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Chapter 57

It was an uncomfortable Monday morning, which was unusual for early June. Darius was still in his bed - alone and missing Amelie next to him.

He could hear the hustle and bustle in the mansion, through the closed door.

The whole house seemed to be in an uproar and busy with preparations. For today, various lawyers who had specialized in aristocratic contract law, were expected at the property in Ignis.

They were supposed to draw up a contract that made Darius head of the Clan with immediate effect.

Darius rubbed his eyes and sat upright in his bed.

His mind wandered to a few episodes from his past. At the age of 8, he had been turned into a Full-Blood Aristocrat.

This was a perfectly normal procedure in the Aristocracy’s High Society and the earliest possible time, for a Converter to be changed.

If the blood serum were administered to an even younger child, the risk would be too high, that the child’s body would not survive the change.

The advantage of this very early change, however, was that the skills, which differed depending on the royal house the Converter belonged to, developed quite early.

This way, the new Aristocrat had enough time to learn to control his powers, which gradually manifested themselves.

Darius had spent many hours with various teachers, in order to learn to control his sensitive senses and not to go crazy because of the many noises.

Even with his untamed strength, he had to learn to pace himself. It was no problem for him to pick up a car and throw it through the air.

Back then, his father was very proud of him. He was one of the strongest warriors, the ‘House of Warriors’ had ever produced - a result of a centuries-long planned breeding of various Warrior Houses.

Until his 170th birthday, Darius thought it as given, that he would succeed Clan Romanov.

He had been prepared his entire life for this position.

Then, his mother unexpectedly died, as a result of a traffic accident.

Suddenly, there was no longer an official Lady Romanov, but there was an almost never-ending crowd of women, who would have loved to take on this new position.

Darius wasn’t naive or blind.

He had noticed early on, that his parents’ arranged marriage only existed on paper and that both of them shared their happy moments with other partners.

However, that Niklas threw all discretion regarding his love affairs overboard, immediately after the death of his wife, sticked in Darius’ craw.

Shortly afterwards, the first new possible heirs to Clan Romanov appeared on the scene.

Suddenly Darius’ position was no longer as certain, as he had always believed it to be.

Darius responded to the new situation by revolting against anything and everything, that had anything to do with the Aristocracy.

He no longer used the high solemn occasions, to represent Clan Romanov, which he had taken for granted before, but instead, laid with the married women in the side rooms of the official events - sometimes several at the same time.

With his looks and his hardened, athletic body, he never seemed to run out of willing ladies...

Various cuckolds tried to hold him accountable, which usually ended in a physical confrontation, in which Darius counterpart didn’t stand the slightest chance.

Niklas let his son have it. He just didn’t care what Darius did.

He wanted more power for his Clan, than Darius could give him.

When he discovered Adrian and started his transition, he found his long-sought opportunity.

Adrian, as the fruit of a secret love affair between two head of Clans, who were not married to each other, was undesirable and therefore had been given to an orphanage.

Adrian had a rare blood-serum composition, of exactly equal parts from both Clans, the ‘Witch Circle’ and the ‘House of Influencers’, and thus was able to adopt both skill-sets of the royal houses.

Since he was more valuable to Niklas as a successor, than Darius was, the latter was simply replaced.

When finally Margarete appeared on the scene, Darius was completely annoyed by the siblings, who had been forced on him.

He was okay with it, when Adrian and Margarete fell in love with each other. At least that way, they left him alone.

Who would have thought that the dear, innocent Margarete of all people, who got on his nerves with her nice, honest manner at the beginning, would force him out of his rebellion and give back his rightful place to him?

She did more than that.

After his mother’s death, she had given him back a family, a little sister whom he could trust. She had even introduced him to Amie.

Darius smiled thoughtfully when he thought of Amie. She had turned his head quite a bit.

He wouldn’t look for another Lady for Clan Romanov ... not with Amie by his side.

Darius got up from his bed and walked into the bathroom, wearing only boxer shorts.

He stood briefly in front of the mirror and ruffled his hair with his hands.

Then he said jokingly to himself: “Darius, you’ve become quite a pussy!”

Laughing softly, he went towards the shower.

He turned on the water and took off his boxer shorts, before stepping under the warm shower jet.

When he came out of his rooms, fully dressed and headed towards the breakfast room, a maid came towards him in the hallway and stopped right in front of him.

“Darius!” She paused and blushed slightly. “I mean Mr. Romanov.”

Yes, that’s what you got from sleeping or having slept with the staff. The level of respect was a little narrower, then.

He had to look after new staff as soon as he was head of Clan.

He didn’t want Amie to live under the same roof with his old sex kittens.

That chapter of his life was over.

He coolly replied to the maid: “How can I help you?”

She looked at him with wide eyes and took a step back, in order to maintain a reasonable distance between himself and him, which was fitting to an employment relationship.

“There are already two lawyers waiting for you in your father’s office.”

Darius snorted lightly and shrugged.

“And? Let them wait until I finish my breakfast. Then, we still have the whole day left.”

The maid curtsied and stepped a little closer to the side and away from Darius.

“As you wish. I will ask the gentlemen to wait.”


Darius continued his way towards the dining room and left the maid standing. She looked after him, not entirely inconspicuously, with a yearning look.

Then, she went to Niklas’ study to supply the lawyers with drinks, while they were waiting for Darius.

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