The Colours of my Grief

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“Those moments when you get knocked down so hard, it seems impossible to get back up, that’s when you find out that you’re stronger than you realise.” Sara Elliott died in a car crash. That’s what her sister Bea believes. She is trying to grieve as best she can, but Bea is heartbroken. Then she meets Adam: charming, sarcastic, and annoyingly handsome. Adam makes Bea feel more alive than she has since Sara died, but soon questions start to arise about the circumstances surrounding her sister’s death. When Adam reveals he just transferred to Bea's school her friends are immediately suspicious. Is Adam really who he says he is? Following your heart is never easy but could it cost you everything?

Romance / Drama
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Just a note to say...


Thank you for being intrigued enough to click on my story. If you do go on to read it, I hope you enjoy!

I’ve always loved reading and from time to time branched out into writing, but it’s only recently that I’ve managed to put finger to keyboard and actually produce something resembling a story.

Since I published on Inkitt, I've tweaked it here and there and there's a fresh copy Here is the link for anyone interested:

Once again thank you and happy reading.

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