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Chapter 32

In the meantime, Adrian had completely returned to his senses and was aware of the disaster, that he had caused. He wanted to go to Maggie and see, if she was okay.

Slowly, he stood up from the ground and started to move into her direction.

He couldn’t move further. James gazed at him with a deadly look on his face and suddenly he felt an incredibly strong headache, that everything around him went black and he collapsed.

James spoke with an icy voice: “You have done enough for today!”

Then he turned to Daina. “Take care of him and be discreet. We will talk about this interesting noon and your role in it, later.”

Daina looked at James in horror.

She wondered what on earth had just happened here. Her vision showed her Adrian and Maggie kissing passionately, not him forcing himself on her.

She looked at Adrian in confusion. He still held his hands at his painfully throbbing temples.

What the hell was going on with James? Attacking Adrian directly and on top of that, when he was already lying on the floor.

The latter could be glad, that he had a terrible headache, only. His brain might as well have ended up as mushed vegetables…

Whatever was between Margarete and James, she had underestimated it.

Now, she turned to Adrian: “Stand up and straighten your clothes.”

Then she took a handkerchief from her purse and gave it to him.

“Here. You will need this, so that you can be seen again in the manor.”

She pointed towards a small bench, that stood a few yards away, directly at the pond.

“Follow me. We have a lot to talk about.”

Without waiting for him, she started walking towards the bench and set herself down.

Adrian followed her hesitantly and in an obviously frail condition. They sat there for several minutes in complete silence, until Daina began to speak.

“I thought you and Maggie were lovers. At least you have been. This situation I just walked in on, doesn’t seem to fit the description. What happened?”

Adrian looked at her with a blank, emotionless face.

“What do you want, Daina?”

She hesitated for a moment. What she had to suggest, wasn’t a particularly safe matter for herself.

“I want James!”

He looked at her, her unexpected revelation making him curious. Then he mentioned carefully: “Then we probably have the same goal. You are the best seer of the ‘house of seers’. I don’t have to tell you, what I want, because you should already know that.”

Daina nodded in agreement.

Adrian went on: “You are aware, that you endanger your position by talking to me about this issue.”

Daina nodded in agreement, again and responded: “It has never been the position as James’ seer or adviser, that I was interested in having.”

Adrian looked at her knowingly.

To distract him from herself, she went on: “Did you know, that the debutant-ball wasn’t the first time, that the two of them saw each other? I had a vision about Margarete and James, the night before the ball. It implied, that they had crossed paths before and that they had already gotten closer, than both of us would appreciate.”

Becoming curious, Adrian interrupted her: “How close?”

Daina laughed maliciously. “As close as you can get physically. Don’t be a fool, Adrian. We are all grown-ups with certain needs.”

Adrian clenched his hands into fists. Now he understood, what Maggie meant with her comment about moving on with her life and that she didn’t owe an explanation to him.

Overwhelmed from his emotions, he said: “I can’t let go of her.”

These words provided Daina with a reassuring certainty. Love was a strong motivation for forming new alliances.

With her lips curled up into a slight smile, she replied: “For any further discussion, we should meet in an appropriate environment. What do you think of having dinner?”

Adrian sized her up. “Agreed! Would this Thursday at 8 p.m. at the Estate Hotel fit with your schedule? I am going to reserve a private room.”

Her eyes shone conspiratorially. “I am looking forward to getting to know you better.”

Then she stood up from the bench. “Get up and fix your damaged bottom lip.”

He used his blood-serum given powers to heal himself, by putting his hand above the wound, which slowly started to close up. When he had complied with her request, she straightened his clothes and wiped away the blood from his now completely healed lip.

“Much better! Now we can go back to the manor. I suggest you go directly to your car. It is better to leave James to me. I am more experienced in dealing with him.”

She turned around and started walking towards the regent’s mansion.

She led Adrian straight to the parking space and bid her farewell. “See you soon, Mr. Romanov!”

Then she walked up the stairs, leaving him behind.

I was glad that Malachy had brought me to my rooms and closed the door behind us.

I slowly released myself from his arm and moved towards the sofa, on which I led myself sink weakly.

In the meantime, Malachy went into my bathroom. He came back after a short while, carrying a wet cloth, which he used to carefully wipe the blood off my lips and chin.

I was still too bewildered, as to grasp the full extent of the scene, which just happened outside in the park.

What has come over Adrian? He had never been so out of control and aggressive towards me.

Then I remembered that we had left him in the park. “What was Adrian thinking? I have never seen him act this way. The only thing I can do right now is to apologise for his behaviour, on his behalf.”

Malachy’s face turned into a rigid mask and he moved away from me.

“YOU have to apologise?” He replied enraged.

“What is this between you and your brother?”

I looked at him horrified. “Nothing! There is nothing!”

He raised an eyebrow cynically, then he just gazed at me, waiting…

“Okay, but I will start at the beginning.”

He showed no emotion, therefore I went on with my explanation: “Shortly before my 22nd birthday, Niklas Romanov found me and revealed to me that he was my biological father. He then explained, what implications this had. So I decided to give up on my ‘human’ life and moved to his property in Ignis. There, I met Adrian and fell in love with him.”

Malachy objected: “But didn’t you know, that he was your brother?”

“No. It was clear to me, right from the beginning, that he wasn’t my brother, because there was no warrior blood running through his veins. Niklas had thought, that he was his descendant, but the result of Adrian’s blood-serum test ruled this theory out. So his search for his true descendant went on and that’s when he found me.”

This conversation was very unpleasant for me. I pulled my knees up to my torso, so I could build up some kind of protective wall between Malachy and me.

Then I continued to speak: “We became lovers quite fast. I thought he was the one for me. Everything was perfect. I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Ignis, looking forward to a happy future. The situation went on for several months, until Niklas was officially through with my adoption and wanted to start my transformation. He knew about our relationship. While the doctor was injecting his blood serum in my veins, Daddy mentioned, that there might still be a possibility, of me and Adrian being close relatives. Obviously he had several children with ladies of diverse royal houses. You can lose track of things…”

I took a short break from the story, thinking back at the moment, when my perfect world came crashing down on me.

Then I took a deep breath and finished my story.

“Right after receiving this information, I ended the relationship with Adrian and moved out of the manor, or better said I fled. Niklas only let me go under the condition, that I would let a doctor check on me every six weeks. He wanted to rule out possible complications during my transformation. I complied, so I could leave as fast as possible. End of the story.”

Now Malachy’s face no longer looked petrified.

He looked somewhat more relaxed. “But that is not the end of the story. According to your blood-serum, you are not relatives…”

I looked at him questioningly. Then I nodded.

“For me, this is the end. After my departure to Atonia, we hadn’t had contact for almost two years. Meanwhile, Adrian got to know Soraya and fell in love with her and I have lived my life as well. Adrian does know, that I have no intention of reviving our former liaison. I explained this to him, unequivocally.”

This answer seemed to satisfy Malachy.

Adrian did behave himself completely wrong, that was clear to me. Still, I didn’t want Malachy to take any measures against him.

If he were to do this, Adrian’s reputation within the Aristocratic society would be ruined completely and irrevocably, as well as Darius’ and the whole Clan Romanov’s.

Slowly, I let my legs slide down the sofa and moved a little bit closer to Malachy. Then I took his hand.

“I would like to make an appeal, for you to refrain from any measures against Adrian – at least until the result of my blood serum test has arrived. Even if I am not a Fleur de Lys, I am still a Romanov. In this case, I want to solve this issue within the family.”

Malachy looked at me blankly and kept me on tenterhooks.

After a while, he explained to me, that the results were expected to arrive on Wednesday and that he would grant me an extension until then.

That meant, that I had less than two days, to clarify the issue.

But Adrian should better not show himself, otherwise he couldn’t guarantee anything.

He explicitly emphasised again, that he had absolutely zero tolerance with violence against women and that there will be consequences for Adrian.

I nodded understandingly.

Our conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Andre opened the door. When he saw Malachy and me sitting very close and next to each other on the sofa, his eyes widened.

He hurried to make a bow and greeted Malachy: “Sire!” Then he cleared his throat. “Ms. Bodouir is here for Ms. Romanov. But she can wait, if we have arrived at an unfavourable time.”

Malachy shook his head and stood up from the sofa.

“That is not necessary, Andre. We have just finished our conversation.”

Then he nodded into the direction of Amie. “Ms. Bodouir. I am pleased to welcome you, again.”

Amie was surprised as well and curtsied. “Sire, it’s my pleasure.”

Malachy and Andre left the room, whereas the latter closed the door behind him.

Amie looked at me, noticing my red eyes and my smeared make-up.

She hurried to me and placed herself next to me, where Malachy had just sat.

When she saw the wet cloth with blood on it, she was startled and turned pale.

“Maggie! Is that blood? What happened?”

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