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Chapter 48

After James left the great hall, Daina followed him silently until they were in his private quarters.

First he paced through his living room until he stopped at the window and leaned his back against the windowsill. He silently looked at Daina, who walked up to him and stopped briefly in front of him.

“James” she started her sentence carefully.

“What did you expect? Basically, she is a complete stranger who, on top of that, has no decency or manners. Anyone else would have been removed from the table immediately, after exposing and humiliating you in such a public manner. ”

James looked at her face without any sign of emotion.

“I’m sorry James. It is my job to keep such shamefulness away from you. ”

She looked embarrassed to the floor. After a short while, she raised her head and her hand at the same time. The latter, she led slowly to James’ face.

“I’m sorry that this person obviously feels more for her ′brother’“, she emphasized the word particularly disparagingly “than for her own fiancé.”

Then, she gently touched his cheek with her hand and slowly began to stroke it.

“I want you to know, that you are not alone. I’m here and I don’t play games or have a preference for forbidden passions. ”

With these words, she approached James and kissed him carefully.

James, who was completely overwhelmed by his unfamiliar emotions, both towards Maggie and the raging jealousy of Adrian, followed Daina’s request after a brief hesitation and returned the kiss.

Daina, who had only been waiting for a small signal from James, smiled triumphantly and snuggled close to him.

Her hand on his cheek longingly clawed into his hair and with her free hand, she clasped him and pressed him tightly to her.

Briskly, she demanded with her tongue to enter his mouth and deepened the kiss. She let her hands slide slowly over his body.

The kisses became more and more passionate and the pace of the two increased.

James pulled his shirt over his head and Daina took the chance to caress his naked torso and cover it with kisses. Impatiently, James pulled her up to unbutton her blouse, covering her neck with a shower of hot kisses.

Daina, dizzy with pleasure, tampered with the waistband of his pants.

When James unbuttoned her blouse, he cupped her bosom, which was still covered by her bra.

That touch on her sensitive bosom drew a loudly moaned ‘James’ from Daina’s lips.

That one word was enough, to suddenly bring James back to reality.

Had he taken leave of his senses, that he was seriously about to lay his advisor by the window in his living room? All this, only because his fiancée, for whom he wasn’t supposed to feel so much, had publicly offended and hurt him?

Using Daina as a consolation for his injured pride, was about the stupidest thing he’d ever done, and he’d already done some very stupid things.

He felt, as if someone had poured a bucked, filled with cold water, over him. He carefully placed his hands on Daina’s shoulders and slowly pulled away from her.

Then he pushed her away with the words “I’m sorry!” and hurt her deeply.

“I don’t know what has gotten into me. Please, forgive me.”

He stepped aside to get more distance from her.

“I think it’s better if you go now. I’ll get in touch with you tomorrow.” He replied.

Daina held her blouse together in horror and had to swallow a few times to collect herself. She was clearly fighting back tears.

Shortly afterwards, she turned around, took her bag from the couch, which she had put there when entering, and walked out of the living room.

Only in James’ private hallway did she begin to button her blouse again.

At the same time, Margarete arrived at the large steel door that separated James’ private rooms from the rest of the castle.

With a pounding heart and sinking courage, I arrived in front of the massive steel door, which separated Malachy’s private rooms from those of the castle. I was just about to press the doorbell, when the door was torn open with a firm jerk.

Daina stood in front of me with disheveled hair and a half-open blouse. Her eyes shimmered and her face was flushed.

When she saw me, her gaze became calculating and malicious. “Margarete, unfortunately you missed the show. But that’s no problem. I’m not into having an audience anyway, although the sight of James is really too good, not to be seen by others. Unfortunately, I’m a greedy girl who doesn’t like to share.”

She smiled triumphantly at me. I stared at her in horror.

My heart refused to accept what my eyes were seeing.

I stuttered, “I don’t know what you mean?”

Her reaction to my words, was a malicious laugh. “Are you really that naive, or are you just pretending?” Then she shook her head and gave me a condescending look.

“You do have warrior blood in you, don’t you? So your nose should work fine, too. Maybe you take a deep breath and think about whose smell I wear on my skin and why...”

Completely taken by surprise by this allusion, I complied with her request and indeed: I was able to recognize Malachy’s typical smell, which made me dream and was now so familiar to me.

I took a step back in horror. My reaction earned me applause from her side.

“Great, Margarete, well done!” She clapped her hands.

“How naive you are. Did you think I only advise James on political and economic matters? Open your eyes Sweety. James has always been with me. Your unexpected appearance doesn’t change that much either. I think you should learn to share very quickly and getting one or two anti-frustration balls, you know the little ones that you can squeeze in your hand. Those should come in handy, as well. ”

She paused briefly to let her words sink in and seemed to be celebrating herself.

Then she started to take her final swing: “The few times James interacts with an average person like you, are only meant to do his duty. And that is to produce offspring. He can only really enjoy and be himself with me. ”

I stared at her with my mouth wide open, not knowing what to say.

I’ve met quite a few unpleasant people in my life, but Daina even beat Niklas for spite.

Suddenly, I heard Malachy’s voice. “Who are you talking to, Daina?”

He came out of his living room into the hallway.

When he recognized me, he stopped in disbelief. “Maggie?”

Standing behind Daina, I could see him clearly. He stood there with a bare chest and the top button of his pants undone.

All color drained from my face.

Daina couldn’t help but laugh triumphantly. She walked past me and wished me a pleasant evening.

I stared at Malachy in horror. This situation was crystal clear: both were half-naked and disheveled.

I was so stupid.

Slowly, step by step, I backed up the hall.

Malachy uttered something and moved in my direction, but I just shook my head and held my hand in front of me to stop him.

Right now, I only had one wish. I didn’t want to burst into tears in front of him or Daina. That would have only put the icing on the cake for this little charade.

With the last of my strength, I held back my tears, turned around and forced myself to walk slowly down the hall with my head held high.

How I finally got to my rooms, I didn’t know. As soon as I closed the door behind me, I leaned against it.

Then, I breathed in and out a couple of times, slowly sliding along the door onto the floor and started to cry sobbingly.

Now I knew how painful a broken heart could really be, not to mention my hurt pride...

Stupid me, I had really trusted him.

Daina left the castle with a satisfied smile on her face.

She couldn’t have planned this little interlude with Margarete any better. Yes, sometimes chance would have it.

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