Regent's Blood - Aristocracy (Book 1) COMPLETED

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Chapter 2 OLD

Back in the reality at my table, I observed Adrian and Soraya, which were dancing closely entwined on the Colosseum’s dance floor.

Darius was flirting with Amelie (Amie for short), my roomie and best friend here in Atonia. Amie took me into her apartment, when I started anew in Atonia.

At that time neither did I know who I was, nor how I should move on with my life. I only knew one thing: I had to get away from the city Ignis and especially from Adrian.

Amie turned into my direction without attracting attention and gave me a ‘thumbs-up’ sign, while she was dancing with my brother Darius, to let me know that he was her type.

Considerate as she was, she also wanted to know, if everything was okay with me. After all she was one of few people who knew the true story behind my rash departure form Ignis – at least until the big showdown between me and Daddy Niklas this afternoon.

The latest developments took me by so much surprise, that I couldn’t believe them myself. Preferably I would like to erase them completely from my memory, in which case the ‘gin-tonic’ could be of great help.

It had all been completely in vain: my hasty escape from Ignis to leave Adrian, all the drama. I had been so overwhelmed by the situation, that I hadn’t behaved very commendably towards him.

I didn’t deserve, for him to look back at me, but he did. He treated me in the same caring and respectful way, as if nothing negative had ever happened between us.

That didn’t make it easier for me to let go of him...

I smiled and nodded into her direction, raising my glass to reassure her that everything was good and drank up with one big gulp. The ‘gin-tonic’ burned in my throat, still it was time for a refill.

Just for today I wanted to forget all my sorrows and be careless.

While standing up and moving slowly towards the separate bar, my eyes met those of a handsome, classy dressed man sitting in the back of the VIP-area.

Similarly to me, he stood out from other clubbers, because his clothes were less revealing, but still enwrapped his masculine and powerful body, perfectly. I smiled at him before siting myself at the bar stool to order the third round (or so, never mind) of ‘gin-tonic’.

Shortly after my drink arrived, I noticed that somebody took place on the bar stool next to me.

A deep, masculine voice ordered: “The same drink please, as the young lady next to me.”

I turned into the direction of my new neighbour and noticed the stranger that caught my attention earlier.

Again, I smiled at him and commented on his order. “A good choice!”

He grinned back at me, took his glass and said “Cheers!”

Seeing him now up close, I was fascinated by his almost golden eyes. Combined with his long, blond hair, he looked almost like an angel – a very sexy and male angel with a wicked smile.

Honestly, what was wrong with me? Being kind of embarrassed of my sensual thoughts, I avoided his stare. How old was I again? Sixteen or twenty six?

After laughing quickly, he said to me “Even risking to sound corny, I am curious why such a beautiful lady like you is sitting sad and alone at a bar, while her friends seem to have the fun of their lives?”

Thereupon I looked at him outraged. “So this is a pity call?” Disgusted, I turned away, wanting to leave the bar.

“No, it is not. I suppose it is more a description of myself. I am here, because I was simply not able to resist you.”

Like being glued to the spot, I stopped in my movement. Then I looked the stranger directly into his face.

There wasn’t a trace of his wicked smile, left on his face. Also he did not seem to be a macho or dishonest.

Totally out of character I turned back to him and closed the distance between us even further. Then I raised my glass, clicked with his and said “Cheers! I’m Maggie.”

Suddenly the self-confident, wicked smile was back. “Malachy, I am very pleased.”


I hope you enjoyed the second chapter.

Prepare yourselves for the third one. It is getting hot and steamy...

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