Chasing Sunshine

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3 - Then The Dreams Began

James clicked the stop button on the video and stared at Shine’s bright smile.

That was how the journey they shared together started for her.

James took a sip of the water beside him and started to remember how it began for him.

He remembered it was a Wednesday in their home in the suburbs.

"Caregiver? I thought you wanted to be a doctor?" His Dad, Rick Faulkner frowned from across the table when James told him his plans.

"Dad, I'm going to work as a private nurse for now. I will still be a doctor but we won't be able to afford med school right now. Rina still has two years in college. I'll take the time to work to save money for med school and to help you with Rina and Angel's tuition."

"The way you described the work you have to do made me think that way. Anyway, you don't have to think about other things. Just save the money for yourself. I can take care of your sisters." Rick, who worked in their town's Treasurer's Office, did his best to make ends meet for his children.

"I know, Dad. I know you're doing everything for us but it's a waste for my nursing degree if I don't use it to help out. Besides, I was recommended for the job by the Mayor. He's a family friend of my future employers. It's just two years, Dad. Two years and I will come back home to fulfill our dream. I promise."

"Okay, son. You look like your mind's all made up. It's a shame to admit but you're right. I don't earn enough to give you kids everything. I'm really grateful to have a son like you."

James got up, walked beside his Dad then gave him a hug.

"Dad, we're also very grateful for all that you've done for us. Ever since Mom died, you became a mother and a father to us. I'm all grown up now, Dad. Let me help you share the responsibility to be a parent to my sisters too."

Rick hugged his son back and nodded his head.

"Where will you be working? Do you know who the patient is?"

"I will be working 60 miles from here. The family's name is Malden."

And that's how it started for him. After his talk with his Dad, he made the most significant phone call of his life.

James called the Maldens to ask when they needed him to start working for them. He was told to start on Friday when their daughter, his patient, comes home from New York.

In two days, he packed his bags, got on a bus and traveled three hours to his new employer's home.

He rang the doorbell to the Maldens huge mansion and then the dreams began.

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