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Chapter 11

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Meet Daddy Niklas Romanov III and enjoy reading the new chapter.

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The next morning, everyday life caught up with me. It was a typical morning in April in Atonia – wet and cold.

I prepared myself for the day in order to go to my office, as usual. I was working as a student assistant at a local constructor. Nothing special happened, but I noticed that my thoughts drifted to Daddy Niklas on several occasions.

At lunch break, my restlessness had reached it’s peak, so I took my desk phone and dialled Niklas’ mobile number.

To my surprise, he picked up his phone at the third ring.

“Hello Margarete! I was expecting you to call earlier.”

Like a child that had been scolded, I made myself smaller, by sliding back on my stool.

“Hello Niklas! I needed some time to deal with the new information.”

As if I owe him an explanation...Then I faltered while speaking.

“Could we meet? I want to talk to you about something.”

He answered curtly.

“Tomorrow at noon, I am going to pick you up for lunch in front of your shabby office building. I can’t believe that you are still working at this place, especially now that you are a real Romanov.”

His words were reeking with disapproval.

“12:30 p.m. sharp. Don’t make me wait!”

With those words, he ended the conversation.

I looked at the earpiece and asked myself: What in hell am I expecting of this conversation and how did I get the idea to meet with Niklas behind Adrian’s and Darius’ back...

I had a bad feeling. With this call, I put something in motion that couldn’t be stopped anymore.

The day went by in a blur. Before I knew it, it was already Tuesday morning and I was sitting nervously at my desk.

Some minutes after twelve I grabbed my purse and jacket and went into the office of my supervisor.

I told him, that I would meet my father for lunch and would therefore take a longer lunch break than usual. Hardly looking at me, he nodded and went on with his work.

I let my eyes wander through the office with a wistful feeling, before I left. I did the same with the hallway and while passing my tiny office. I knew that it was time to quit and leave.

I have only been a student assistant, but I helped out at this company for almost two years and got accustomed to my colleagues and the surroundings.

To be honest, I really didn’t know that much about the aristocratic society.

All I knew was that it was a parallel society of the ‘normal’ human one, whose access could not be bought with all the money in the world. In order to be part of it, you had to be born into it and prove it by means of your blood-serum.

I thought about the trust fund, that Niklas gave me access to, after he adopted me. It wasn’t a fortune, but in theory I wouldn’t need to work while studying.

I simply wanted to earn my own money, so I could make my own living and have some degree of normalicy in my life. Because in real life. Everybody had to work in order to pay their bills.

It was clear to me that my life would change after getting the results of the blood serum test. Still, imagining something doesn’t necessarily meant, that you would be prepared for it to actually happen. My life would change in it’s entire.

I arrived on the pavement before the office building shortly before 12:30 p.m.

How would the conversation go?

Me, the supplicant and Niklas, the patriarch...

I sincerely hoped that he would provide me with information about my ancestral origins and that I wouldn’t stab Adrian and Darius in their back in vain.

Niklas arrived true to style in a black limousine. His driver stopped the car directly in front of me on the pavement.

He got out of the car in order to open the door for me, but I waved him aside and climbed in by myself. Inside the car’s luxurious interior, Niklas shook his head in disapproval.

“Margarete, how often do I have to tell you, that we don’t hire personnel for fun. As a Romanov, you don’t open the car by yourself. That is below your dignity and exactly what personnel is for. Now that you are a full-blooded aristocrat you have to work on your manners and your occurance.”

I had to pull myself together so as not to roll my eyes. I needed information from him, therefore it wasn’t clever to anger him right at the beginning of the conversation.

For that reason I replied.

“You are right, Nik.. I mean father. I still have to learn a lot. That is the reason I contacted you.”

His steel-grey eyes fixed on me with a curious expression.

“You do already know the results from my blood serum test. I am your daughter, but I also got a big part of azure colour in my blood serum. I already met Adrian and Darius to explain this special colour and its meaning to me.”


He interrupted me with a bored glance, implicating that I was a simpleton who had yet had to get the meaning of her own words.

“I came to the conclusion that I can not run anymore and that I don’t want to run either. I am part of the aristocracy and I decided to accept that.”

Bored, he crossed one leg above the other.


As I wanted to continue, he looked at me condescendingly.

“After we had lunch, Margarete. We will arrive soon.”

He made it very clear that I didn’t have to go on talking.

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