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Chapter 63

When Maggie came into the room and noticed James standing behind his desk, starring at her in silence, she stopped abruptly and looked at him, startled, with wide eyes.

One could almost think, that she acted like the rabbit before the snake.

“Malachy...” was the only thing she managed to say.

“Maggie” came back monotonously.

Gavin noticed the tense mood immediately. His presence here was completely unnecessary.

“Sire” he greeted James and then hurried to pack his things.

A short time later, he had tucked his handbag under his arm and wished them both a pleasant evening. He wasted no time to scram as quickly as possible.

The sound of the door closing, which lay in front of the office’s hallway, tore Malachy out of his stupor.

From the moment she walked into the office, all he could do was stare at her like an idiot.

He had missed her, her smile, the way she looked at him... Slowly he started to think, that all good senses had left him.

He cleared his throat.

“It’s good that I meet you here. I was curious about our new living space.”

He really wasn’t at all, but he needed an excuse to start a conversation with her.

“I’m curious, now that I see the castle’s floor plan spread out in front of me and you obviously just coming from a sightseeing tour with the architect. Please bring me up to date. Where are the rooms supposed to be built?”

He waved his hand at the documents in front of him.

Not sure how to interpret his mood, I followed his request and walked slowly towards him. I stopped next to him in front of the desk.

“One moment please, I have to orientate myself first, so I won’t show you the wrong place on the map.”

I nervously leaned over the plan and looked for the castle’s wing in which my current premises were located.

Malachy also leaned over the desk and came closer to look over my shoulder.

His presence made me nervous.

I pointed my finger at the appropriate place on the document.

“This is exactly where the rooms are to be built. In the wing, where I live now and on the floor above. I have considered having both floors connected by a staircase.”

As I spoke, I straightened up a bit and turned my head towards him so I could look at him. A stupid idea...

Now, we were dangerously close.

I could almost feel his breath on my face. I only needed to move forward a little and my lips would touch his full, sensually curved ones.

I lost myself in his almost golden eyes...

As I took a deep breath, I noticed his rich, masculine scent. All sensory impressions combined, were too much for me to handle.

My heart was beating like crazy. To avoid doing anything stupid, I bit my lower lip and looked at Malachy’s chest, embarrassed.

In a husky voice he asked: “Why are the rooms so far away from the official rooms of the castle and my current accommodation. They are almost in the area, designated to staff...”

He cleared his throat.

I looked at him again in amazement. His gaze was so piercing and confused me so much.

How should I be able to concentrate, when he was so close?

My answer suggested, that my brain had completely crumbled. I nervously interlaced my fingers and looked to the side, embarrassed.

“The long distance to your current rooms and the castle’s official rooms, was chosen by me on purpose. This way we have a certain spatial distance and more privacy.”

I had a big lump in my throat. I swallowed several times, embarrassed.

I was only too aware that a pair of golden eyes were curiously directed at me and none of my gestures escaped them.

So I gathered up my courage and met his gaze before continuing.

“In addition, the last few days made me aware of the fact, that you need a certain freedom in our marriage, for which you need your private rooms.”

He drew his eyebrows together, as if he didn’t understand my hint and looked at me questioningly.

I squeezed my crossed fingers together so tight, they almost hurt. It was so difficult for me and cost me infinite strength to pronounce the next words.

“I mean your extra-marital activities with Daina or other ladies.”

No sooner had I pronounced the sentence, than I pressed my lips together and looked to the side to fight against the rising tears.

Malachy stood before me, motionless and wordless. He really didn’t make it easy for me.

After a few seconds I got my emotions under control, again.

I bravely let my gaze wander to his eyes and was well aware, that my eyes shimmered suspiciously.

I couldn’t read his gaze. Additionally, his physical closeness didn’t help me, to be completely factual.

To be honest, I felt like he was getting closer.

I ignored the proximity to him and spoke on bravely.

“We never promised each other loyalty or love, so I can’t expect that from you. But I expect discretion, especially in front of the staff and our potential children and I want these activities to be limited to your private rooms...”

By now, the words gushed out of my mouth like a waterfall and a veil fell in front of my vision, as my eyes had filled with tears, which were slowly running down my cheek.

Suddenly I felt his hand on my cheek, which made me pause.

Shortly afterwards, his soft lips touched my trembling mouth and he began to kiss me tenderly.

I couldn’t resist his advances.

I loosened my fingers and put my arms around his waist to pull him closer to me. At the same time I kissed him back in a demanding and inviting way.

Malachy did not take long to be part of the action. His hand, which had previously been on my cheek, slowly wandered down my neck and caressed me lovingly.

He let go of me for a moment and brought a small distance between us, which he used to look deep into my eyes.

“I’m sorry about what you saw with Daina. I don’t know what had gotten into me ... I assure you I haven’t slept with her. I was offended and jealous and acted stupid, but I didn’t have the heart to sleep with her.”

Completely confused, but also relieved, I looked at him and stammered: “I don’t know what to say… I’m sorry, that I made you look like a fool in front of Clan Romanov. Please believe me, that this was not my intention and that I will never repeat this mistake... But why jealousy?”

When I understood his allusion, my eyes widened. “Because of Adrian?”

Malachy pressed his lips together in agony and nodded, when I mentioned that name.

His reaction made me grin, which obviously confused him completely.

My heart did a somersault out of joy. He was jealous of Adrian. He of all people, who had absolutely no reason for this.

I had unconsciously started to play with the strand of hair, that had fallen over his shoulder. My grin turned into a low laugh - an honest, hopeful laugh, that finally led Malachy astray.

Now I put my hand on his cheek and looked deep into his eyes.

“I don’t care about Adrian. I fell in love with you and decided on you and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

With that said, I got on my tiptoes and kissed him, again.After a moment, he returned my kiss as passionately as a drowning man in the desert, who had found an oasis.

We forgot all restraint.

Our kisses became more passionate and demanding and soon weren’t enough. I started to let my lips wander over his neck and interrupted my teasing only to whisper the words, “Take off your shirt” in his ear.

He complied with my request without hesitation.

As soon as he pulled the shirt over his head, he tossed it carelessly on the floor and set about taking off my top, immediately followed by my bra. He kissed every bare inch of my skin, that he could reach.

The mood between us heated up every second.

I tampered with his waistband, while my lips had taken over and tried to touch and caress as much of him as possible.

We forgot everything around us, including the fact, that we were still in his public study.

Malachy growled my name loudly and demanding, before tearing my jeans and panties off my body.

He kissed me madly.

Then, he wiped all the documents from the desk with a sweeping gesture, put his hands under my bottom and sat me on the table top.

A little startled by his unbridled lust and at the same time trembling with desire, I put my hands on his shoulders and wrapped my legs around his waist.

I left just enough space for him to get rid of his pants and boxer shorts, before I pulled him closer to me and we became one.

Andre, who was looking for James, burst unsuspecting into the study and into the intimate situation.

Unnoticed by the two of them, he withdrew discreetly and quickly and stood with a broad grin as a watchdog in front of the door to the anteroom of the office.

If the two completely forgot themselves, then he would just have to take care of their privacy... A piece of cake.

To be an onlooker at this sensual interlude between the Regent and his future wife, caused an emotional high for Andre.

He had noticed the icy mood between the two, which made him feel uncomfortable about the upcoming wedding.

Fortunately, they seemed to have put their differences behind them. So luck and love could finally move into Castle ‘Green Willow’.

Something that hadn’t been here for a long time and that Andre missed sorely.

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