in approximately two months.”

Now there was no stopping her.

“Lucky you! I, as a Half-Blood, am not invited to these social circles – I can attend as a servant, if I want to… I envy you! Such social gatherings are supposed to be the killer – like in Cinderella!”

When speaking the last word, her voice was as high as a chirping bird. She almost sounded hysterical.

I smiled amused and proposed.

“Then simply join me. Either we both go, or no one does. Besides, I think that I can use a good friend by my side at such an event.”

With that she fell around my neck, pledging her endless love and loyalty to me and promising me to always be my friend.

I gave her a friendly peck on her cheek.

“There is one last thing I have to talk about: Adrian and Darius doesn’t want me to, but I want to talk to Niklas about my familiar background and to inform him about our plan of registering me and introducing me to the Aristocratic Society. I can’t imagine that he isn’t cooperative.

After all, he was the one calling me his successor and I am an enrichment to his Clan, considering the colour of my blood-serum. Besides I am hoping to get information on my real mother.”

Now Amie became quiet, obviously weighing the words of her reply.

“Maggie, I am afraid of disappointing you, but everything I have heard about Niklas Romanov so far, doesn’t inspire confidence. Who can guarantee, that he won’t lie to you, again?”

Somewhat broken up, I responded.

“Nobody can guarantee this. I simply have the naïve hope, that he feels sorry for his daughter and wants to help me.”

Now, I had the feeling that she was looking at me with pity in her eyes.

“However this ends, I am always there for you!”


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