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Chapter 50

Daina began her explanation, which was more like a history lesson:

Almost 1000 years ago, around the time of the crusades in the 13th century, the Clan members of the ‘house of regents’ were hunted and almost wiped out by humans because of their azure blood-serum.

People wanted to use the blue blood-serum for themselves, to defeat serious illnesses and, in their opinion, get eternal life. This is how the myth of the fountain of youth was created.

Since humans are naturally afraid of things, that are more powerful than they are and which they cannot control, there was only one solution from a human perspective: total extinction.

After all, the Aristocrats were the origin of all the horror stories people told their children: witches, demons and vampires.

This resulted in a war between humans and Aristocrats. The Aristocrats were more powerful, but humanity outnumbered them. In the end, the aristocrats won the war, but with heavy losses on their side. Especially in their most powerful and most important house: the house of regents.

Originally, this royal house consisted of almost fifty different clans. After the war, all but two clans had been extinct. Only members of Clan Fleur de Lys and Clan Stuart survived.

Post war, the Aristocrats had a lot to do with erasing humanity’s knowledge of them. Since then, there has been a deep rift between the humans and the Aristocrats.

So deep that even half-bloods, hybrids between humans and aristocrats, are not considered worthy.

Clan Fleur de Lys, however, saw it as their duty to protect and heal the weak and the sick. For this reason, they made part of their blood serum available to humans, so that no one could decipher the complete genome of the Aristocracy.

But this was a thorn in the side of many other Clans of several royal houses. There was a legitimate fear that history might repeat itself.

In the end, several Clans and royal houses cooperated with the aim of eliminating this danger. This way, the entire Clan Fleur de Lys family died in a tragic plane crash.

After Daina had finished, she pushed her plate with the lobster, now cold, away and placed her folded hands on the table in front of her.

“Adrian, imagine we could combine this terrible fate of Clan Fleur de Lys with a scandal about the last living member of Clan Fleur de Lys ... You can’t do much more to discredit Margarete, or what is your opinion of that? There is only one small problem. How do we bring these two together?”

Adrian interrupted her with maliciously shining eyes.

“No, there is no problem! It’s perfect. Almost three months ago, after Maggie returned to our estate in Ignis for the first time since we separated, she offered me to turn Soraya into a half-blood. She said, that she would do it, so we can really be together...”

He snorted contemptuously. “We have found a good victim here. I’m getting Maggie, you get James and everyone is happy. ”

“And what about Soraya?” Daina asked with a frown.

“She will be a half-breed. Therefore she cannot go back to her family. It would be strange, that she does not age and never gets sick. ”

Adrian tiredly shrugged his shoulders.

“Oh please, Daina. What do I care for Soraya? Once Maggie is back in her true place, which is by my side, Soraya will be redundant. Her job has always been to make Maggie jealous.”

Now Daina leaned back in her chair and clasped her hands in front of her chest. “So can I assume that you will be on board with my plan?”

Adrian smiled contentedly and raised his glass to toast. “Aye-aye Captain Arone. I’m on board.”

Daina toasted him too. “Then now is the right time to tell you, that I am already in possession of Margarete’s blood serum.”

Adrian looked at her in surprise. “How did you do that?”

“Oh Adrian, there are many things, that you don’t know. For example this one: Did you know that Margarete had two vials of her blood-serum? ”

Adrian looked questioningly at Daina.

She continued unmoved: “Yes, I thought so. While her new vial of blood-serum is secured in Castle ’Green Willow’s safe, the old one has been completely forgotten. Therefore I thought to myself: Before something worse happens to it, why not take it into my care as a precaution.”

Now, she was grinning impishly, like a little girl. “It seems that we have a fully developed plan. What we are still missing is the perfect place and the perfect time. ”

At this point Adrian was only too willing to help. “We will do it in Ignis in my manor. I can’t be seen anywhere else in Atonia and it’s very secluded there. ”

“Perfect!” Added Daina. “Now, we only need one more thing. I assume, that you will give your little friend Maggie’s blood-serum? ”

Adrian nodded and replied victoriously: “That shouldn’t be a problem. I just pour the serum into her coffee and voila...”

At these words, Daina burst out laughing. “Do you want to upset her stomach or turn her into a half-blood?”

She looked at Adrian in amusement.

“You have to inject the blood serum directly into a vein, the complete vial, so you better get yourself a large syringe. If you give her too little blood serum, you cure her, but you don’t change her. How are we supposed to prove that Margarete is behind her transition, if no transition happened? ”

She shook her head condescendingly and rolled her eyes. “Can you do that?”

Adrian seemed to think about it for a moment, then replied: “Not yet, but I can practice on her a few times and then heal her, since a human pin cushion is not appetizing at all...”

Daina shuddered again. She told herself that she only had to work with him this once, then she would never have to cross paths with him, again.

What did Margarete see in this guy? Except for his very nice appearance, he didn’t have a spark of good in him.

Her curiosity made her ask one last question: “What is it about Margarete, that makes you go to such lengths, to get her back?”

Adrian frowned and looked at her as if he didn’t understand the question.

“She loves me. At least she did and without me having to force her to harbor these feelings for me. I had to influence everyone else, but I was never able to do that with her - probably because of her origins. She loved me of her own free will. And she will do it again. I am convinced of that!”

While he stared on a spot in front of him, lost in his thoughts, Daina had to fight herself not to leave the room screaming.

Every fiber in her body warned her about Adrian. But it was her last chance to have James to herself and she just couldn’t let that chance slip by.

Margarete wasn’t stupid. She would be fine dealing with him. Now was not the time for remorse.

“Have we sorted everything out then, Daina?”

She nodded briefly. “Yes so far. We should exchange our cell phone numbers, so that we can stay in loose contact, more easily. I think you have to determine the time for the transition. All you have to do is give me a head start, so I can get James on the scene in time. Margarete doesn’t necessarily have to be present. Her empty blood-serum vial is proof enough.”

The two then exchanged their mobile numbers. As soon as this was done, Daina got up from the table, said goodbye, and left the private room.

She ran straight out of the hotel without turning back, as if the devil was at her heels.

When she arrived on the pavement in front of the Estate Hotel, she stopped and took a few deep breaths of fresh air. Had she just made a pact with the devil?


Late at night or better said early in the morning, Darius returned to the property in Ignis. The whole house was dark - obviously everyone was lying in their bed, sleeping the sleep of the righteous.

He walked quietly through the foyer, as not to wake anyone and with the firm intention of doing the same and going straight to bed.

As he climbed up the stairs, his thoughts wandered back to the strange encounter with Soraya. He told himself that it was none of his business and that his relationship with Adrian was difficult enough, even without further interference in his private life.

His pace slowed until he came to a halt on the middle landing, literally clutching the handrail of the banister.

He couldn’t completely ignore the situation either. Soraya’s behavior became increasingly stranger, even without the disturbing encounter from earlier.

He decided to at least take a look in the library to see if she was still there, or already sleeping in her bed. When she wasn’t there, like hell he would go to Adrian’s private rooms.

Annoyed, he let out a loud breath, then turned and went back down the stairs in the direction of the library. When he reached the bottom of the staircase, he checked for suspicious noises, but his sensitive ears heard nothing.

When he opened the door to the library, the room was lying in complete darkness. He stopped on the threshold and let his gaze wander through the darkness.

His pure warrior blood gave him the ability to see everything around him crystal clear, even in complete darkness. When his gaze fell on the small seating area, his breath caught.

Soraya was still sitting on the small sofa - in total darkness.

Darius was deeply concerned. It was obvious that something was wrong here.

He switched on the light and walked slowly towards her. “Soraya, what are you doing here alone in the dark? It’s the middle of the night.”

She gave him a tired smile and replied: “I’m waiting for Adrian.”

Darius carefully sat down next to her and took her hand as if she were a small, scared child.

Then he replied in a soft voice: “But you don’t have to sit here in this dark, cold room. Come on, I’ll put you in your bed. There you can wait for him, comfortable and warm. If you stay here you will catch a cold. Adrian definitely doesn’t want that. ”

At this words, she looked at him with big, frightened eyes and whispered: “Do you think he’s getting angry? I don’t want him to get angry. Then he will punish...”

She quickly paused in the middle of a sentence, as if she had said something that she shouldn’t have.

All colour drained from Darius face. What was going on?

Slowly, he got up from the sofa and pulled her up with him. “We’ll put you to bed first, so you can warm up and relax. If you like, we can have breakfast together, tomorrow morning? What do you think?”

He smiled encouragingly at her. She returned his smile shyly and replied: “Ok. Why not.”

They walked slowly into Adrian’s chambers. Darius stopped in front of the door to his bedroom and said goodbye to Soraya.

Then, he went in the opposite direction to go to sleep, too. He was glad to have followed his instincts upon arriving at the mansion. Otherwise Soraya would still be sitting there in the cold library.

There was only one explanation for her strange behavior. Adrian had to manipulate her thoughts to such an extent, that she began to lose her sanity. The signs had been there for a long time...

He made up his mind to take care of her in the morning. With that good intent in the back of his mind, he fell asleep due to his exhaustion.

The next morning Darius woke late. A look at his watch told him, that it was already after ten o’clock. He quickly got up and took a shower.

When he arrived in the dining room fully dressed, he found Adrian and Soraya at a table, caught up in a private conversation.

He had missed the right moment to talk to Soraya, without Adrian’s interference.

With discomfort, he approached the table at which the two were sitting close together. Then he greeted both of them:

“Good morning everyone. As I can see, Adrian made it home last night after all.” He turned directly to Soraya:” I hope you were able rest a bit and warm yourself up. ”

She smiled at him happily and in a good mood. As if completely changed, she replied: “Yes, I could. Thank you again for taking care of me, yesterday. I was all at sea, but today everything is fine, again. ”

Adrian stared at him coldly and added: “Yes, thank you from me, too! Soraya was a little sick. In such situations, she always tends to be a little confused. Thankfully now, I’m back here to take care of her. ”

His voice grew even cooler and reproachful. “You have already done more than enough. Thanks a lot for this. I kindly ask you, to stay out of my life from now on, future head of Clan Romanov.”

After he spoke these words, he turned back to Soraya and ignored Darius, which stood next to the table and felt superfluous.

To make matters worse, Soraya looked at him curiously and replied: “Is there anything else? Adrian and I still have a few things to discuss - in private. ”

Darius gave a fake smile and left the table. When he arrived at the buffet, he loaded a plate and took it back to his rooms to have breakfast in peace.

He just wanted to help and in return he was treated like an unwelcomed intruder. A fitting idiom regarding this situation came to him: “No good deed goes unpunished…”

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