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The Garden Of Blood Trilogy: Book Two ********* I am the Devil's secret weapon. A pun played in the game of blood and lust. I am the difference between a serial killer and a psychopath. Maybe I am both. Fun for me is having a massacre and leaving a trail of bodies in my wake. If it was not for my family and the Law Of Blood, innocence will not matter. They managed to tame a monster that has no feelings. ******** He was Hell's servant Loyal only to his King and Queen. Blood, Lust and Power.

Romance / Thriller
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The gray-headed ones impart wisdom onto the younger ones coming up. They learn greatly from them.


My full name is Crimson Nikoleavna Aria Celine Vitcenzo. I have my own story to live but right now I am going to tell you Phanes'.

Arden Vitcenzo was my grandmother. She died not long after telling me this story. She died in her sleep, just as my grandfather did. No sicknesses or anything like that. They just died of old age.

Now Phanes was an interesting man. He was an Arab, however, his father was Egyptian and his mother was Persian. Born from the spoils of war in the Persian Desert, all he knew was blood and sand.

He was a beautiful murderer with the prettiest eyes one could see. Well according to my grandma. She told me he was worse than grandpa when it came to destruction of persons souls. He killed in numbers and enjoyed the thrill of it.

You won't meet me again until the end of this book. But do not worry I will be back with my own book.

I just had to give you a little backstory on Phanes now let us meet the killer of many...

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