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Chapter 15

The next morning was a beautiful day. I was woken up by chirping birds and rays of light, that shown through the slits of my curtains.

No noise or honking cars, or the loud sounds of the garbage disposal – I had almost forgotten how quiet and sleepy it was at the mansion. In a good mood, I went in my pyjamas onto the big balcony, which was meandering along the backside of the building and could be entered from every room at this floor.

I let my eyes wander along the well-groomed, green park and soaked in the fresh air.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed movement not far from me.

Adrian was sitting in a wicker chair, holding a cup of coffee in his hands and looking at me. Next to him on the floor stood a thermos jug and a spare cup.

“Good Morning! You startled me! What are you doing here?”

Adrian took another sip from his cup, before answering me.

“Old habits die hard. In the past you usually went onto the balcony right after waking up, listening to the bird’s chirping and letting the sun shine onto your face.”

He paused for a moment, then he went on.

“I am here, because I want to talk to you. Please grab another chair and a blanket and keep me company for a while.”

I looked at him curiously and stunned.

“Why didn’t you – you and Soraya- show up, yesterday? I was assuming, that you were not interested in my company.”

“First of all, make yourself comfortable. Then we can talk.”

I nodded and got a chair and a blanket from my bedroom.

He had already began to pour me a cup of coffee. When I sat next to him, he handed me the cup.

“Maggie, I was thinking a lot lately. I am glad that you are a part of Clan Romanov, an important and precious part. But still I have the feeling that you are leaving me out of your life. You could have told me how important the knowledge about your birth mother was to you. I would have helped you and stood by your side. You wouldn’t need to confront Niklas all by yourself.”

I looked at him in astonishment.

“You pretend that Niklas is a villain and that I am not capable of talking to him. I am his daughter. Someday I need to be able to have a normal conversation with him, without the help of anybody. I am not a little child anymore!”

Adrian wanted to argue, but I raised my hand, thereby asking him to let me finish.

“Adrian, so much happened those last two years. We both moved on with our lifes. I know that I didn’t treat you right and I am sorry for that. It was never my intention, to hurt your feelings, you have to believe me! Now, you seem to be happy again. You are dancing with Soraya for hours, while gloating happily. I don’t want to destroy your happiness, that is why I distanced myself from you. And I am also going on with my life and I am okay with it, the way it is. I want to lay our past to rest and start a new chapter in my life.”

He became particularly quiet after I finished my statement.

Lost in his thoughts, he sipped his coffee. I couldn’t interpret his behaviour.

Would I have had the possibility to take a look into his mind at that time, I would have been able to see the storm coming and could have prevented lots of pain. But theses abilities, which were granted to me by my azure blood-serum, were still untrained.

After a break that felt like eternity, I spoke further: “I underestimated your and Soraya’s love for each other, because I thought a relationship between an aristocrat and a human makes no sense. I am sorry for that assumption. Will you and Soraya be by my side, while I start my new future?”

Adrian watched me with a total lack of expression.

“If this is your wish, we will be by your side.”

His reply made me so happy, that I got out of my chair and fell around his neck, beaming with joy.

He put away his cup in a blink of an eye and hugged me tightly in his arms.

I mumbled: “Thanks a lot!”

He pressed me tight to him, almost too tight and too long. For a short moment I had the feeling, that he was pensively smelling my hair.

I released myself from his hug in a hurry and sat myself back in the chair opposite him.

“I need to ask you another question, but please don’t laugh at me, okay?”

Adrian looked at me tenderly. “I would never do such a thing!”

I told him about yesterday’s conversation with Amie, when we were sitting at the nice Italian place, packed like donkeys.

Amie explained to me, that there were peculiar rumours about the azure blood serum. It was supposed to be able, to get every Aristocrat, full-blood or half-blood, through his or her transition without the help of the ‘Witch circle’. And on top of that, it would be able to change a human into a half-blood Aristocrat.

To be honest, I didn’t believe her, but since this possibility was mentioned, I couldn’t shake the thought.

Especially as I was back in Ignis, this thought would haunt me: What if there was a possibility for me to help with Adrian’s and Soraya’s relationship, to make it more equal. Maybe I could atone for my mistakes, which I made in the past, by helping them being officially together as aristocrats?

I asked him hesitantly: “Adrian, is there any truth to Amie’s claim? Would it be possible for me to change humans into Half-Bloods with my blood serum?”

Excited, I just kept chatting without letting him speak.

“I am referring to this rumour, because if there is the smallest possibility of it being true, I want to offer you to change Soraya. This way, she can be a part of your life completely with all it’s facets.”

Adrian looked at me in astonishment.

Then he confirmed, that he had heard about this rumour as well. In theory it should be possible to change humans with pure blood-serum from members of the ‘House of Regents’ into Half-Bloods. But he himself had never heard of one single case, where this had actually happened.

He added hesitantly, that my proposal to change Soraya was very generous, but that he needed some time to think this matter through.

“I have to go back to Soraya. We planned to eat breakfast together, before I am to join the meeting with Darius and you at nine a.m. I hope it is okay that I will join you.”

I nodded. “It’s more than okay. I quickly have to step under the shower now, but we will see us later.”

I raised from my chair and went into the direction of my bedroom, then I stopped, because I had another thought.

I turned towards him again, saying: “Adrian, one more thing: I am glad that we spoke about this and that we can deal with each other normally, again.”

He smiled. “Me too.”

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