Her Safe Haven

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She never though she would find her Safe Haven in an old town in Japan called, HollowWood town, along while finding the person she was missing all along in her wondering life...

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


She burst out the door, panting; she was barefoot, holding a little plastic bag close to her chest. She wore a dark blue dress, and her long black hair was matted and clung to her cheeks.

She ran down the neighborhood street, gasping for air as a dog barked at her through a fence. The dim moonlight glinted against a slick crimson smear across her chest. She ran down a flight of stairs that led to a brick house.

"Please, open the door!" she begged frantically as she pounded on the door.

From the other side an elderly woman with snow white hair opened the door. Her eyes widened slightly, but she quickly recovered. "What happened, dear?" she asked, concern coloring her tone.

The dark haired woman gasped out a few unintelligible words, her voice choked and distraught.

A woman with light brown hair had a grey hoodie on to keep her warm from the rain. A black jacket was pulled over the hoodie. She looked both ways as she entered the bus station.

"Thank you, miss," a man in a booth said as he handed her the tickets.

She said nothing; she grabbed the tickets in a hurry when she heard the police sirens outside of the building. She started speed walking down the busy hallway, keeping her head down.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, miss!" a man said as he looked at her bulging abdomen, which made her look like she was pregnant.

She ignored him and continued walking.

"Have you seen this woman?" A police officer asked, holding up a picture to the man in the booth.

"No, I haven't."

"Dammit," a man with short, spiky brown hair mumbled to himself as he continued walking down the hallway, asking if anyone knew the woman in the photo.

She clambered onto the bus, glancing outside into the pouring rain to see if the man was still after her. The bus next to hers was pulled over by a strange man just as her bus drove away. She sighed in relief and pulled a large plastic bag from underneath her hoodie and leaned back, closing her eyes.

"He's finally gone…"

Safe Haven

Part one: Escape alive

The bus drove on the curvy road and sunlight filtered beautifully through the trees above her. She smiled as she fell into a peaceful asleep. Eventually, she opened her stormy grey eyes and got off the bus in HollowWood, a small town on the cost of Japan. The bus stopped near a clinic with a sight emblazoned 'HollowWood town clinic'. As she walked past, she saw a man with light blond hair sigh as he dealt with his client who was obviously complaining.

The woman with light, long brown hair, and lightly colored stormy green eyes stepped into the clinic, only to see that it was in fact a doctor's office. On the side of the room was where most patients sat, waiting for their appointment. She looked over to the other side and noticed a check-in table. Below it were books and magazines on a low-sitting shelf. Almost northwest, a little past the waiting area was a clear door, and from what I could see there were shelves of food and another register. How strange for a clinic?

The brown haired girl looked over to the check-in table. On the side, almost at the edge of the table, she saw medium-sized cups, of the colors light brown and black, with some crazy zigzags, ovals, and squares decorating them. In other words, it was very unique.

The woman smiled to herself thoughtfully. 'They look like the cups I use to have at home'. The woman smiled as she picked one up and placed it on the counter, near the cash register.

"Just a mug?" The man asked as she stared at him. She studied his features and noticed he hand bright blond hair, that he brushed back time to time giving it that extremely light curly natural look. He also had bright blue eyes that immensely yet beautifully matched his hair.

He laughed, while his masculine voice filed the room as she stared at him. He smiled and said, "97 cents, then."

She soon snapped out of her deep daze and handed him a dollar.

"T-thank you," she stuttered, cheeks crimson, as she looked down and walked away. "Keep the change."

"Don't mention it," the blond haired man smirked.

She walked back outside and looked around at the beautiful town. She turned her head as the bus she had ridden on started to leave. She turned her head yet again as the wind blew ever so slightly, and she inhaled the fresh air. She opened her eyes gently and looked at the scenery before her. The cherry blossom trees were in full bloom, making the town look airy and fresh.

She inhaled the fresh air yet again. This is where she was going to start over… Her new home.

"Dammit!" the police officer slammed his hand on his desk, clearly furious at his helplessness in the situation.

"Need help, Caleb?" one of his co-workers asked, concerned.

"No, Rhys. I'm fine," He said, suddenly collected, in a smooth, soft, yet manly voice. He took a deep breath and said, "The job's just gettin' a little harder."

"Alright. but," Ryhs said with a grin, handing him a CD. "I looked at some footage you might want to investigate." Ryhs smirked and simply walked away.

Caleb looked at the disc questionably and took a large sip from his water bottle. He stood up and put the CD in the dvd player, smirking to himself.

"One step closer to finding you... Serena."

"Excuse me?" I politely asked the woman behind the counter.

"Yes?" the woman said, turning around and revealing a dirty apron and mussed hair.

She was quite a pretty woman, with brown eyes, brown and red hair that, as of now, was contained in a messy bun. Her eyes scanned me as if she was studying my features. I gulped. Was she? Did she know-

"Hello?" The woman waved her hands in my face, snapping me out of my thoughts. She pulled her hand back down and looked at me with questioning eyes.

"Um, can I please talk to the store manager?" I asked in a low voice, nervous to say anything.

"You're talkin' to her!" The woman with somewhat of a southern accent.

"Oh," I said nervously. "A-Are there any job openings?"

"Well, that depends. Have you had any experience?" She took her yellow apron off and stared at me for a answer.

"Yes," I stated matter-of-factly.

"Alright, and what's your name, sweety?" a gentle smile took over her lips as she looked at me sweetly.

"Oh, um, Ser- I mean Hakura!" I blushed madly as I told the woman my 'name'.

She just started laughing gaily.

"Well, I guess since it's the busy season again, why not? By the way, the name's Maple." She thrust out a hand good-naturedly.

I shook her hand timidly and said, "Okay Maple, when do I start?"

"Right about now!" she grinned.


I walked out of the beach house with a smile on my face. My new job was wonderful! The food was amazing and unique, the people were nice, and not to mention my job was right on the beach!

I slowly counted the tips I had gotten today from the wonderful people I served with a smile.

"At this rate, I'll get the house I've wanted no problem!" I grinned cheerfully as I began walking back to the HollowWood clinic.

At the clinic, I simply picked up bread, butter, and another cup and placed it on the counter.

"Um, hello?" I called out, noticing that no one was at the register.

"Coming!" A little girl's voice echoed through the hallway. "Hello!" The girl said, coming into my view.

Wow. She was a beautiful little girl. Her blue eyes glimmered simply beneath the ceiling lights, while her somewhat long, dark, brown hair framed a petite face. However, that's not what I was really enamored with; it was her smile that lit up her face. Her smile was adorable and big, almost like a goofy grin. She definitely was just a happy little girl and seeing her beautiful smile made me smile as well. Seeing this warmed my hurt heart. Just a little.

"Hi," I said, giving her a big smile as well.

"I'm Asuka Eckhart, what's your name?" Asuka started walking towards the counter where the register was.

I continued smiling and said, "Hakura."

"That's a pretty name! And our names rhyme, too!" The girl grinned and started scanning my items.

I giggled, "They sure do-"

"Well, well, look who's back."

I turned my head to see a the bold haired man walking towards us two with a smirked plastered right on his face.

"Hey, daddy!" Asuka ran up to her dad, giggling and smiling.

"Hey, Asuka," The man gently picked the girl up and held her with one arm. He walked to the register. "Isn't this odd?"

"Huh?" I gave him a confused stare.

"To be buying a lot of stuff at a doctor's office?" He continued giving me that weird 'stare'.

I almost giggled, "Yes, yes indeed. You wouldn't think a doctor's office would sell stuff like this!"

He chuckled, "Trust me, it wasn't my idea. What doctor's office sells stuff like bread and butter?"

I shrugged as a half smile grew on his face-

"Dad!" Asuka interrupted my thoughts.

"Yeah?" He asked, looking at the little girl in his arms.

"She has a really pretty name!" Asuka smiled, looking at me.

"Oh? What is it?" The man looked at me, then back at his daughter for a answer.


The man smirked and looked back at me.

"Nice to meet you, Hakura. I'm Neito. Neito Eckhart."

Safe Haven

Part two: The new life

*a few weeks later*

"Well, it's a bit of a fixer upper, but it's everything to your standards. The location is beautiful and quiet, and your closest neighbors are at least a mile away." the realtor said, walking around on the old wood floors, her high heels making a sharp 'clicking' noise.

I smiled and gazed at the cabin's interior. It was quite literally a cabin in the woods. It was a old house near a dirt road. It only took thirty minutes to reach the Eckhart clinic on foot. It was in the middle of the woods, where most likely no one would find me, or suspect that I lived there. It was a good fit for my situation.

"I'll take it!" I said to the realtor.

"Hakura!" A little girl yelled at me as I approached the Eckhart clinic.

"Hi, Asuka!" I smiled in return.

The little girl hugged my legs, looked up at me, and grinned again.

"Look!" Asuka held up a piece of paper to me. It had a bunch of wavy scribbles on it, along with bright colors.

"Oh?" I bent down to the little girl's height and smiled. "What is it?"

"I dunno," Asuka shrugged with a straight face while I just giggled.

"Hm?" I pointed to something on the unique picture and smiled. "Well, is it a bird?" I asked, making eye contact with the little girl.

Asuka giggled, covering her mouth and said, "Nope!" popping the 'p'.

"Um," I thought for a moment, looking at the picture. "How about a plane?"

"Nope!" She said yet again popping the 'p'


We both jumped and looked at the clinic. It sounded like a door being slammed really hard-

I looked at the clinic doors to see a little blond haired boy walk out with a baseball mit and a baseball in his hands. From what I could see from the distance, he was a little taller than Asuka and looked a little mad. Hm, he looked a lot like-


The door slammed again and I heard a familiar voice call out.

"Zayden, get back here!" Neito came running out of the house after the little boy.

Ha, I was right! He had to be Neito's son!

I heard a frustrated sigh come from Asuka and I looked at her curiously.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"It's my brother, Zayden…"

I looked at her sadly. A beautiful and happy girl shouldn't be pouting like that, because she influences other people to be happy, to smile. Seeing her sad made me feel horrible. But at the same time I couldn't say that, because it sounded selfish. However, I knew the exact pain she was feeling…

"Hey, honey! Welcome home."

"Hey, Serena."

"I made your favorite dessert, apple pie! I got new red wine, too."

They peacefully sat at the table, eating their dinner. The girl smiled at her husband, seeing that they were both done eating. Slowly, she got up and started cleaning the table. The plates, forks and the wine. As she gathered up the wine, her husband glared at her.

"Where the hell do you think you're going with that?"

"Huh?" She turned around to look at the man, whose mouth was twisted into a scowl.

"Did it look like I was done with that?!"

My terrified scream filled the air as I shot up in my bed. My body was sweaty, my hair was a mess and I was scared. Right now, that's the last thing I wanted to think about...

It was as if the world lifter of my shoulders once I walked into the Eckhart clinic. Asuka's huge smile flashed right at me the second I walked in.

"Hakura!" I bent down as the little girl ran to me and gave me a big bear hug. I hugged her back with delight. This one little girl just made my day ten times better.

"Hi, Asuka. Have you seen your dad around?" I asked.

"Oh, he's in the back doin' something," Asuka pointed to the back door of the little clinic, grabbed my hand and led me there.

I looked around when Asuka brought me to the back of the clinic. Simply, it was just a door that led to the back of the store, outside of which I discovered that they had a car. It was a black-on-black maxima, that he so happened to be washing at the moment. He had a bucket of water to douse a big, soft yellow sponge in. He ran it gracefully over the outside of the car.

"Daddy!" Asuka sang, running up to her father.

"Huh?" He asked, turning his head and putting the sponge back in the bucket.

"Hakura wants you!" The girl smiled while her father looked at me with an amused smirk.

The man walked up to me with his hands in his pockets. He chuckled when I put my head down nervously.

"What's up?" He asked.

"Oh, um I'm painting something at my house."

"And?" He asked for all the details.

"I don't know what color I should paint it, and I don't know where to get paint around here," I finished lamely. He gave me an understanding look.

"Lucky for you," He turned around and started walking towards his black car. He grabbed the handle and opened the car door. He looked inside for a second and pulled out what seemed to be a little, rectangular book. "I have something to help you with that."

He walked back over to me and handed me the book. I flipped through the pages and discovered it was almost like a color wheel. It had all different colors; from blue, to pink, to red, to purple, and to yellow. I immediately stopped on one particular color and smiled.

"This one!" I pointed to the color and grinned at Neito, who gave me an adorably innocent and confused face.

"Yellow?" He looked at me strangely.

"Actually, it's called pollen," I corrected proudly.

"How weird," He muttered.

I pouted and said, "What's so weird, Mr. EckHart?"

"Nothin'" He looked at me again and asked, "Alright then, can I ask what you're painting?"

"My floors-"

"What?" He asked incredulously, cutting me off.

"My floors," I repeated slowly.

"Your floors?" He asked, giving me astonished expression.

I giggled and replied, "Yup!"

"You sure?" He asked with the same expression as before.

"Yeah, I'm sure"

"But are you sure?"


We made eye contact for a couple of seconds; then he just rolled his eyes while I broke out in laughter. Maybe today wouldn't be as bad as I thought it would be.

Safe Haven

Part three: Thank you

I smiled, pleased with my day, even though it started off with a horrible, memory-based nightmare. All went well, and seeing Neito and Asuka brightened my day considerably. Thanks to them, they made my day a lot better. I continued smiling as I walked down the dirt path to my house. I looked up at all the trees around me and hummed to the tune of the chirping birds all around. I took a turn on the dirt road to my house and stopped.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing!" I yelled, running to my house.

"Oh my god!"

I ran up to my house. A stranger was looking inside my open window on my porch. She almost screamed when I called out to her.

"Who are you?" I asked defensively.

"O-Oh, it's you?" She looked at me, wide-eyed, completely surprised that I caught her snooping in my house. You know, I moved here for a reason, people!

I looked at the embarrassed woman with confused eyes. She did look familiar, but from where? She had short black hair, from what I could see she had dark blue eyes and smooth silken white skin.

"Hehe, um, sorry!" She grinned.

Her grin also looked familiar…. Ugh! I just couldn't remember! Where was she from?

"Who are you?" I asked, hoping this would help refresh my memory.

"Oh, I'm Hana!" (H-AW-NA Japanese word for flower)

"Hana," I repeated, trying to remember. "I'm Hakura," I said looking at the smiling black-haired girl.

"I know!" She said, giggling.

Now this was officially creepy. Was she a stalker or somethin'?

"I'm your neighbor!"

"My realtor said I don't have close neighbors," I said suspiciously, looking for her reaction.

"Not by city standards. I live down the road that way," she pointed to the right, back at the dirt road.

She giggled again and said, "Sorry, I was just seeing if someone lived here. No one's lived here for a couple of years, so it's nice to have a neighbor again."

"I see," I nodded, understanding.

"Well," Hana said looking up at the sky. "I gotta get going…" She murmured the last part, and I wasn't able to understand it. However, before I could ever ask her she said, "Sorry, Hakura. I gotta go!" Before I knew it she was jogging away, leaving my house and heading for the road.

"How weird…"


"Well, here's your floor paint," Neito said sarcastically, as he lifted two cans of paint up onto the table.

For a second he looked at the yellow paint as if he was thinking about something. I shook it off as I reached for the two large jugs of paint.

Before I knew it, he ran out from behind the counter to the back of the store yelling, "Hold on a sec, Hakura!"

"W-What are you doing!?" I called out, putting the cans down.

Before I knew he came running back with a similar paint can - except it was white - and a plastic bag.

"What's that?" I asked as he placed the items on the counter.

"Oh, this? This is a sander," He said, taking out what seemed like a big, rough piece of paper. "You use this on your wooden floors to smooth it down. This is white paint, so when you put on the original pain it looks better," He chuckled a little bit - maybe in embarrassment?

I stopped. Oh my god. My eyes widened so wide I thought I was crying. Far in the background, outside the glass window, I saw Zayden…

"What is it?" Neito suddenly asked me, seeing my surprised expression. Following my eyes, he turned around and his eyes widened as well. Right after that he dashed out the door and started heading for the dock, and I dashed after him.

"Zayden!" Neito yelled, getting closer and closer to where the water was splashing everywhere.

"Zayden!" I heard a girl's voice panicking behind me.

"Asuka!" I grabbed the little girl before she could get to the dock where her brother was drowning.

"Zayden!" She screamed, calling her older brother as Neito jumped in after him. On instinct, I hugged Asuka, trying to tell her 'it's going to be alright' — but how could I say that when she was witnessing her brother drowning?

Before I knew it, people from everywhere were helping Neito save Zayden. Instantly, everything around me became blurry, like it was in slow motion. I saw what looked like a lifeless body being pulled out of the water. It was Zayden… Oh no…

Asuka screamed louder when she saw her brother not moving. I grabbed her tighter and made her look the other way, while for some reason I continued to stare. Neito got out of the water immediately and yelled his son's name.

I heard other people in the background screaming and yelling as I continued to watch, unable to tear my eyes away. Neito had begun CPR on his moveless son while still trying to remain calm, but failed, as he was still screaming his name.

"Zayden!" Asuka screamed again, trying to free herself from my grasp but I held her tight, not letting go.

My eyes widened when I watched Neito pump one last time on his son's chest and water came running out of his mouth. Zaydens coughing filled the air and Neito desperately hugged his son, never wanting to let go.

Asuka freed herself from my grasp the second she heard her brother's voice again. She ran up to both Neito and Zayden and joined the big family hug. Tears ran down my cheeks as Zayden and Asuka began crying, and their father hugged both of them tightly.

"Thank you…" I heard someone whisper to me, causing me to jump.

"Huh?" I turned around to see that it was Neito, his eyes tired. "For what?" I questioned.

"Staying with Asuka. I didn't want her to see her brother like that, so thank you…" His head was down and his voice was quiet.

"Don't mention it, Neito," I said quietly as well. "I know you would've done the same for me."

We stood there, not knowing what to say as the crowd little by little dispersed. I snuck a look at Neito, who was just looking at the ground, his hands in tight fists. When I saw his sorrowful face my heart wrenched and my face crunched in pain, knowing the pain he was feeling.

Seeing him in pain, I gave in and hugged him tightly. Immediately his body stiffened, but slowly, little by little, his body relaxed and slowly his arms wrapped around me as well. Eventually, we were both hugging each other tightly and his face dug into the side of my neck.

"Thank you. Hakura," He whispered. I felt his hot breath on my neck and a tingling sensation zapped throughout my whole body. "Thank you," He repeated.

I hugged him tighter and said, "You don't have to thank me, Neito," I put my head on his hard yet comfortable chest and listened to his heartbeat.

The next thing I knew, after everyone had finally left, we were still hugging in the middle of the street, beneath a crying sky. I inhaled slowly as his natural scent filled my nose and I relaxed more. At this moment, I didn't want to leave, I didn't want to let go, I didn't want him to let go, but sooner or later it was going to be cut short. Well… Sort of.

His arms never left my body, but he lifted his head so he was looking into my green, stormy eyes.

"So, still need a ride home?" He smirked a bit, while I just giggled.

I looked at his bright blue eyes, smiled beautifully and said, "Sure, why not?"

Safe Haven

Part four: The beach

"Hey, Maple!" I said cheerfully, entering my job.

"Hey, darlin'!" She said in the southern accent. "Hey, Hakura?" She asked.

"Yes?" I said politely.

"You wanna help me catch some fish tonight?"

"Fishing? I'm not good at fishing," I stated as my cheeks turned a light pink in embarrassment.

Maple laughed, "You don't use a rod for this. You use a big sharp stick and you stab it!" She smiled and I shivered, seeing the ruthless expression on her face.

At this moment, she did not sound like a serial killer...Nope, not at all…

"You see, I don't really like fish, so it's very fun to catch 'em with a sharp stick!"


"Ha, beat this Neito!" I dropped a bag on the table that he was currently at with pride written all over my face.

"Huh?" He looked at me with a semi-surprised look expression as he started to open the bag.

"Open it!" I said with my rare, prideful smirk.

He chuckled, "Alright, alright." Neito opened the bag and half smiled. "A fish?" He looked at me with 'are you serious?' face.


"Did you catch it?"


"Did you stab it?"


"Or did you just go to a store and buy it?"

"Yup- Wait a minute!" I said incredulously.

Neito laughed after successfully tricking me.

"That's not funny!" I complained.

"Yeah, it is," Neito half-smiled again.

I pouted, "You meanie!"


Two police officers walked in the store, and I immediately stopped and looked away. Oh no. What if they- What if they noticed me?


"Get off me!"

"I gave you everything!"



"W-Wha?" I snapped out of my thoughts to hear Neito calling my name.

"You alright?" He asked with a somewhat confused face.


Eventually, the police officers came to the counter, bought what they needed and left the store in peace and quiet.

"Hey, dad?" We both turned our head to see a little blond haired kid calling his father.

"What's up?" Neito asked his son.

"I can't find my bathing suit."

Neito sighed. "Hakura, I'll be right back."



"Ohmygosh!" I jumped when someone called my name from behind. I smiled right after when I saw a cheerful little girl jump up and down, excited to see me.

"Hi, Asuka!"

I looked at Asuka and realized she had her bathing suit on. It was a cute suit that was a one piece. It was pink and had white flowers in every corner. I smiled at the cute little girl in her cute suit.

"Are you coming?" Asuka asked tilting her head to the side.

"Going where?" I asked.

"To the beach of course!"

The sweet smell of the ocean filled my nose as we exited the car. Well, like you probably expected, Asuka asked her father about bringing me to the beach. He looked surprised at first but immediately agreed. We were about a half-hour away from the clinic, relaxing on a hot summer day!

Soon, we found a perfect place to relax on the sand and we placed down towels and a big sun umbrella.

"You going swimming, Neito?" I asked, standing up and waiting for Asuka to go swimming with me.

He looked at me for a second and then looked away. "I will later."

"You sure?" I asked again. He just shook his head.

"Yeah, I'm sure."

"Alright, if you insist."

"Come on, Hakura! Let's go!" Asuka grabbed my hand, pointed to the ocean, signaling that she wanted to go swimming.

"Why don't you eat first and relax, Asuka?" Neito asked, sitting on his towel under the umbrella.

"Because if I do, I have to wait thirty minutes to go swimming, and I wanna play with Hakura!" I explained.

Neito just shook his head and chuckled, "Do whatever you want, kid."

Before I got in the water, I removed my shirt and shorts, revealing my bikini, which I probably shouldn't have shown in front of a crowed of high school boys…. That was a great decision…

But what made me blush is when I saw Neito looking at me. But the second he noticed I'd seen him, he snapped his head in the other direction with his entire face blazing red. I blushed as well and looked away too, but really I was dying on the inside with laughter. Did I really look that good?

After that, with the question still fresh in my mind, I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Did I really look that good?- Oh wait, I see it… I'M SHOWING SO MUCH CLEAVAGE!

I blushed. It's a large! I thought it would fit! Aw, I was so fat now! Now I felt like officially dying…

I walked out of the restroom with my shirt on. I didn't want anyone getting any ideas about me. I sighed, sitting on the blanket next to the relaxing Neito. I looked at him and smiled. He was sleeping. I continued smiling and pushed back his blond locks to see his handsome face. And that's when it hit me. I-I did it again!

"Thanks for bringing me to the beach, Neito," I smiled, now back in HollowWood town.

"You're welcome," Neito said, unpacking everything from his car.

"Did you two have a good time?" I asked both the kids.

"Yeah!" Asuka said with a big bright smile.

"How about you, Zayden?" I asked as the little boy, who looked exactly like his father.

"Y-Yeah, I had a good time…"

I smiled, "That's good!" I looked at my watch and said, "Well, you guys, I think I'm gonna start heading home!"

"You don't want a ride?" Neito asked, stopping his current task to ask me the simple question.

"No, I'm fine. I wanna walk, anyways."

"Hakura!" I turned around to see a black haired woman running up to me on the sidewalk.

"Oh, hi Hana," I softly smiled.

"You goin' home?" She asked while I continued walking.

"Yeah, you?" I asked.

"Yup!" She grinned.

As the days went on, every day I found myself going to the Eckhart clinic, hanging out with Neito and his kids, and walking home with Hana everyday. Soon enough, as time went by I finally made another new friend.

Safe Haven

Part five: I'm coming for you

Click, click, click

"Finally… I've found you."

Caleb had been on his computer for hours and hours trying to find a girl by the name of Serena. Over the days, he had gone around everywhere trying to find this girl and even interrogate people for answers. But there's one in particular that got him. Apparently, someone said they seen her at the bus station but had the lady had light brown hair and was pregnant. But he wasn't stupid. He seen the video cameras and what bus she had been on. He know. And he'll go after her.

"I've found you, Serena Pagami."

Caleb took the original photo he had of Serena and put her on a digital wanted poster. He then edited the photo so the woman now had light brown hair instead of black, making it look exactly like the witness, man at the bus station had described the woman to be.

Below, he filled out the document.

The first question said 'full name,' and he simply put Serena Pagami. The second question said 'accused of,' Caleb stopped at the second question and smirked. He typed in 'first degree murder.' The third question said 'might be near or in city/town/state' and typed HollowWood town.

"Rhys," Caleb called to his coworker.

"Yeah, boss?" The mischievous man asked with his natural smirk.

"Send these flyers to HollowWood town. I have some other stuff I need to attend to…"

"Yes, sir."

This is just the beginning to when everything fell apart…

Safe Haven

Part four : The unthinkable

"WHA?!" I started at Neito, completely discombobulated.

"Don't yell!" He yelled right back at me.

"W-What did you say?"

"I know you heard me!" He yelled again.

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since we've gone to the beach, and ever since then Neito and I have been hanging out more and more, which made me feel amazing! But what I heard this morning shocked me.

"I didn't hear you, Neito!"

The blush on his face intensified as he sighed in frustration. He scratched his head and looked back at me.

"Will you-will you go on a date with me?"

I stood there, shocked, just staring at him, not knowing what to say.


"Ohmygod!" I took a second and looked at him again. He was being serious about this? No way!

Suddenly, I broke out in laughter and his face turned into a bright red strawberry.

"W-What're you laughin' at?"

I laughed harder, almost to the point where I was gonna cry. Still laughing, I said, "Of course!" He looked at me, still completely red. "Of course I'll go with you on a date!"

I grinned like a kid in a candy shop, kicking my feet back and forth. Neito chuckled and said, "What are you laughing at now?"

"Hehe, nothing!" I continued smiling, thinking this day couldn't get any better.

After Neito randomly asked me out on a date, he brought me to cafe which was actually really cute and had outstanding food. The little cafe was next to a gas station on the side of a road. The outside was grey brick wall and in the center were stainless glass windows so you could see the inside.

With glee, I took a big bite of food, still smiling.

Neito chuckled across from me and said, "I'm guessing you're enjoying the food here?"

"Yup!" I smiled as Neito as he half-smiled with gentle eyes.

So, all day we talked and talked, telling each other weird, funny, and sad stories. But there's one story that really caught my attention.

"I had a wife," Neito said quietly, which completely caught me off guard.

He continued his long and painful story and little by little everyone started leaving and eventually we were the only ones there...

He told me that they had met in highschool. He said that they were hopelessly in love… He told me they had there good times and there were bad times. But he also told me that she died… That she had gotten cancer, but… She didn't die because of that…

At this point, he was almost in tears but what he said next almost made me cry… They had gotten into a really big fight a couple months after Asuka was born and a few months after they found out she was diagnosed with cancer. He said horrible things, she said horrible things, and slowly over time the fight progressed. Sometimes they didn't even want to be in the same room.

But then one day he said something… Something he said he'd never forgive himself for.

"I-I," He paused and looked down. "I said I hated her. That I didn't need her…"

He continued and told me that he didn't know why he said that. He didn't even think of saying it, that it just slipped out.

Now he was shaking, trying not to cry. He took a deep breath and contained himself.

He said that night he found her crying and her bags packed. The second he said those words he wiped his eyes of the tears trying to escape. He did everything to stop her. He begged, pleaded, and he even said that was the first night she seen him cry.

He followed her out the door, calling for her one last time.

"I called her name for so long..." His voice cracked trying not to explode and give into the pain.

He seen her get into the car and drive away. She stopped at a red light, but he said he heard a loud noise at the end of the street and before he knew it, her car was flipped over and a huge truck collided right into her…

"Neito…" I whispered.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I saw him in pain. Slowly, I got up from my seat and stood in front of Neito, who was still looking down in his chair.

"You hate me now, don't you?..." His voice was soft, while he ran is finger though his hair in stress.

"N-No!" I shook my head furiously, and my face scrunched in pain.

I got down on both my knees. Neito made no movements or signs of looking at me. I hugged Neito tightly as his body started shaking. A gasp escaped his mouth, signaling that he gave into the tears. Neito suddenly hugged me back continuing to cry. Sooner or later, I joined him as well...

"Thank you for bringing me home, Neito," I whispered, things still a little awkward.

"Don't mention it," He said quietly, still looking a the ground.

Things were quiet for a little while, and eventually I looked up at him.

"Neito…" I whispered again.

He didn't move, but I put my hand on the side of his face, forcing him to look at me with his sad eyes. He looked at me for a few seconds and lifted his hand to cover mine, which was still currently on his soft cheeks.

Slowly, we both started moving closer and closer and then suddenly our lips touched. Electricity ran through me as our kiss started out nervous and soft and progressed to hard and passionate. I blushed madly as he pulled me closer to deepen our kiss.

It was a blur but somehow we managed to get inside my house never breaking the passionate kiss. A moan escaped from me as he chuckled.

"W-What is it?" I asked nervously.

"Your yellow floors came out good."

I laughed and kissed him gently, "I know right?"

And before I knew it, we did the unthinkable with no regrets. Maybe I can learn to love again…

Safe Haven

Part five: You lied?!

"Nice to see you guys here again," Neito smirked as two of his police officer friends walked in the Eckhart clinic.

"Hey, Neito," One man with short red hair and a tall thin figure said, returning the smirk.

"Long time no see, Eckhart," Another guy that was just as tall as the other officer, and very masculine with short, black and brown highlighted, army cut hair.

"Need anything Derek, Ayden?" Neito asked as the two officers walked up to the main table.

"Just doin' what the boss says," Derek said, talking to his childhood friend.

"Alright, what's up?" Neito asked.

"Were kinda required to go around askin' random questions, so don't be weirded out, Eckhart."

"Alright, alright. What is it?" Neito asked, clearly annoyed.

Derek dug in his pockets and pulled out a folded white paper. Slowly he unfolded it and held it up.

"Have you seen this woman?"

Right then and there, his world came crashing down…

I happily served the people their food, enjoying myself. I smiled as a little two year old smiled at me. She had lost her front teeth, so it made it one hundred times cuter!

I walked outside to the porch to serve the people who decided to eat outside on this lovely day. Just as I was about to walk away I heard something. Something I wasn't used to anymore.


I snapped around and suddenly I stopped.


"Your name's Serena?!"

I flinched. H-how did he find out?

"H-how did you-"

"You lied to me!?" He looked furious and it made me scared.

Though I was shocked, he shoved a white paper right in my face that said 'WANTED' and right below it had a picture of me and said 'SERENA PIGAMI, FIRST DEGREE MURDER'. My mouth dropped the second I seen it.

"How could you!" He yelled even louder looking awfully pissed off.


I looked into his eyes. They weren't the gentle, warm, and loving eyes I know and fell in love with… They looked different. They looked mad. No. They looked beyond mad. I gulped. I never wanted this.


"Calm down Neito!" I tried calming him down, but it only got worse.

"I trusted you!" Neito yelled furiously. "My kids trusted you!"

My face twisted in pain. I never meant for this. I never wanted him to feel this pain again. Not again! I'm such a horrible person!

"I-I'm sorry" I whispered.

"Ha, like I'd believe that?" My head shot up the second I heard him said those hurtful words. "I can't believe for one second that I thought maybe this girl's the one, but it turns out to be that she's living a great big lie."

"No, Neito you don't understand!" I cried, trying to explain, but he wouldn't let me.

"You need to leave. Get out of this town. I already said I haven't seen you before, so the cops aren't suspicious but if they find out I lied, I'm in big trouble and I'm not risking my kids' safety. Just leave and never come back!"

I stood there, completely shattered. I was abused, lied to, unloved, and not cared for. Then I was treated right, cared for, and loved by an amazing man who loved me for who I really was. But now? He just hated me, and I couldn't blame him. Now it's two women in his life that have left him. I'm so sorry Neito… Tears escaped my eyes. I was now alone again.

Safe Haven

Part six: I need you…


My eyes shot open; I heard someone call my name. I only had a few seconds but I looked around and noticed I was still at my job... But the place was empty.


I turned around and what I saw shocked me.

"H-Hana!?" I looked at her as she abnormally had a dead serious facial expression. "W-What's wrong-"

"He's here." Her voice echoed through the room in a mysterious way.

"Wake up!!!"

Those were the only words she said before I suddenly woke up. Sweating and breathing heavily, I looked at my hands.

"W-Was it a dream?" I looked around, and Hana wasn't there. Why did I see her in my dream? I looked around and I could clearly see I was in fact at my job. Just like my dream, no one was there. I was all alone.


I turned around and my eyes widened.


He chuckled and said, "Yeah, that's me."

Oh no…

I stood up, looking at the man before me. I looked at his hand and I gulped. It was his water bottle, half empty.

"H-how'd you get here?"

I kept a good distance away from the dangerous man as he laughed.

"I drove, silly-"

"You need to leave," I stated, trying to be brave.

"But I came back for you, baby-"

"You need to leave, now," I gave a straight face, telling him he shouldn't have come after me.

His facial expression changed. Now it was deadly serious. It looked scary. I took a step back. That's the face he gives me before he-

Suddenly he grabbed my wrist, tugging me towards him.

"Who do you think you talking to!" He yelled in my face. I screamed in reaction, as I could smell the liquor in his breath. This was especially bad especially when he was drunk…

"Let go of me!" I screamed as I pushed him away.

He pushed me down, and started laughing again. He walked into the kitchen with a smirk on his face and put his water bottle down.

"You know…" He said, lifting up a big butcher's knife and running his hand over the sharp edge. "You have been extremely disobedient."

I froze and didn't move. I looked around for a solution and looked at the stairs. I looked back at him; he wasn't taking his eyes off me anytime soon. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I dashed for it, running for the stairs, and behind me I heard heavy footsteps.

I screamed as he suddenly grabbed me by my hair and hit me hard with the butt of the knife right on the head. I collapsed to the floor. It was dark, and I couldn't tell left from right or up from down. I moaned as I touched my aching head and looked at my hand that was now bloody. I swallowed, and pushed myself up, still wobbly trying to focus my dizzy vision.

"I gave you everything!" He kicked me right in the stomach and I fell right back down to the floor in pain. I coughed up blood, and held my head feeling like I was hit my a bus. The next thing I knew, darkness consumed me.

I groaned as my eyes slowly opened. I grunted as a sharp pain ran through my head. A few seconds later, I heard something splashing against the window. I struggled to get up, still feeling really dizzy and my head still bleeding. I looked out the window and my eyes widened.

Caleb. He was splashing gas against the whole house. He took a cigarette from his mouth and threw it in the gas, and suddenly everything was on fire.


(Neito's POV)

After, I put the kids to bed a loud bang echoed outside near the clinic. I walked down the stairs and walked outside and looked around. My eyes widened when I saw smoke rise in the air and a horrid scream echoed through the neighborhood.


(Serena's POV)

I screamed on the floor; the pressure in the room was so strong the glass exploded and all the little glass fragments fell right on me.

I struggled to stand up through the pounding of my aching head. I forced myself up and headed for the stairs. My eyes widened as I saw that the whole hallway was on fire, leaving me stuck on the top floor.

My coughing filled the air as I inhaled smoke that burned my lungs, and hurt my throbbing head.

"Serena!" I looked at the window and heard someone call my name again. "Serena!"

I coughed and slowly made my way to the window, walking over the broken bits and pieces of glass. My eyes were tired as I looked down. My head hurt so much, especially since I was coughing; it makes it so much worse.

"Neito," I said lackadaisically, my eye vision blurry.

"Jump!" He yelled frantically.

My eye vision began to focus and I saw Neito frantically screaming for me. Suddenly my coughing became a lot worse as more smoke filled the air.

"Serena, please!"

I looked at his face and it broke my heart seeing him like this. His eyes were completely widened in panic and filled with worry, like he was scared.

"Please!" He desperately yelled again.

"Why?" I suddenly asked, surprising him a bit.

"Because you're in a damn fire!"

I backed up a few steps away from the window and tears filling my eyes, "No!" I yelled to him, and somehow his eyes widened even more. "I won't, and I can't!"

"You're crazy!" He yelled back.


In the back of the old wood house, a support pillar collapse and had caught fire. Now, the house was slowly beginning to collapse from right under my feet.

"Serena, Please!" He yelled again.

I looked at him and pain was written all over his face. I closed my eyes and prepared myself.


The last thing I remember was jumping from a burning building.

That night, I remember opening my eyes to see Neito hugging my body tightly, the burning building behind us with fire trucks surrounding it. I groaned loudly as Neito tightened his grip. I began crying as sirens wailed louder in the background.

"I'm so sorry, Neito," I cried into his shirt as he kept whispering in my ear reassuringly. I repeatedly kept saying sorry until I cried so much that I had fallen asleep.

The next day, the cops had found Caleb, and held him under arrest. The following day, Neito and I were inseparable, and the whole time while I was recovering, he was always there for me. Eventually, one day he gave me a note. On the front it had beautiful handwriting that said 'For Her'. I looked at Neito as he just smiled and walked away.

Slowly, I opened the letter and began to read.

"If you're reading this, it must be true. He really loves you, beyond a shadow or doubt, or else he wouldn't have given this to you. I can only hope that you feel the same way about him, that he does about you. But I wanted to write you a letter, to know one very important thing; I'm also glad he's found you. I only wish I could be their, some way or somehow to meet you, and maybe in some ways I am."

I gently looked inside the envelope once more as a picture fell right out and I seen someone… Someone I would never expect.

Outside of my husband and my two beautiful children, you are the most important person in the world to me. Because I am now gone and they are yours. You need to take care of them; make them laugh, hold them when they cry, stand up for them and teach them wrong from right.

The thought of you… It gives me hope; Hope that Neito will remember what it feels like to be young and in love, I hope that Zayden finds someone to go fishing with again, hope that Asuka has somebody there to help her on her wedding day, I hope that one day my family will be whole again. But most of all, I hope that someone i'm there with all of you, watching over all of you.


I silently cried, putting everything together. She was all way there, watching over us, protecting us, and loving us. And now it's my turn…

I walked inside the house where Neito was ,and suddenly hugged him.

"I love you, Neito,"

"I love you too, Serena..."

...Safe Haven...

Thank you guys for everything! And i'm sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I wanted to make this because I wanted this really good one-shot because I haven't had that really good, long, awesome story so I hope this is it! But I got this awesome idea that maybe I should start making really long one-shots based of your favorite movies! Anyways, remember to review and favorite and tell me what you guys think!



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