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Chapter 7

That night I slept very badly. Restlessly, I rolled around in my bed.

As a result, I looked like chewed and spit out the next late morning, when a knock on my door woke me.

I answered with a hoarse voice, “Yes, who is there?”

The door was opened slowly and Amie put her head in the door slit. “It’s me. I just wanted to see for myself, if you are okay.”

I sat up in my bed and leaned on the headrest of my bed. “Would you like to sit with me?”

I padded the space before me with my hand. Amie followed my request and seated herself cross-legged opposite me on the lower part of the bed.

“Frankly speaking, you looked better this morning before going to bed, than you do now.”

I ran my fingers through my hair. “I feel like having been hit by a train. How late is it?”

Amie glanced at my clock, sitting on the nightstand to my right, and replied: “It is just after eleven.”

“Thank god!” I exhaled deeply.

“Then I still have enough time to get myself ready for my lunch date with Adrian and Darius at the ‘harbour bistro’, which will be thirteen o’clock sharp. I already informed them about the arrival of the test results from my blood-serum.”

Amie asked curiously, “And? How did they react?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“I have no idea. I switched off my cell phone after hitting the ‘sent button’. Pretty cowardly, I know… But any more information or news would have melted down my brain completely.”

Amie had to laugh. “I understand you completely. But first of all: you really need to take a shower. You can’t go out of the apartment, looking like this…”

She gestured near my hair, which was an extreme mess. Then she raised herself off the bed and left my room.

I was rummaging through my wardrobe to find new clothes. Then I went into the bathroom.

Shortly before I left our apartment, I said goodbye to my best friend, hugging her tightly. She gave me a ‘thumbs up’, then I made my way to the ‘harbour bistro’.

One short glimpse at my wristwatch and I knew that I would arrive too soon. My heart was in my mouth.

Darius would be happy for sure, to call me his sister, but what about Adrian? Back then, shortly after the beginning of my transition we broke up, or better said, I left him, because Niklas mentioned the possibility of us being half-siblings.

What a psycho Daddy Niklas was. He seemed to get off on other people’s misery.

Deeply lost in thought, I arrived ten minutes early at the ‘harbour bistro’, which was situated near Atonia’s harbour, as expressed in it’s name.

While entering the restaurant, my view fell on the window front in the back, at which’s table Adrian was already sitting.

After noticing me, he stood up. I moved to him without hesitation, stopping right in front of him.

“Thanks for meeting me, again, on such a short notice, especially considering that we have parted not so long ago.”

I sat myself at the table fast, because I would not be able to handle the intimacy of a hug and switched to small-talk, in order to cover up my nervousness.

“Is Darius going to be late, again?”

Adrian took a seat across from me. He seemed annoyed.

“He texted that he would be late for approximately ten minutes and that we should not start without him. This was followed by some threats. If you had switched on your cell phone, you would have known.”

Conscious-stricken, I fixed my view on the tabletop.

Luckily, the waitress arrived at this moment to take our order. We ordered drinks only, because we wanted to wait for Darius, before ordering lunch.

Again, I started with small-talk to ease the tension.

“How is Soraya? You seem to have had a lot of fun yesterday. I believe I have never seen you dance so much.”

While speaking I had to grin. Adrian and clubbing was like a ’Motörhead’ concert in a church.

He also had to laugh. “It was unusual but fun.”

We made several more jokes about yesterday’s events.

There he was again, my spirited Adrian. Only that he wasn’t MY Adrian anymore, even if this circumstance could now easily be fixed.

My heart beat faster.

When his eyes moved away from my face and he raised his hand in order to greet someone, I knew that Darius had arrived.

As he reached our table, I stood up and greeted him with a warm hug.

“Hi brother dear, it is nice of you to finally show up.”

He took me in his arms, meanwhile replying indignantly: “Hey! I told you not to start without me!”

As he wanted to share his anger, I interrupted him. “We didn’t! I just started.”

He was startled, then he put me at an arm’s length.

“How? So you are my little sister?!? Yes!”

He pulled me back into his embrace, thereby pressing so firmly, that I was out of breath, and declared proudly: “I always knew it! It is your eyes. That unusual eye colour betrayed you. Who else, but my little sister, could have had such beautiful golden brown eyes, like me?”

Adrian and I rolled our eyes simultaneously.

“Of course, Darius. That’s exactly what it was…” I replied, then I let go of him.

“Let us order! My stomach is completely empty, due to the fact that I skipped breakfast.”

We both sat down, but Darius wouldn’t be himself, if he weren’t having a casual reply to match.

But this time Amie wasn’t here to save me.

He smiled in amusement.

“You barely know that you are a Romanov, but still you follow into my footsteps. If I was the one who exhausted myself that much in the private room of Club Collosseum, I would have slept till noon as well.”

I looked at him horrified, but this didn’t stop him from going on.

“Lucky you! I am trying to get access to these private rooms for years and you visit this club for the first time and already receive this honour.”

I was already watching out the window confused, observing the ships that went by on the horizon. The smile on Adrian’s face got smaller with every word Darius spoke.

Still there was no stopping Darius.

“Did you know that only the head of the family is allowed to enter this private room? Or maybe his successor, but I am not sure…”

Darius’ lively chatter let the mood in our table sink to it’s lowest point.

I inhaled deeply, forcing myself to take my eyes off the horizon and onto Adrian’s face. But he wasn’t gazing my direction as dreaded by me.

Instead he was pressing his lips together, while looking out of the window.

Darius was only silenced by me, elbowing him into his side and leading him into Adrian’s direction with a nod of my head.

Then, I put the menu in front of him. “Let’s order!”

Curiously he looked back and forth between Adrian and me. Then he nodded and started to read the menu.

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