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Addressed as Vampire Supreme

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{Book 2} {Please read "Mated to the Alpha Supreme" first please} Halina has grown since she was abandon by her mate, now a general for the vampire army and lover to the prince. She has it all, yet even with her dead heart she misses her wolfman. Even though Alex was mated to a new women he craved for his mate. His wolf barely speak to him and he feels weak and dead inside. Hearing there was a new general appointed in the blood capital he has to put his life on hold to do his duty. What will happen when Halina see her ex mate? What will Alex do? Will they be able to work together against enemies for both capitals

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


I was laying on top of the bed sheets that was red as blood, my eyes was blind folded and my hand were tied to the bed post by ribbons. I felt him softly trace my pale body and I bite my lips as he got more lower down.

I felt him grab my thighs and spread my legs open and I knew my wet fold were exposed. I felt him lick between my folds and it made me arch me back in pleasure. He began to rub my clit slowly as he ate me and I could do nothing but moan more.

Finally I was getting close and I started to beg from him to suck and lick more. He knew I was close and he turns my body so I was on my stomach I felt him place his hard cock against my entrance and with one hard thrust he was inside of me pounding me relentlessly. I started to scream and beg for more.

The bed was shaking with his movement "You like that?" He asked "Yes, I love it master" I said back moaning. "such a good slut for your owner" he said and as he picked up the speed, vampire sex was the best for me. I felt more and more I love with being penetrated by him.

Soon we both climax hard and he fell on top of my hot body and untied me after, I stretched out and took my blind fold off. I look to the bloodsucker next to me and smirks "Is that enough fun for one night, Sebby?" I asked, he smirks "Oh sweetheart, I'm just getting started" he said back and I laugh as I got on top of him for another round of fun.


I was now currently living in the blood palace as the new general of the red army. I was the queen favorite and the princes lover. He would snuck into my room and have his way with me. He was very dominant and I loved it a lot. It's been 10 years now that I've been here and since I saw Alpha Blackthorn.

Last I heard he was now mated to some wolf that was from his neighboring Pack and had two daughter now. It hurt so much in the beginning but it doesn't as much now, I guess cause my heart doesn't beat anymore now, yeah exactly what you thought. I'm a Vampire now, the prince turned me while back and trained me into the lethal thing I am now.

Since I was turned by royalty, now technically I am as well royalty. Making me the queens right hand man and Vampire Supreme. Since my change I no long had black hair or hazel eyes. When I woke up from my transformation I now have Maroon hair and bright green eyes, I was now slim with slight muscles, I grow few inch till I was 5'10 and my skin got paler.

Drink blood was the toughest for me, the prince was patient with me and I love him for that. But as soon as I broke through my shy shell, I drank blood easier. I had a few familiars and here and there lovers but nothing seriously not even with the prince, my heart is dead from giving love. The one man I loved threw me away, something he will soon regret.

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