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Chapter 58

Darius had hardly eaten half a croissant, when the same maid from earlier was standing in the breakfast room and interrupted him, again.

Behind her stood a well-dressed, elderly man who was holding a briefcase in his right hand.

“Mr. Romanov, unfortunately I have to interrupt you again.”

She stepped aside and revealed the man behind her.

“Mr. Salomé is here at Sir James Stuart’s direct request. He asks to speak to you in private.”

Now, Darius’ curiosity was piqued. Who was that man, that James had sent him?

“Please sit with me, Mr. Salomé. I am very curious about the reason for your visit.”

Luis Salomé did as he was told and sat down next to Darius at the breakfast table.

“Have you already had breakfast, Mr. Salomé?”

“Thank you, Mr. Romanov. I am already sufficiently saturated.”

“A coffee then?”

The man beamed and nodded. “With pleasure.”

“Wonderful. Mrs. ... bring the gentleman a cup of coffee, please.”

Darius noticed the maid, throwing daggers at him with her eyes.

Yes, nothing good ever came of not knowing the names of the ladies, you had slept with...

He really had to take care of hiring new staff, before he was served breaded and fried cleaning rags.

He turned back to the neatly dressed man.

“How can I help you, Mr. Salomé?”

“First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Luis Salomé and I am Sir Stuart’s private lawyer and I take care of all contractual matters, regarding the law of the aristocracy.”

His words put a big grin on Darius’ face. James, the sly shark, didn’t trust Daddy Niklas’ lawyers and had sent his own representative to prepare the contract, so he could make sure, that his wishes were taken into account.

Very clever and perfectly in Darius’ interest.

In addition, there was something else, Darius could praise James for, before folding him up about the stupid Daina situation.

He was determined to call him, later this afternoon.

“Wonderful, Mr. Salomé. As soon as I have finished eating, we will go to my father’s study to draw up the contract for my new position with his lawyers.”

The lawyer nodded with satisfaction and confirmed: “With pleasure, Mr. Romanov.”

Darius spent the rest of the day, until late afternoon together with the four lawyers in Niklas’ office: two of Niklas’ lawyers, one of James’ and his own. Together with Darius they completed the quintet.

The drafting of the contract turned out to be a martyrdom, as Niklas had indeed tried to build in a back door for a renewed position as Head of Clan.

Darius had expected nothing less from his father.

When Darius could finally leave the study completely exasperated, he decided to take a walk outside. God knows he had spent enough hours in this old-fashioned, dusty office and needed exercise and fresh air.

When he was far enough from the house, he took his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed James’ official number.

Unfortunately only his secretary, Xaver, answered and informed him, that James was not present and asked, if he should leave a message.

Darius asked the secretary to express his gratitude for the lawyer, James had sent. He’d rather discuss the rest with James in private.

“When can I reach Sir Stuart?”

The secretary replied dutifully, but without revealing too much: “Sir Stuart will be away on business for the next few days. We don’t expect him back at the castle until Thursday.”

“Many Thanks! Then I’ll get in touch later” Darius answered vaguely and ended the call.

James’s absence had something good, too.

Apart from the fact, that both Darius and Maggie were able to postpone the awkward conversation with him, it gave them time to continue searching for the missing blood-serum vial.

At the same time at Castle ‘Green Willow Grove’(Maggie’s POV)

It was already Monday afternoon and I hadn’t seen Malachy, yet.

When I got into the breakfast room this morning, I was actually prepared for a meeting, but one seat was set only and that was the regular seat on the opposite side of James.

At this point it was clear, that I would have to eat breakfast alone, today.

As complicated and confused as the court’s rules were, once you mastered them, they gave you security, because they suggested a lot, without having to address it explicitly.

I decided to go straight to Amie, because I absolutely had to talk to her. How could so much have happened, in such a small amount of time?

I knocked loudly on her door.

Shortly afterwards, I heard a muffled “Come in”.

I slowly opened the door, stepped in and closed it quietly behind me, as if I were sneaking into her rooms.

Amie sat on the little couch and flipped through the TV channels.

Our rooms were very similar: a living room and a bedroom with an adjoining bathroom. But Amie’s rooms were smaller than mine - a status thing.

Amie turned her head in my direction, amazed at the unusual behavior.

An employee of the castle would never sneak into the room without introducing...

When she saw me, she grinned. Then, she put the remote on the coffee table, got up, and came over to me.


She stopped shortly before me and put her hands on her hips.

With a challenging look, she replied: “How nice of you to finally show up!

I thought our future communication would consist of you, leaving messages to the castle’s employees to me...”

I shrugged my shoulders, feeling slightly guiltily and looked at the floor.

Amie frowned and stepped closer to me.

“That was a joke. Don’t react, as if I had hit you.”

She took her hand and placed it on my shoulder.

“Maggie, look at me, what’s going on?”

I reacted to her words, by taking her in my arms.

“Amie, I’m so happy to see you! So much happened! I don’t even know where to start...”

Amie returned the hug.

“We should sit down comfortably, before you start.

I’m curious about what has kept you so busy over the last few days, that you couldn’t even give me a second of your precious time.”

We walked to the little couch and lounged comfortably on it.

“So, Maggie, go ahead.”

I nodded my head and took a deep breath. I began my tale, starting with the disaster at the meeting with Clan Romanov and my more than unpleasant encounter with Daina and Malachy, afterwards.

I closed my monologue by telling her about Malachy’s reaction and my forced training, and especially, about how happy I was about Daina being one of my coaches.

It still hurt to talk about Malachy’s betrayal, but at least this time, I managed to keep my tears in check.

Amie’s eyes grew bigger and bigger, the more I told her and she shook her head in disbelief!

“Oh my God! How could James do that? Has he completely lost his mind? Maggie, I’m so sorry! Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Maybe we can pick up the topic again, later. As stupid as it sounds, at the moment this is not my biggest problem...”

I changed my sitting position and was now sitting bolt upright on the sofa.

Amie did the same.

“What on earth could be worse, than a cheating fiancé, three weeks before your engagement is officially announced?”

I made it short by grabbing the bull right by the horns.

“My blood-serum vial, which was supposed to be secured in the safe in Ignis, has disappeared. After the debutant ball, I put it in my jewelry box in our apartment, along with the diamonds and then forgot to return them. Apparently, it was stolen along with the diamonds.”

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