Regent's Blood - Aristocracy (Book 1) COMPLETED

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Chapter 28

After James arrived at Maggie’s accommodations, he knocked on the door and waited for a sign, that would allow him to enter the room. Nothing happened. After several tries without getting a result, he opened the door and entered the room.

When he let his eyes wander through the room, he noticed Maggie’s purse, lying on a chair. But there was no sign of her. He went across the room and knocked carefully on the bedroom door.

Again, there was no sign, that would have made him believe, that anybody was in the room. So he opend this door as well and went into the bedroom. At first, it seemed like this room was empty, too. Then he saw her lying in her bed.

Although he was we acquainted with the right to privacy, he closed the door quietly and moved closer to the bed.

When I saw her lying on the bed, curled up like a ball and on her side, the right thing for me to do, would be to leave and get a maid to wake her. She looked so fragile. Instead, I did exactly the opposite of what I should have done. What proper manners would have dictated.

I couldn’t resist – she attracted me like a magnet. She had that power over me, without realising it, or exploiting it. How could she, when she wasn’t even awake?

Exactly that’s how it had been, many weeks ago at the Collosseum. I felt as attracted to her, as a moth to a light. Now, I stood in front of her bed, like a stalker and had no idea, what to do. Not to look like a completely crazy person, I called her name to wake her.

She didn’t react. Apparently she slept the sleep of the just. I sat next to her on the bed, putting some strands of hair out of her face, to be able to take a closer look at her. What I saw, led me to the conclusion, that it was not just me. Anyone would be attracted to her.

She was beautiful. Her face was well proportioned, with a petite snub nose and full, plump lips, which tasted like strawberries and mint. But the most beautiful thing were her big, amber eyes with the long, black lashes.

Back then at the Collosseum, all it took was one look from her into my direction and nothing and nobody would have been able, to stop me from going to her. Being deeply lost in my thoughts, I absentmindedly stroked her cheek with the back of my fingers.

Daina was wrong. Her plan to make Maggie compliant by seducing her, would put me at a disadvantage and on the losing side. Besides, I didn’t want to hurt her.

I was so deep in thoughts, that I didn’t notice her being already awake, looking at me incredulously with sleepy eyes.

“Malachy? What are you doing here?” My second name and the way she spoke it, had followed me more than once into my dreams. Slowly I took my hand back from her face and went a little further away.

She straitened herself from her lying position by putting her weight on her elbow. “Have I overslept? How late is it? I was so tired… I am sorry.”

I looked at my wrist watch. “It is almost 3 p.m. You should really get up, now.”

She nodded and sat next to me on the edge of the bed. While changing her position, the hem of her dress slid dangerously high, revealing her thighs. Daina was completely wrong. At that point it was completely clear, who had whom under a spell…

I cleared my throat: “Doctor McKinay has already arrived at the premises, to take your blood. He is waiting for you in the small salon. But I can make him come here, if you prefer that.”

“No, it is okay. I will soon be ready.” She put on her shoes, that stood next to the bed, in a hurry. Then she stood up and placed herself in front of a big mirror to straighten her hair and dress.

I wasn’t able to do anything, but stare at her. She turned to me, after she was finished.

“Can we go, now?” Then she added hesitantly: “You will have to go first. I don’t know the way.”

I got up, startled, and offered her my arm. “Mylady, let me show you the way to your torturer.” I smiled at her while speaking.

Insecure, she returned the smile and hooked her arm into mine. At that moment I was utterly aware of the fact, that the proximity to my little imposter, felt better, than it should.

When we arrived at the small salon, Andre the butler and a middle-aged man in a white Doctor’s coat, were already waiting for us. When they saw us, they both bowed.

The Doctor greeted Malachy first, then turned to me. “Ms. Romanov! It is a pleasure to meet you.”

He indicated towards a big, green wing chair. “If you are so kind as to sit yourself down. I am going to make the procedure as short and painless as possible.”

I nodded and sat myself as requested on the chair. I barely sat, when the doctor started to tie my upper arm in order to jam the blood. Several minutes later the procedure was over.

A little ashamed, I got out of my chair. It was obvious, that nobody in this room actually believed my supposed ancestry. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t believe it either, me being a Fleur de Lys.

I meekly turned to Malachy: “James, I don’t feel well. Is it possible for me, to go back to my rooms and eat a little something for dinner, before going to bed, early?”

“Of course!” He replied promptly.

“Gentlemen, I will find my way back, alone. I wish you all a pleasant day.” Then I curtsied towards James und left the salon.

After initial difficulties, I found my way back to the big lobby. From here, I only had to climb the stairs to the first floor and follow the hallway to it’s end.

When I closed the door to my living room behind me, I felt relieved. I had kept my word. Now, I just had to wait. I took a book form the shelf, went to the small couch and sat comfortably.

Just when I had opened the book, I heard my phone beep in the bedroom. I stood up to get it and to see, who had contacted me.

It was Amie. She was curious about how everything went so far and wanted to know, if I was okay. I called her back directly and informed her about the latest developments.

She wanted to visit me tomorrow afternoon. I was glad, that I left her the MINI. It was not possible to reach this castle with public transport.

After we had finished our conversation, I tried to concentrate on my book, again. In the end I gave up and switched on the television, letting me being entertained by a program about English gardens.

Several minutes later, someone knocked quietly on my door.

“Come in, please!” A young maid entered the room, pushing a trolley with my dinner into my room. Then, she served me soup with marrow dumplings and freshly baked bread at the small table, which was standing right next to the window.

She had hardly left my accommodations, when I went to the table and started to eat. I let the television continue to run as background noise.

Again, my mobile was ringing. This time it was a massage from Adrian. I opened the text.

He wrote: “Maggie! Someday, you will drive me mad… Tomorrow at noon, I am going to visit you at castle ‘Green Willow’. We need to talk. Adrian

So much for my plan of getting rid of him. I wasn’t even able to keep him away from here for one day.

I replied to him: “Okay. I will inform the staff about your visit, so we can eat lunch together. Best regards Maggie” Then I pushed the ‘send’ button.

After finishing my dinner, I called the service-department of the castle, to inform them about Adrian’s visit. Afterwards, I cuddled myself into a blanket on the couch, zapping through several channels. Quite soon after that, I prepared myself for an early sleep, before taking my book to read in bed.

Just before my eyes closed, I thought about the strange way, that James woke me earlier today. At that moment, he hadn’t been James the regent, but my Malachy, the one whom I had given my second innocence to.

The whole situation was really complicated.

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