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Chapter 71

In the meantime, Darius and Daina were alone in Maggie’s rooms. The horror and the initial, awkward silence was quickly broken by Darius.

“Did you know that Soraya would die during the transition?”

Daina looked at him with eyes wide with horror and replied harshly: “Of course not! I’m not a murderer!”

“So you say...” Darius snorted and cynically raised an eyebrow.

Now, Daina was getting loud. “What do you mean by ‘so you say’? Do you believe in me, being able to do that?”

Darius clicked his tongue slightly and fixed his gaze on Daina. “Haven’t you learned not to ask questions, whose answer you can’t stomach?”

Her jaw dropped. In fact, she hadn’t expected this answer. Yes, she seemed aloof and maybe a little arrogant, but she did NOT appear as a murderer, right?

Darius took advantage of her speechlessness by verbally attacking her further.

“At least, you won’t stop at anything, when it comes to getting James into your bed. Then you manipulate, twist the truth and maybe you don’t mind walking over corpses either...”

He laughed bitterly and took the next blow. “And all just to get screwed! James must be damn good in bed, that you risk everything to have a shag with him.”

If looks could kill, Darius’ lifeless body would have tipped over backwards.

Daina yelled at him like a fury. “How dare you speak to me like that! Anyway, how do you know what I would do? If your stupid sister hadn’t appeared out of nowhere, this whole drama wouldn’t have happened in the first place! Your stupid and incredibly naive sister!”

Now, Daina laughed half-heartedly and amused. “Did little Maggie come running, to cry at your shoulder, because she caught me red-handed with James? Did she?”

She clenched her teeth tightly and clutched the fabric of her pants with her hands before shaking her head in resignation and smiling agonized.

“The funniest thing is, that I didn’t sleep with him at all. At the last moment he got cold feet and pushed me away. Obviously he likes naive, uptight girls. So much ado about nothing...”

Having become curious, Darius let his gaze linger a little longer on Daina to examine her closely.

He smiled at her, baring his teeth like a wolf. Clever as he was, he summarized the situation in a few words.

“So it is like that. You love James and you are enraged with jealousy because he is not reciprocating your feelings and instead fell in love with Maggie. As a Fleur de Lys, she is not only his perfect match, she is also way above you, in her social status. The only way to have James for yourself, is to get rid of Maggie.”

Daina interrupted him harshly. “But not like this. Nothing in this world is worth accepting someone’s death!”

She added meekly: “This result wasn’t, what I had in mind! Yes, I wanted James to myself, but not so much that I would kill for him! I’m so sorry for this poor, dead girl.”

“At least you have some decency. The only question is, whether it will help you. I have no idea what James and Maggie are discussing with Niklas and Thorben Stuart.

To be honest, I don’t care what happens to you either. Whatever comes your way, you deserve it, Daina.

But I insist that you leave Maggie alone from now on!

You can take my words as a threat.”

At the last sentence, a diabolical grin appeared on Darius ’face. He was serious.

Daina swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat, when Darius spoke, she nodded and looked embarrassed at the floor.

A loud knock made Daina jolt out of her stupor.

Darius giggled and went to the door, to see who was there. On his way there, he couldn’t help but give a nasty comment at Daina.

“What are you flinching for? You don’t have a guilty conscience because you have someone’s death on your conscience, do you?”

Daina gave him an angry look, but couldn’t say anything because Darius had already opened the door to ask who was there.

There were two scowling men with a mahogany-colored coffin in tow. Darius let them in.

The men went about their work without changing their expressions. When they had carefully placed Soraya in the coffin and were just closing the lid, James and Maggie entered the rooms.

They had already been informed by several frightened and concerned maids, that a funeral home was in the manor.

James had told each of the maids, who had crossed their way, that there had been a terrible and unfortunate incident and had made sure, to touch the maids arms while explaining, so he could match their memories with the story he had told Niklas and Thorben.

Which was, that Adrian had attacked Maggie and his girlfriend and Darius had intervened. Adrian had managed to incapacitate Darius with a weapon and had hurt Soraya so unfortunately in the process, that she had no chance of survival. Then he had fled.

James assured them, that he would not rest until Adrian was caught. After all, as Regent, it was his duty to protect the defenseless Aristocrats from such a psychopath.

James planted the same story into the memories of the two men from the funeral home, before they carried the coffin away.

Now, James turned to Darius.

“Are you staying here or are you going to Atonia?”

Darius thought for a moment.

“There are still a few things, I have to do here... tidying up, organizing a funeral...”

James replied: “I’ve already taken care of that. No obligation keeps you here today, unless you want to stay here.”

Darius nodded uncomfortably. “Thank you for your help. Under these circumstances, nothing can keep me here.”

James knew exactly what Darius meant. He couldn’t get out of here fast enough, either.

“Would you please take Maggie to my car? I’ll be right there.

I need to make sure, that anyone who had seen anything suspicious, has their memories aligned with the official story.

I also need to have a serious word with Daina.”

He tossed his car key to Darius.

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