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Chapter 67

After a few minutes of James sitting quietly and in a bad mood behind the wheel, Daina decided to lighten the mood with a bit of small talk.

At the same time, she wanted to sound him out a little about the impending situation.

“James, I’m curious. Lately I have come across a rumor, regarding the azure blue blood-serum of the ‘House of Regents’.”

James focused on the street but didn’t mean to be completely rude either. So he replied: “What rumour?”

“I have heard, that the azure blood-serum has the ability to transform any converter into an aristocrat, regardless of which royal house the converter belongs to.”

James thought for a moment, then confirmed her statement with a nod and a sloppy wave of the hand. There was really nothing special or unusual about this information.

Now, Daina ventured a little further into the subject, of the transformation of humans into Half-Bloods.

“It might not be great to turn full-blood Aristocrats, but what about the rumor, that humans can be turned into Half-Bloods.”

“How do you come up with that, Daina?”

“To be honest, I picked it up at house Romanov and wondered why I had never heard of it before.”

James was puzzled, but the name Romanov triggered a different reaction from him than caution - jealousy.

Daina didn’t give up. She wanted to know what James had to say on the subject. How would he react if his fiancée illegally turned a human into a Half-Blood.

“Is that even possible, and if so, why have I never heard of such a case?”

“Daina!” James was maddened.

“Don’t we have other problems, than talking about nonsense like that?

If you are so passionate about it, I’ll give you this: It is possible, but forbidden by the Aristocratic Law and the judges don’t joke about this subject.

It is one of the reasons, why the war broke out between humanity and the Aristocracy 1000 years ago.

In addition, it is extremely dangerous for humans, because a lot can go wrong within the transition. Without a trained healer, the likelihood of complications is extremely high.”

James paused for a moment, because he had to concentrate on the traffic. Then he continued.

“This topic is no longer up for debate these days, since you need 100% pure azure blood-serum for a successful transition. This is extremely rare. As you know, only the high-ranking members of Clan Stuart are pure azure-blooded.”

“Okay,” Daina said meekly and slid deep into her car seat.

“Tell me James, what happens if you want to change a human and use blood-serum that is not 100% azure blue?”

James was overtaking several cars and focused more on the road, than on Daina’s words. He shrugged and answered matter-of-factly.

“Very simple: Then the human dies.”

This information made Daina become absolutely horrified and made her face turn white, like a sheet of paper.

With trembling hands she dug her mobile phone out of her purse again and wrote a message to Adrian.

“ABORT!!! Your little human WILL DIE!!!!”

After sending the message, she nervously held her mobile phone in her hand and waited for Adrian to reply - in vain.

Five minutes passed.

Ten minutes passed.

Fifteen minutes passed, while she was staring constantly at her mobile phone, waiting for Adrian to answer.

Slowly her patience broke and time was running out. What if it was already too late...

After twenty minutes, Daina was a bundle of nerves. She didn’t want to be directly responsible for someone’s death. It wasn’t worth it all.

Desperate and close to tears, she held her hands in front of her face. She had to make a decision, and quickly.

James noticed Daina’s strange behavior and was starting to get nervous, too. Something was wrong. He could literally smell the rat...

“Daina, what’s wrong?”

She took her hands from her face and said in a tear-choked voice: “James, I screwed up big time!”

Her pitch of voice made all the alarm bells go off for him. “What happened, Daina? What did you do?”

“I’ll tell you right away. First I have to call Adrian.”

“Adrian? Which Adrian?” James frowned. “Do you mean Adrian Romanov?”

James looked at her like she was mad.

Daina waved her hand and put her mobile phone to her ear. She let it ring until the mailbox answered. After the fourth attempt, which failed to reach Adrian, again, she gave up.

“Damn it! He’s not answering!” Her eyes were as big as cartwheels and her heart was beating as fast as if she had run a marathon.

She stammered out of her mind: “Margarete ... I have to call Margarete.”

James gave her a sideways look, confused.

“By now I don’t understand anything, anymore!”

Daina barked at him hysterically. “Not now! Give me your bloody mobile phone! It’s a matter of life or death!”

Her words made him so perplexed, that he fished his mobile out of his pocket and handed it to her.

“PIN code!!!” Daina screamed now, as if out of her mind.

James was getting really scared. What on earth was going on here?

He gave her the PIN code to unlock his phone.

A moment later, she went through his contacts and dialed Maggie’s mobile number.

As the phone rang, she said, “James. All of my barriers, which keep you from reading my mind are down. Listen and read in my head what has happened or will happen. We have to prevent a murder and I need your help to do that.

Accelerate! We have to get to Ignis as soon as possible.”

Then Maggie took the call.

“Hello Malachy!”

Daina groaned in relief.

“Margarete, this is Daina!” She replied hurriedly.

“Is everything okay with James? Why are you calling from his mobile?”

Now Daina was talking to Maggie like an automatic rifle.

“Yes, he’s fine. We are on the way to your location. Please listen carefully to me, we need your help...

Adrian is currently on your premises in Ignis, in the process of killing Soraya and blaming you for the murder.”

“Pardon me?” It came back from the other end of the line, horrified.

“We have no time left! Find Adrian and make him stop this stupid idea, of ​​turning Soraya into a Half-Blood with your blood-serum. She will die, since your blood serum is not 100% azure.

You have to understand that I didn’t mean to kill her.

I didn’t know that the little human would die in the transition! Please stop Adrian until we get there. Then James can take over and everything will be fine!”

James felt sick at Daina’s words.

There was no doubt about the truth of her statement. Since she had all her barriers down, he could read her mind easily.

Horrified, he snapped at her brusquely.

“How could you, Daina!”

Then, he stepped on the gas and drove like the devil was on their heels.

Shaken to the core, I went back into the dining room.

I went straight to Darius and roughly interrupted the table conversation, by putting my hand on his shoulder and spoke.

“Darius, I need your help. You have to come with me.”

Until then, he probably thought I was just kidding. However, the expression on my face seemed to leave no room for doubt as to my seriousness.

“Are you all right, Maggie? Who was that on the phone?”

“Please follow me, it is important!”

With these words, I stormed out of the room, closely followed by a worried Darius and the curious looks of Niklas and the two Stuarts.

While Darius ran after me down the corridors in the direction of Adrian’s private rooms, he asked worried: “What happened, Maggie? I’ve never seen you act like this!”

“Adrian! Adrian is going to kill Soraya!”

“What?” Darius almost yelled at me.

“That was Daina on the phone. She and James are on their way here. Daina and Adrian seem to have had some kind of plan, which included converting Soraya into a Half-Blood with my blood-serum...”

As soon as I had spoken the words, I stopped abruptly and turned to Darius. We held hands like children at the ‘ground loop’ and stared at each other with big eyes.

Darius found his language first. “Your stolen blood-serum vial...”

I just nodded in horror and all the colour drained from my face.

“Daina said we should stop Adrian from giving Soraya the blood-serum. It is not pure enough, for her to be able to survive the transformation. She will die!”

I kept stammering, frightened.

“I’m sorry to drag you into this. I’m afraid, that Adrian will attack me again, if I confront him directly with knowledge of his sick plan...”

I was trembling all over.

Darius took me tightly in his arms for a moment.

“That’s what I’m here for, Sis! I’m glad you asked me to come with you. There is no way I will leave you alone with this psychopath!

We have to find him and Soraya as quickly as possible.”

I nodded, then we broke away from each other and continued running down the hallways of the property, hoping not to be too late.

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