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Chapter 6

Hysterically, I almost shouted at her: “What is it? Is it that bad? Is Adrian my half-brother or isn’t he?”

Amie looked at me as if I were a ghost. Then she replied hesitantly: “Given the circumstances, this is your smallest problem...”

With that she opened the lid of the box again and put in in front of me. My mind couldn’t comprehend what I saw, because it was unknown to me.

In the centre of the box was a small vial with a golden cap that had a strange shape: some kind of mixture between the French lily and a cross. Inside the translucent vial, was my blood serum, displayed in two colours: azure and ruby, whereas the azure part was overbalanced.

I had already seen Adrian’s and Darius’ vile and therefore knew that they stood for the social affiliation of the Aristocracy and the diverse royal houses.

Only full-blooded Aristocrats were given a vile and mentioned in the family tree.

Darius’ blood serum was ruby only, because he belonged one hundred percent to the ‘House of Warriors’. Being a full-blood Aristocrat had its special advantages. Darius as a clan member of the ‘House of Warriors’ was gifted with excessive physical power and his senses were extremely heightened.

Adrian however, was granted with blood-serum of two Royal Houses, balanced equally: emerald green and purple. His special partition of an equally shared blood serum allowed him to use the abilities of both houses.

Emerald Green, which stood for the royal ‘House of Healers’, better known as the “Witch-Circle”, gave him the powers to heal himself and others. Purple, which stood for the “House of Influencer”, gave him the ability to read and manipulate the thoughts of others – humans and Aristocrats alike.

Whereupon he always mentioned, that my thoughts were hidden from him, for whatever reason.

Looking at my vile, I drew one conclusion: I was a mix of different royal houses as well. The ruby blood-serum verified my belonging to the ‘House of Warriors’. Therefore I was Darius’ sister or better said half-sister.

But what did the azure blood-serum mean? I didn’t know this colour and had never heard of it.

Only four colours were explained to me: Ruby (our ‘House of Warriors’), Purple (the ‘House of Influencer’), Gold (the ‘House of Seers’, who could see the future and the past) and Emerald green (the ‘Witch-Circle’).

Frowning I looked at the velvet box, then I moved closer to the kitchen table and touched the vile with my fingertips.

“Amie, what does the azure blood-serum mean? This colour doesn’t tell me anything.”

Again, Amie seemed to be struggling for words.

“I myself am not one hundred percent sure. The one thing that I am sure of, is that Adrian is not your brother. Azure blood serum is a rarity and I think it stands for the things that are connected to blue blood: the Aristocracy itself, or better said its regents. Maggie, did Niklas ever mentioned who your mother was?”

In one fell swoop I was sober. This new-found information changed my whole understanding of the world – even more than Niklas Romanov, when he stood at my doormat shortly after my 22nd birthday, telling me that he was my father and that I belonged to another species then the humans.

Trembling, I let myself slide on the chair again and answered: “No. He did not.”

Now, Amie raised from her chair and walked around the table to put her arms around my shoulders.

“Maggie, I think you should talk to your brothers - I mean Adrian and Darius. The percentage of your azure blood-serum is at 68 percent.”

She pointed at the vial, on which’s front was printed ‘68%’ in golden numbers.

“You do realise, that the blood serum with the bigger part, does represent the affiliation to the Royal House. In your case this means precisely, that you belong to Clan Romanov only secondarily. Primarily you belong to the ‘House of Regents’, because of the higher part of the azure blood-serum.”

I looked at her in bewilderment. “What does that mean? I have no idea what I should do with this new information.”

She blew out air between her lips, making humming sounds.

“Oh sweetie. I am not sure myself what to tell you. As already mentioned, you should talk to Adrian and Darius. They have more knowledge about these things, than I have.”

After a short break, she went on: “But right now, you should go to sleep, or at least you should try to get some rest. This day simply was filled with too much information in too short intervals.”

I nodded at her in approval. “You are right.”

She loosened her embrace.

Then I stood up, mumbling something like preparing myself for bed and went into the bathroom.

When I finally crawled completely confused into my bed, I took my cell phone and wrote Adrian and Darius identical messages.

“Hey Bro! J Tomorrow 1 p.m. at the ‘harbour bistro’? The test result of my blood-serum has arrived. It will blow your mind!!! Love Maggie”

After hitting the send button, I switched off my phone.

I lay awake for a long time. So long, that I was able to see the first rays of light, that where shining through the slits of my curtains.

It was already dusk.

Shortly before I fell asleep a strange thought occurred to me. The unusually shaped cross, that was atop my vial, somehow reminded me of the sign on the door to the private room, that I had entered with Malachy.


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