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Chapter 3

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„Maggie, what brings you to this dark, loud and sinful place?” Malachy couldn’t refrain from smiling whimsically.

I couldn’t refrain from adoring him. “I have a reason to celebrate. Today I received my master’s degree.”

Malachy’s grin grew even wider. “My luck, that I can keep you company on this special occasion.” Then he tenderly put a strand of hair, which had fallen out of my chignon, behind my ear. “Congratulations! We have to toast to that.”

When drinking from his glass, I noticed a drop of ‘gin-tonic’ that was stuck on his lower lip. Out of reflex, I wiped it off his lip, using my index finger. His gaze moved toward my mouth instantly and it seemed, like the colour of his eyes turned several shades darker.

Slowly, he came closer. I felt like being struck by lightning, when our lips touched. Exactly at this moment my head was turned off and everything I could feel and wanted was Malachy – a person I have never met before.

As we detached our kiss, I breathed heavily like after running a marathon and presumably my face was as red as well.

Malachy put his hands on my thighs and pulled me closer to him. Then he spoke directly into my ear: “Come with me: I want to have you all to myself.”

He leaned back and looked into my eyes, asking for permission. I returned my gaze and nodded, thereby giving my consent.

Malachy rose from his bar stool, stood in front of me and reached out for me. I put my hand in his and let myself be pulled into him. Barely there, he embraced my face with both his hands and kissed me again tenderly, like I was the most precious thing to him on this planet. He then turned around, pulling me with him.

Right at that moment I saw Amie, who was gazing at me astonished from the dancefloor. I smirked at her sheepishly. Then I averted my eyes from the dancefloor, concentrating on Malachy’s back. I simply didn’t want to know, whose eyes were following me.

The last thing that I wanted to think of, was Adrian’s curious look.

Since it was my first visit at the infamous ‘Collosseum’ I had no idea, that there were luxurious private rooms attached to the VIP-area of the club.

The word restroom didn’t live up to that interior. We walked along a dimly lit hall, passing several black doors, which had diverse symbols of the royal houses painted on them, until Malachy stopped in front of a door with some kind of floral-spiked, golden cross.

He held the door open for me made a bow and spoke “You first, my beautiful Maggie.”

Even though I’ve never been in such a situation before, he never gave me a feeling of not being in control or of doing something that I didn’t want to.

Again I admired his perfectly symmetrical face, astonished by such perfection. I had no idea what caused my untypical behaviour: the ‘gin-tonic’, or the intention of letting go for just one night. And I didn’t care. I just wanted to be as close as possible to Malachy and to enjoy his closeness. And there was also the fact, that I had diabolical pleasure in making Adrian jealous…

Giggling like a little girl, I slipped past Malachy into the small private room, pulled him with me and into my arms. While kissing him, I embraced his hip and let my hands slowly wander up his back, where his long, blond hair teased my fingertips.

I saw it as an invitation to play with the soft strands. “Malachy, I like your hair.”

He kissed me again, clasped my bottom and placed me atop the washstand. Then he grabbed me behind my head and started to loosen the barrettes from my chignon. After he took the last barrette, long strands of dark hair fell down my shoulders. “I can return the compliment.”

Carefully he pulled up the hem of my dress. Then he put his hands on my knees to put them further apart, so he could easily step between them. I pulled him close to me, so that his fly touched my panty.

He replied smiling: “Slowly, darling! We are not in such a rush.” Which was odd, considering the circumstances.

But it confirmed the picture I had of this stranger, who had me put under his spell in an authoritative but affectionate way.

I put my hands under the hem of his black Henley shirt to explore his muscular stomach. In order to grant me free access to his upper body, Malachy pulled off his shirt.

Now I had free sight on the most astonishingly beautiful torso that I had ever seen. He reminded me of David, a statue build by Michelangelo. While my hands explored his upper body and my lips traced his collarbone, I saw a reflection of his back in a mirror, placed opposite us. He had a big Lion head tattooed across his back.

My hands followed the lines of the ink, astonished by the lifelike picture of the animal. Deeply caught in my thoughts, there a ‘wow’ seems to have slipped from my lips.

Malachy smirked again. “Careful, or I might eat you.” He laughed about his own joke.

Kind of embarrassed but still with an unusual self-confidence I replied: “I might like that.”

My new found mischief seemed to let me forget about my shyness. Whereas I normally calculated every step of the way, right now the consequences were completely irrelevant to me.

Malachy empowered me, by giving me wings and a feeling of absolute security. But primarily he took my patience. I wanted more of him and I wanted it right now.

I haven’t felt so alive in years. I started to play with his waist belt, but he stopped me.

“First you were allowed to explore. Now, it is my turn.” With this words, he started to unbutton the front of by dress.

Again he kissed me passionately. I felt like being in a dream – one that should never end, but still didn’t move forward fast enough.

Later on, when our bodies slowly started to become one, I closed my eyes to enjoy the fireworks, which exploded behind my closed eyelids. I was absolutely sure that there hasn’t been a moment in my life, where I wanted a male as much as Malachy.

His restraint and leisureliness made me lose my mind. I almost shouted at him in frustration. He seemed to have noticed my frustration.

In response he wrapped his hands around my hips, bringing me closer to him, so we could be as deeply united as possible.

At that moment my sighing was replaced by moaning and passion became horror, as lust changed into pain.

Malachy noticed the changed situation at once. He frowned confused. “I assumed that you were young, but not that young. Weren’t you informed, that everything about you would be pure, after the transition?”

At that moment I was grateful for the dimmed lights.

Eyes wide open and red as a tomato once again, I replied in complete confusion “I thought that part of me was taken by my boyfriend, when I was eighteen…”

Affectionately he brushed my hair out of my face and kissed me tenderly. “Maggie, you’ll be the death of me.”

Then he kissed me at the top of my head, while petting my back reassuringly. I noticed him slowly pulling away from me.


Like petrified he stopped in his movement. “I don’t want to stop, assuming you are still interested in me…”

Dear Lord, at that moment I felt like a beggar for his love. I hoped the floor would open up and swallow me completely.

Now it was Malachy’s turn to smile insecure. “Okay, but we are taking it slow.” Then he shook his head, as if to process the shock. A short while later he started to kiss me tenderly, again.

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