Chasing Sunshine

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11- Neither A Knight Or A Prince

"Yes, Dad. I'm doing good here. How about you? How are things at home? Yes. Okay, Dad. I'll try to go visit you and my sisters some time. Yup. You too, Dad. Take care. Bye." James talked on the phone with his Dad in the corridor while Shine was in the doctor's office with her parents.

It was a scheduled checkup but since Shine also felt some spasms on her legs yesterday, James went with them in case there were new instructions ordered by the doctor. The twitching didn't really get in the way of her usual activities yet so he was just told to be on the lookout if they got worse so the doctor can prescribe some meds to help with the spasms.

Shine has been awfully silent since she felt the twitching and once again her bright inner sunshine was overshadowed by the cloud of her disease.

The ride home was very quiet too. Although they did stop for a quick lunch at Shine’s favorite restaurant, her mood did not get any better.

It started raining and James watched as Shine looked out of the car window to watch the steady drops of water that fell from the sky.

He spotted the camcorder that she always brought along for her video journal in between them at the backseat.

He carefully picked it up and turned it on. He then directed it to her and started recording.

"Shine, look at the camera." He said softly and smiled.

She briefly gazed at him and turned away again.

"You're crazy. Turn that off." She chuckled.

"You have always captured your surroundings in your videos but very seldom get shots of yourself. With a face as pretty as yours, you should be the star of all of your videos." James said which made Shine blush as her parents grinned and listened to them from the front of the car.

They may not completely agree with their daughter's relationship with James but he does make her happier, more than they have ever seen her before.

"Do you like the rain?" He asked.

Shine then turned to face him and smiled. "I do. There's something refreshing and therapeutic about it. Maybe it's the cool wind that comes with it, the pitter patter sound, or the way it washes away the dirt all over and quenches the parched lands but somehow after the rain, I feel like a new person."

James did not say anything. He just sighed and smiled at her response, admiring her beauty and wisdom.

He turned the camera off as they pulled up in the Malden's driveway. A guard rushed to the car with a huge umbrella to meet them but Shine had another idea.

She got down from the car and within seconds was drenched in the rain.

"Shine, what are you doing?" James shouted as she ran to the garden.

"Checking an item off the list. Come on!" She called as she closed her eyes and looked up to the sky.

He quickly went down from the car and joined her. He stood beside her and held her hand as they both looked up, eyes closed, completely soaked in rain.

"Dance with me." She said and when James looked at her she found her staring at him with a bright smile on her face like the sun shining through the rain.

"Was that the item you wanted to cross from your list?" He asked and she nodded.

Slow dance in the rain.

James smiled and looked deep into her eyes then asked. "Shine, may I have this dance?"

She grinned. "Of course."

He then slowly slipped his hands around her tiny waist as she slid her arms over his shoulders. Their bodies instinctively drew closer together and started swaying to the music only their hearts could hear.

With their eyes glued on each other, faces mere inches away, she smiled.

"You know what I realized, James?"


"I just realized how once upon a time a girl dreamt of a fairy tale life but actually she does not need a knight or a prince to be her hero, she just needs someone like you. You're all I need, Mr. James Faulkner."

His heart swelled at her words and smiled.

"And I'll always be here as long as you need me," he said.

"What if I need you forever?"

"Then you shall have me forever." He whispered as he leaned down and touched his forehead on hers and they continued to slow dance in the rain.

They didn't know then but Ted captured the whole scene on Shine’s camera and now James watched the video from his laptop which has one of his favorite moments with her.

Because for the first time, at that exact moment, Shine didn't think about being with him for a few months or years but forever.

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