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Chapter 46

When Malachy came into the room, I beamed at him with joy. He looked good enough to eat, in his black pants and blue polo shirt. Yes, it certainly was time for us to finally spend some time alone.

Right behind him followed a maid, which was supposed to serve our lunch.

I recognized the middle-aged lady who had examined me suspiciously upon my early morning arrival. As soon as our plates were filled, she withdrew to a corner of the room, so that she could be there to serve us immediately, if need arose.

Malachy put a piece of steak in his mouth and chewed with relish.

Then, he gave me a serious look and said, “Maggie, I’m sorry I didn’t protect you better. Something like yesterday’s event will not repeat itself. I’ll get some of my private security guards to see to your apartment. In addition, a few craftsmen will take care of the necessary repairs. That’s the least I can do. ”

He put down his cutlery and thought for a moment. His expression became very serious.

“I want you to move into castle ‘Green Willow’. We’ll announce our engagement within a small circle of people in a few hours. After that, the news will spread like wildfire. I need to know that my future bride is safe here with me. ”

Shortly after he made this announcement, I noticed the maid gasping for air.

I became more and more aware of what Malachy meant when he said: Here in the castle, all walls have eyes and ears.

I hesitated for a short moment. Then I replied, knowing full well that each of my words were heard by at least one other pair of ears: “If that makes you happy, then I will move in here. But what do I do with Amie? I would like to have her close to me. She is my closest confidante and ally. ”

Malachy smiled contentedly. “There is enough space here. We will have to discuss the exact arrangements, when we get the chance to do so. I have decided on renovating a wing in the castle, that we can use as our private apartment. My current, private rooms actually come from my time as a bachelor and are not suitable as living spaces for my wife and future generations of Stuarts. ”

Another mischievous smile crept onto his face. Then he got up, stopped in front of me and took a small box out of his trouser pocket.

“Margarete Fleur de Lys” he knelt in front of me and I looked at him with wide eyes and quickly put my cutlery aside.

Then he opened the little box. What emerged was a golden ring with a huge diamond cut in the shape of a stylized lily.

Startled, I put my hand over my mouth and stared at the ring.

“Apparently we are not granted the regular way of connecting our Clans. The formalities have already been completed, but it is important to me to give you a symbol of my affection, that everyone else is able to see as well.”

He took the ring from box and looked deep into my eyes. “May I, my love?”

I nodded and held out my hand to him. He slowly slipped the heavy, priceless ring over my ring finger.

Trying to speak, I looked at the ring. Then I looked at Malachy.

He started to grin and replied: “You don’t have to say anything, love! You can show me later how grateful you are. ”

His grin even widened when he added, “Later, when the two of us are alone ...” and winked at me.

Then he got up and sat back in his chair. My face turned the color of a tomato.

We ate in quiet frugality. Malachy informed me, that Daina would also be present at the later meeting with Clan Romanov. I nodded in agreement, what else could I do?

He continued with the agenda: “After we have informed your family today, all that is missing, is the official announcement of our connection.”

He smiled mischievously at me. “Dear, what do you think of a ball in your honor and to announce our alliance?”

Now I had to laugh nervously. “As long as there isn’t another scandal like last time. Otherwise, these balls will be the death of me.”

He joined in my laughter. “A ball without a scandal is not a real ball! Just wait, you will learn to love this game!”

He thought for a moment. “Today is Thursday. What do you think of hosting said event on Saturday in three weeks? ”

I looked at him with eyes the size of a plate. “Isn’t that a bit rash?”

Malachy was amused by the horrified look on my face. “Not at all! I can’t wait to finally announce that you are mine! ”

He playfully lifted his water glass. “We should toast to that.”

After we had eaten and once all the details regarding the visit of my Clan’s members had been clarified, I had just under an hour until they arrived.

I wanted to use this time to check on Amie. When I got to my rooms, she was already awake and let her eyes wander the living accommodations with great interest.

When she saw me, she smiled happily. “Maggie! How can it be that these two rooms are as big as our entire apartment? ”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Prestige? You know how important it is in the Aristocratic Society to show off one’s wealth...”

Amie gave me a diabolical grin. “Be careful! You belong to this society now. More than that. They have to bow to you. ”

Then she playfully raised her eyebrows. “Just as our Regent bows before you.”

Now her facial expression became serious. “I have to apologize to you! I misjudged the relationship between you and James. I thought he was blackmailing you with something and therefore forcing you to sign this contract. After seeing you guys together yesterday, I had to revise my opinion. It’s obvious that you mean a lot to him. He couldn’t keep his hands off of you and he looked seriously worried. Whatever you’ve done to him, he seems to be eating out of the palm of your hand. ”

I came up to her and said, “Amie, it’s not that easy. Naturally, there are also things that we have to consider. We are not just Malachy and Maggie, but the two heads of the most powerful and last clans of the royal ‘house of regents’. For that reason alone we make a good match. But that’s not all. From the first moment I saw him, he cast a spell over me. He gives me confidence and he inspires me. Never before in my live, have I felt so strongly attracted to a man or had it felt so right. ”

As I poured my heart out to Amie, my eyes beamed with joy.

Amie noticed this and my dreamy expression and said: “Maggie, I’ve never seen you like this! You are head over heels in love…”

I looked at her in horror. Then I nodded and replied: “Yes, I am afraid so, too…”

Amie laughed and took my hand. She touched the engagement ring by accident and raised my hand curiously to take a closer look at it.

She whistled in appreciation. “My goodness, he went and splashed out.”

Then she added jokingly: “But you shouldn’t leave it unattended in our apartment, again. Otherwise we will never get rid of the burglars...”

Now, my expression became serious and I withdrew my hand from hers, to change the subject. “Regarding our apartment: We will not move back there again, at least I hope that you will not, but instead, live here with me in the castle...”

Amie looked at me in disbelief. “How do think, that is going to work? I am a half-breed. The only place I can occupy here is that of a servant. ”

I looked at her embarrassed and thought to myself. ‘Yes, the fine, snobby Aristocratic Society.’

Then she continued. “I also have my job at the ‘Raven’. How can I get there every day from here, without a car? And please, don’t offer me to take your car, now. I don’t know how I can ever make amends for everything, that you already gave me. ”

I knitted my eyebrows in dismay. “Amie, I would never ask that of you. I can never make amends for what you did for me. It was only through you, that I gained confidence in the Aristocracy, at all… If I had a choice, I would forego all of this posh Society. Please, don’t ever say that again. I need you here! I don’t know how to survive in this snake pit without you! You noticed how I was checked out by the maid this morning. Incidentally, the same was present for lunch with Malachy, serving as our waitress, and eavesdropping on our every word with disapproval. Whenever Malachy didn’t look at her, she openly eyed me with her evil eyes. Amie, I need you here!”

Amie looked pained and smiled bravely at me. What I asked of her was a lot, I was aware of that.

I continued with my pitch: “It doesn’t have to be forever, either. Just until I get a foothold, here. If you’re scared of losing your job at the ‘Raven’, I’ll buy the bar for you. I know that this is a very selfish request ... ”

Amie rolled her eyes towards the ceiling, decorated with stucco, and then let out a loud breath. She hadn’t even realized she’d been holding her breath.

“Whatever – I give up. We’ll stay here for the next few days and then we’ll talk about the next steps - together. Until then, I’ll get the MINI and some of your clothes for today. I will definitely not go to our apartment alone to get a fresh set of clothes. ”

I happily flung my arms around her neck. “Thanks, Amie! You’re the best! What is mine is yours - help yourself! ”

Then I went to my purse and fished out my car keys and the key to our apartment and gave them both to her.

“Can you please give Andre, the butler, my key to our apartment, later? Malachy will send a few security guards and craftsmen to repair the damage caused by the burglary.”

Amie looked at me and nodded.

With one look at my wrist watch, I knew that it was time to go to Malachy’s small salon. We were supposed to meet there, shortly before three o’clock in the afternoon and then go to the large hall, which had been specially set up for our meeting today.

“Amie, I have to go. It’s show time. Wish me luck!”

I ran towards the exit when I remembered something: “Oh yes, dial 18. It will let you reach the service area. There you can order food into Lady Fleur de Lys’s room. From now on, this is my name. I am officially registered as head of Clan Fleur de Lys. ”

Amie looked at me with wide eyes. “Maggie ... how, where? Wait!”

I was almost out of the door when I replied, slightly rushed: “Dial 18! And ask for Andre, then nothing can go wrong! See you later!”

With these words I closed the door behind me and hurried down the corridors in the direction of the small salon. Meanwhile, I was nervously playing with my engagement ring, which still felt very unfamiliar and heavy on my hand.

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