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Chapter 61

As soon as he could no longer hear his father, he fished his cell phone out of his pocket and called Maggie.

“Hey Sis! How are you doing?”

“Well so far! James is on a business trip and isn’t expected back, until Thursday. We probably got a reprieve, lucky us!

But, now let’s talk about you. Tell me, has everything been finished up? Are you head of Clan, now?”

Darius snorted contemptuously.

“Sure, Sis! And as soon as I’m in the saddle, Niklas tries to influence my decisions. Honestly, how naive does he think I am? He should know better by now...”

“I think, that he simply doesn’t care about us or our feelings. Niklas...”

“Maggie. Sorry, but I have to interrupt you.”

That made me swallow. To choke me off quite abruptly and combined with this tone of voice, did not bode well. To be on the safe side, I sat down.

Who knows, what bad news Darius came around the corner with.

“Go ahead.” I asked him.

“While we were busy with your engagement, the burglary and the search for your blood-serum vial, Niklas wasn’t idle either. He used the time wisely, to forge a plot with Thorben Ian Stuart, James uncle.”

I replied in horror. “What? Is he serious?”

“Yes, totally serious. I’ll summarize his plan briefly: You are to influence James to the extent, that your contract will be changed, so the entire Clan Stuart will be entitled to the throne - not just James ’ descendants.

As a thank you for your help, I am allowed to marry Evelyn Marie Stuart, Thorben’s oldest daughter. This way, our common descendants are also in direct succession to the throne.”

Darius snorted contemptuously.

I used this short pause to interrupt him.

“He is crazy!” I was totally outraged.

“How did he get the idea, that I would play along with his stupid plan? It was my condition from the start, that only James‘ descendants should be entitled to the throne. I gave up my throne for James only, not for the entire Clan Stuart.”

Now Darius had to laugh.

“You defend James like a lioness… But I didn’t expect anything else from you. You do everything for the people, you love.

Of course, Niklas will not be able to carry out this plot. I just grinned and endured it, so he gets me involved and I can infiltrate his plan more easily.

This Saturday, Thorben Stuart will arrive here in Ignis with his daughter. I want you to be there, too. Then, we can act as a united front and put an end to this.”

“That’s a good idea. I’ll be there.”

“Good. I suggest, that you’ll arrive on Thursday. This way, we’ll have enough time to coordinate our joint approach.”

With regret in my voice, I replied: “Unfortunately I cannot come on Thursday.

James expects me to have an appointment with an architect on Friday afternoon. I’m supposed to take care of the construction work and interior design of our future apartment, here in the castle.”

Darius let out a deep ‘mhh’ between his lips.

“Then you’ll come as soon as you’ve got this appointment over with.

Speaking of James, do you want to let him in on our plan regarding his uncle?”

I thought for a moment. Meanwhile, I wrapped a strand of hair around my fingers.

“I do not think so. Not because I don’t want to, but because we can simply deal with it within the clan. We can crush this plot without his help. I want to show him, that I am not useless and that I can do more, than just to look pretty.”

“As you wish, Sis. I wanted to inform you, in advance.

As soon as we have finished our call, I will get into the car and drive to you, to the castle.

You will find me at Amie’s. She took a day off for today, so we can celebrate my new position properly.”

I could imagine his mischievous smile at these words. A little embarrassed, I cleared my throat.

“Don’t let me stop you and I definitely won’t visit you at Amie’s chambers. You’ve earned your privacy. Just do me one favor: Your rooms are right next to mine and I need my sleep, so please don’t be too loud.”

Darius started laughing heartily.

“I’m doing everything in my power, your Highness! We may see each other at the castle, otherwise we’ll meet by Friday evening in Ignis, at the latest.”

Darius ended the conversation after speeking these words. He seemed to be in a hurry to get to Amie.

Actually, he was in such a hurry and so distracted, that he hadn’t noticed, that his phone conversation with Maggie had been overheard.

Cheerfully he left Niklas ’study, quickly packed a small travel bag and drove to Atonia.

No sooner had Darius left Niklas’ study, the maid, who had previously cleaned the dust in the hallway in front of the room - again and completely unnecessarily - went to Adrian’s rooms.

There, she described in detail what she had overheard.

She mentioned the plot between Mr. Niklas Romanov and a Mr. Stuart and did not forget to tell, that the gentlemen wanted to meet with Darius this Saturday on site.

Adrian stepped closer to her and carefully approached her.

“Which Mr. Stuart? A James, maybe?”

The maid shook her head.

“No. It wasn’t a James. I think, something like Thor. Darius explained to Margarete on the phone, that it was probably an uncle of James.”

“Oh...” replied Adrian.

“Wonderful. And what about Margarete? ”

Now, Adrian put a hand on her arm.

The maid got a stare - a result of trying to concentrate, while Adrian poked around in her head.

His handling of his powers could only be described as amateurish.

On the one hand, this was due to the fact, that he was transitioned late and was not yet very practiced in his skills. On the other hand, he didn’t care at all, whether he caused damage with his manipulations.

“Margarete should come here too. Darius said Thursday, but I couldn’t hear her answer...”

“Make an effort!” It came cutting from Adrian’s side.

“I can not…”

Adrian couldn’t find an answer to his question in her head, either.

“But you are sure, that Margarete will come here.”

“Yes, sir!”

Now, he let go of her.

“Good, you can go. Your task is done for today. Of course you will continue to cling to Darius’ heels, as long as he is here in this mansion, like you have been doing for the past few days.”

“Very well, Mr. Romanov.” The maid nodded and quietly left Adrian’s room.

♠ ♦

Adrian rubbed his hands contentedly and smiled. These news were more, than good.

They gave him the perfect opportunity to put the plan, he and Daina had come up with, into action.

In a good mood, he dialed Daina’s mobile number.

She let it ring a few times, until she was comfortable to take the call.

“Adrian! I hope you come with positive news, not lame excuses. It’s already Tuesday. The official engagement ball is in two and a half weeks. We’re running out of time...”

“Hello Daina! I am also looking forward to hearing from you. How was your day?”

There was an icy silence on the other line.

Adrian replied, slightly amused. “Not? If only James could see the bad behavior, you display with everyone, but him. ”

Daina rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“What do you want, Adrian? I have other things to do, than wasting my time with this stupid phone call of ypur’s. ”

“My goodness!” Adrian now was annoyed by Daina’s diva-like nature. “Pull yourself together! I have good news. My stupid father is trying to forge a plot, whose failure is once again foreseeable. Maybe he should look for another hobby...”

Daina interrupted him abruptly.

“Get to the point!”

Adrian couldn’t help, but to reply cuttingly.

“Just as the noble lady wishes.

We’re going through with my human’s transition, this Saturday. As chance will have it, people from Clan Stuart are here for lunch and so is Maggie. That way, we have the victim, the culprit and even the perfect witnesses in the same spot. This is as good as it gets.

Now you just have to see, that you lure James here on some pretext.”

He clicked his tongue in satisfaction. Then, another idea occurred to him.

“Just tell him about Clan Romanov’s and Clan Stuart’s plot against him, and especially about Maggie being here with me. By that, I mean in my bed, in case you didn’t get the hint...”

Daina snorted contemptuously.

She hated Adrian deeply, but she had to admit, he really had found the perfect time to change his little human friend and ruin Margarete.

“I have to admit that I didn’t trust you to keep your end of the bargain. I am impressed.”

Adrian just took a deep breath and wanted to say something, when she continued.

“Save the self-praise. I’ll make sure, that James arrives at Ignis in the afternoon, at the latest, so he can witness the whole spectacle in time. When everyone is sitting at the lunch table, you go for it. I hope you can do it. ”

“Definitely! I’ve practiced enough on the living object...”

At these words, Daina ran a cold chill down her spine.

“Well, see you Saturday, Adrian.”

She ended the call without waiting for his answer. She didn’t care what he had to say, anyway.

Daina’s demeanor scratched Adrian’s ego a little. But he was reconciled, for as long as he got Maggie back. And he would, he was sure of that.

With a satisfied smile, he went to search for Soraya. He wanted to make sure he was giving her the blood-serum correctly and a little more practice wouldn’t hurt.

While he was walking through the corridors in Ignis, he whistled happily to himself.

Today was a beautiful day.

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