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Chapter 4

As we separated from another and exchanged one of our last kisses, Malachy made certain that I was okay.

“Maggie - Thanks for the honour that you have bestowed upon me.” He traced my lower lip with this thumb. “I will go ahead to the bar. I will wait there for you, if you want to join me. Take your time, I’m not in a hurry.”

I nodded embarrassed. Then he put on his missing clothes, straightened his hair by combing them with his fingers and left the private room.

After the door was closed behind him, I saw myself in the mirror. Now I knew what he meant by ‘take your time’.

I put on my dress and repaired my hair in bewilderment – my smeared mascara got wiped away in a poorly manner and my chignon became a ponytail. But I didn’t care. It wasn’t by intention to hide my time with Malachy, even if it revealed some unexpected information.

After using the facilities, sorting out my thoughts and encouraging myself, I left the private room.

While I was walking along the hall into the direction of the bar, I saw Amie, who was walking directly at me. It took her only a short glimpse at me and she knew exactly what I did within the past half hour.

Then she rose an eyebrow and a faint smile appeared on her face. With a nod into the direction of the bar, she also signaled to me, that she knew with whom I spent my time.

Just when arriving in front of me, she took both my arms, looking curious and wary at me. “Is everything okay with you, Maggie?”

I nodded kind of embarrassed, then a smile lighted up my face like a ray of sunshine. “Yes! Everything is great.” I started to smile like an idiot.

“I’ll be jiggered!” Amie replied. “You look happy. Although the whole situation is kind of unusual for you, you beam with joy in a way I haven’t seen you in a long time. Whoever the handsome stranger is, he did you good.”

“Shhht! Amie!” I pulled her into the hall. “Not so loud!”

She laughed out heartily, then she replied “Don’t worry! Adrian didn’t notice your little interlude. You won’t get a preachment. But I am happy that you have decided to go on with your life.”

I looked at her kind of stunned. Was is that obvious, that I spent the last years hiding myself from my own life?

Anyway, this seems to be over now. From the corner of my eye, I saw two golden eyes looking at us in curiosity.

Amie peeked into the same direction. “I simply wanted to know, if you are okay. Now, that this seems obvious, I will go back to Darius. You should go back to your sexy stranger, he seems to be waiting for you. But we won’t stay much longer and you will leave this place with us – no matter what.”

While speaking, she put on her strict ‘big sister’ face.

“Don’t worry! Of course I will leave with you. I simply want to say goodbye to my sexy stranger. Bye the way: his name is Malachy.”

Amie embraced me briefly. “I am happy, that you started to move on with your life. You are too young to give up living.” Then she twinkled and added “I would appreciate it, if you would not pick up any stranger you meet while going out. That would be too much for my poor nerves.”

She gave me a friendly peek on my cheek and got out of my way. “Get a move on girl, before your admirer loses his interest.”

Laughing I shook my head. “I love you as well, dear friend!”

Then I moved into the direction of the VIP-Bar.

Malachy was expecting me with a smirk around his lips and pointed towards the bar stool next to him. After I sat down, the barkeeper put a glass of water in front of me.

Malachy mentioned “In case of you being thirsty.”

At that moment I had to laugh out loud about the comedy of the situation. “How thoughtful. My hunger has already been sated by you…”

Malachy had to laugh as well. We talked about trivial things. Then I noticed Amie, who came into our direction.

“Sorry for interrupting you, but we have to go now.”

When I looked into her direction, I noticed the curious looks from Adrian, who was standing a few meters behind her. Out of a completely unreasonable cause, this situation lifted my mood even further.

I insinuated to Amie that I simply wanted to say my goodbyes. Then I focused my attention back to Malachy.

“Thank you! I spent a wonderful time with you! I have to leave now, befor my carriage turns back into a pumpkin.”

I glided off the bar stool and turned myself to Amie, when I felt Malachy’s hand grabbing my wrist and turning me around. He then pulled me between his legs, while sitting atop the bar stool and gave a passionate farewell kiss.

“Good Bye, my Maggie!” After this he set me free.

I linked arms with her in order to follow her to the others, when I noticed Adrian’s surprised face, I almost started to laugh out loud.

At that moment I noticed, that I hadn’t exchanged a mobile number or anything else that would allow me further contact with Malachy.

This realisation clouded my mood.

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